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Anonymous 107679

he's based

Anonymous 107683

Sex offender men in dresses who send bomb threats to JK Rowling will say Dave Chappelle makes them feel unsafe

Anonymous 107865

He's racist

Anonymous 107874

You’re mum

Anonymous 107891


He actually is racist though

Anonymous 107907


Anonymous 107909

blacks can't be racist tho

Anonymous 107950

He, like Norm MacDonald in another thread, are comedians. This profession is full of professional button pushers. They will say and do anything for the laughs.

Anonymous 108355

He's about half based, half cringe. He's based on the subject of trannies though.

Anonymous 108361

You’re mum’s

Anonymous 108737

He is pretty racist for sure. Hell his deep seeded racism towards white people is the main reason he bashes on trans people all the time.

That's why, as OP says, he's based

Anonymous 108930

The fact that Netflix is standing by them is a sign that trannies should give up now and go back to their spinny skirts.

Anonymous 108933

> standing by them
Aren’t we talking about one person here?

Anonymous 108934

Yes, it's a singular they.

Anonymous 108936

“They” are a singular person. Have some respect, moid.

Anonymous 108937

I just don't get why anyone's surprised at what he said. He was a shitty shock comedian in the 90s and he's still one now, just trying to stay relevant by talking about the hot-button issues of 2021.

Anonymous 108939

I wrote 'they' w/o much thought before sending, but it still stands on a broader scope if it's plural. Going from their statements, Chapelle isn't some magical exception; they made it clear that they said applies to all creators on their platforms.

I do believe Netflix has peaked.

I don't think it's an issue of not being surprised so much as troons love any excuse to attack anyone, especially someone who just makes more money when they try to cancel him.

Anonymous 108987

Only if the definition of racism you use is one solely created in a university of California and only widely used by academics. Otherwise, if you use the actual definition of the word and not the made up one, he's racist.
But more damningly, he's misogynistic and glorifies male violence against women. So fuck him, hope he gets hit by a car.

I was shocked by this. Netflix always sides with the trans goons, I can't believe they stood up for him. They must have run the numbers and found that a well like black straight comedian was worth way more money than the gender glorifiers.

Anonymous 109002

pretty sure he has bad attitudes towards actual women too

Anonymous 109021

Of course trans people are going to be upset by someone mocking them. That would be the case with literally any group being shit on. But he knew that the hatred for trans people outweighs the support, so making fun of them would work in his favour. He probably literally doesn't even care either way. People will watch the special just to see what he says because of all the gossip surrounding it, and he will laugh his way to the bank.

Anonymous 109565

Are you stupid? Oh, why am I even asking

Anonymous 109581

I'm just glad the worst still has enough sense that a dude in a dress does not a woman make

Hopefully we can get back to lynching these rapists before it's too late.

Anonymous 109625

I’ve never watched a special from him, but it brings me joy to see him trending on Netflix despite all the seething about him being based.

Anonymous 111189

I give zero shits about standup and find it all snoringly unfunny, but good on him for pissing off trannies.

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