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Anonymous 107672

>be me
>born in early 2000s
pic related is me

Anonymous 107675

Fuck off Frenchie.

Anonymous 107677

me too

Anonymous 107678

> born in the last six months of 99
>i-i'm still a nineties baby right guys

Anonymous 107682

dumb frogposter

Anonymous 107689

>anons born in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 are 21, 20, 19 and 18 years old respectively
Becoming a fucking hag…

Anonymous 107694

>anony is AT LEAST 30 years old
Sis, I…

Anonymous 107695

The future approaches, the past recedes, do you acknowledge the passing of time, or return to ignorance?

Anonymous 107742


Anonymous 107744


>Being born before Nixon fled office
You do know who Nixon is, don’t you?

Anonymous 107753

How did you find this site?
Also based

Anonymous 107772

Now I feel old as shit just because I was born in the 90s
The early 2000s youth has already taken over the internet and there's nothing wrong with that,but I hate that I dont feel like the young one among old folks anymore.
Now im the old folks.

Anonymous 107773

>personal sense of value based on how old you are

Anonymous 107774


Reminded me of this meme. Millennials are fucking pathetic.

Anonymous 107782

Imagine thinking like this

This is why our culture is so overly juvenile and full of stupid infantilization, holy smokes

Anonymous 107784

I don’t get all the mean replies to this lol. I’m sorry anon. I get how you feel. I used to play a game for like 7hrs/day when I was 12 and I was the youngest person on the server usually. Now I’m 20 and it isn’t fun playing it anymore because I’m an adult among a bunch of unrelatable kids.

Anonymous 107786

im 42

Anonymous 107787

Ok, but why do you wanna be around unrelatable 12yos anyways? Get to know people around your age.

Also you're not an adult. I'm 20 too and we're freshly out of adolescence. Our brains are not even fully formed yet.

Anonymous 107789

how'd you find this place?

Anonymous 107794

Based matron

Anonymous 107806

Had to look it up and it turns out, me too.

Anonymous 107827

>why do you wanna be around
I don’t. I stopped playing the game
>Also you're not an adult.
18 and older is legally an adult.

Anonymous 107854


Be me, be alive
Pic related is me

Anonymous 107892

Sad :'(

Anonymous 108031

I'm not even in my mid 20s and I already feel like a grandma when i see what younger zoomers are up to.

Anonymous 108033

Me too haha

Anonymous 108167

what's it like?

Anonymous 108225

Wow. You peeps really don’t know who Nixon was.
I’ve got five years on the 42 year old.

I always thought Twitter was the dumbest thing, now we have video Twitter.
Like when Andy Warhol said “everyone in the future will be famous for fifteen minutes”. Well now it down to a minute and a half.

Anonymous 108237

fuck off butters

Anonymous 108240

Same but I still feel like I'm 12. I need to grow up mentally and stop being juvenile because I don't want to be the im baby :) person, but i don't feel like an adult

Anonymous 108243

yeah me too sis

Anonymous 108346

>also born in the early 2000s
>feeling old already

Anonymous 108379

Moid spotted

Anonymous 108385

I do not envy anyone born in the early 2000s. And I feel even worse for my niece. They're never gonna know anything but upheaval and the hell that is the world drenched in social media influence. It sucks the good energy out of most things in ways they'll never be able to understand.

Anonymous 108386

Also god the music charts really suck now. :|

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