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Being pretty just makes you a target for moids. Anonymous 107696


I'm just convinced this is what happens to you when you become really pretty. Maybe its actually better to stay in the range of 150 pounds!! It means you get less attention from men. If you get too much attention.. its also like you should have to watch your back all the damn time. Know krav maga, etc… Who here owns a gun or practices self-defense? How can i possibly be wrong to think its a horrible idea to be too attractive?

Anonymous 107697

I would argue that the majority of influencer types that get notable enough to warrant articles about this are actually in such a high social class that their exposure to violence is less than that of the general population. You will just hear about it endless when it does rarely happen because there were a "famous" person, thus it actually get reported on.

Anonymous 107698

Meaning its even worse if you're just a normal average good looking woman who isn't an influencer. I mean when I was 15 I distinctly remember getting tons of attention from men that was creepy. I put on 20 pounds and it went away.

Anonymous 107699

Ahhhh, you're complaining something else. You are correct that being attractive may make you a higher value target, but it's vastly going to be your personality and social class that determines how much criminality you'll face by far. You were unable to choose any of these things (though partially influence personality and social class over time), but to single out one at the expense of others is just bias.

Anonymous 107700

Also "halo effect" and some other bonuses to being attractive probably outweigh the negative sides of it assuming you're not literally living in a ghetoo.

Anonymous 107705

I actually don't think its true that white girls always get tons of media attention for their disappearance unless their story catches on huge in the media. Unless there's some strange drama at the center of it and an interesting story.

Anonymous 107706

But being an influencer definitely makes it a big shocking story that people will eat up.

Anonymous 107858

Bumping because interesting op

Anonymous 107903

Being pretty is fun though

Anonymous 108013

I wouldn't consider myself to be conventionally attractive, but I have felt so much more comfortable in the last few years after I stopped trying so hard with my looks. I used to wear heels and trendy outfits everywhere, lots of makeup, doing my hair etc. and got a lot of unwanted attention. Mostly creepy old guys and homeless people catcalling and staring. Or the multiple unfortunate times I was followed or dealt with other scary scenarios.

Nowadays I don't wear any makeup and just wear what is comfortable (I pretty much wear hippie shit these days) and /I/ feel more beautiful than I ever have, but I don't attract any attention anymore. Or if I do, it's usually from other women complimenting my cool pants or whatever. It's crazy how if you shift your style over to more natural looks, the attention from moids goes down and from women goes up. Maybe the occasional stoner dude hippie looks my way, but I typically feel like they are one of the least intimidating moid genres out there. I just take super good care of my hair and skin- I know it isn't for everybody but jesus giving up makeup really did free me of a lot of misery.

Basically, I think that any woman who isn't conventionally attractive or follows trends is probably significantly safer than one who does. (Not saying that it's a good thing, but we can't change society overnight.) I have never felt more invisible as I do now after changing my look, and while that does sound kind of freaky it's actually really freeing to me as a person who used to have panic attacks in the grocery store.

Now, I do think that if you piss off the wrong incel (by friendzoning or rejecting him) then I don't think anyone is safe, but I still think you are more likely to become a target of unwanted affection if you are more traditionally beautiful.

Anonymous 108015

Everything makes you a target for aggressive moids.

Anonymous 108016

If missing white woman syndrome was true then where are all the media coverage on white women from poor countries?

Anonymous 108205


This is why I think being pretty in today's world is as much of a curse as being ugly – hence why there appears to be plenty of pretty miners in this site that, despite not talking much about anime, otome games, being born ugly etc., they nevertheless share the same struggle we all have which is moid's hatred, violence, gaslighting, and murder against all women.
Worst thing is that your Jane Joe still can fall victim of violence by some moid over her league, so they are still not that safer than pretty or ugly women whatsoever.

So? How to defend oneself?
>Know krav maga [or whatever it can be offered for free/small fee by a local community center for women exclusively]
>owns a gun [if you don't live in a tyrannic place]
And, I may add, if you really can't own a gun
>get a knife like how those EDC moids buy
Now if you cannot do any of these, I think this mean you should move out ASAP because that place you're living in absolutely hates women.

Anonymous 108207

The media only covers interesting missing person stories.

Anonymous 108222

Thank you for this interesting response

Anonymous 108239

I think the trends thing is a good point and I've had a similar experience too. I usually put effort into my appearance when I go out and I like to think that I'm decently attractive, but I don't wear makeup and usually dress in somewhat less conventional fashions with little skin showing, pretty different from stuff that's popular in media. I get many comments but almost exclusively from women, I think the fact that the appeal is very much focused on the coordination of cute clothes and not on my body makes it uninteresting to the pornbrained. I feel like a lot of trendy stuff is more designed to show off body parts instead of being pretty on its own, and idk that doesn't feel good to me.
I can only remember two times where an outfit comment was from a guy and both seemed like really nervous and harmless types. The ones that I see being overtly sexual and creepy/obnoxious (aka ones that I want to avoid at all costs) ignore me despite not hesitating to hit on trendy girls.

Anonymous 108256

What is considered interesting?

Anonymous 108456

Wow, i think more of us girls should aspire to be like you. I've recently come to the conclusion that my trying too hard to look pretty and craving attention (from men) stems from my insecurity. I'll try to present myself like you do, hoping that i'll attract less attention from moids but still appealing to decent men that values me for beyond my looks.

Anonymous 108488

Normally the most trending are the ones who are more similar to the audience since they may feel more empathy for their own "type"

Anonymous 108507

are you a fucking idiot? Literally just look at any true crime channel, list of mysterious disappearances, and the serial killers everyone flocks to read about. It doesn’t take that much brain power to reach the conclusion that white girls get more coverage, it’s not even a controversial fact. Also poor countries are just that, poor. They don’t have services to really find any missing people. why would a news outlet from a different country focus on a girl missing in Bulgaria?

Anonymous 108512

This is the kind of thinking that leads to a lot of women transitioning to men

Anonymous 108518

Stop being huttburt over a simple question.
>Also poor countries are just that, poor. They don’t have services to really find any missing people.
…Neither do any poor regions in countries that have those services. If a rich white woman's disappearance gets covered and a poor/homeless/ghetto black woman's does not, it's not due to the fact one is white and the other one is black, it's because the class difference. A rich and beautiful white woman will be prioritized over a poor and probably not beautiful white woman too, in that case.

Anonymous 108671

in highschool i dressed like this and also had a buzzcut. i've never really worn makeup either, and i felt so free. i still dress somewhat the same way but my hair is longer. i think i'm going to stop wearing uncomfortable jeans and skirts, and shirts, and cut my hair again.

Anonymous 110359

you just gotta use your looks to attract a bf that protects you from other moids
but to do that you gotta expose yourself to potentially shitty moids
it's a catch 22

Anonymous 110369


>implying that relying on men for anything is acshtually a very good idea

Anonymous 110512

do we really have a choice though?

Anonymous 110543

yeah? like with women so heavily victimized by their bfs it's kind of copey to pretend men actually protect you. better off getting a very good female friend and learning how to use a gun.

Anonymous 110868

That depends where you live. The best thing you can do is to not bear their children, marry them and become their slave.

Anonymous 110896

Yes definitely. Unless you live in Saudi arabia then I guess you're screwed.

Anonymous 110898

It's honestly very easy.

Anonymous 110905

Where do you live? Where I am it's perfectly possible for a woman to live a single, financially independent and stable life. Unless you mean not being dependent on moids in the sense that you also can't have them as your employer or part of the chain that produces your food, then no I guess.

Anonymous 110910

men will "protect" you only if they get things in return and they just ignore you or "save" the next girl once you start to bore them. Ik people will probably think this is bait but I cut off guys as soon as they start showing signs of a hero complex, can't stand having my relationships revolve around trauma

Anonymous 110969

i really have a hard time understanding how anyone has motivation to have children though.. that is a BIG one. that is the end of your life right there.

Anonymous 110970

even if the kid is cute its hard NOT to imagine the earsplitting screaming

Anonymous 110982

it's totally scammy. is a literal second job that you sacrifice your body, your free time, money, sleep schedule, and heart and soul into, and in which people have to cope and act like it isn't a second job, when it actually is.
I find it interesting people haven't caught up to childless women being happier on average.

Anonymous 110997

I've been both "pretty" and "ugly" by society's standards, because I grew up really fat and didn't give a shit how I looked and then I lost a bunch of weight and started dressing up and actually grooming myself. I also have gigantic tits whether I'm thin or fat.

Being ugly, I definitely got treated poorly and felt unwelcome just for existing. However, I could go where I pleased and not be followed or harassed. I could even walk late at night without being bothered.

Being pretty, especially because of my shape, had a lot of perks at first. Then it quickly derailed and I started getting followed home, groped, and getting harassed constantly. The worst was when a local pimp took interest in me. I experienced a lot more terror being "pretty" than I did being "ugly".

So tl;dr, honestly you're right, I don't think anything is inherently bad because of how some moid will react to it, but it definitely has adverse effects when you attract a lot of moid attention.

Anonymous 111152

But then you have to live miserably as a man, if you really don't identify as one ? I suspect it must be really easy for some women and a LOT harder for others who simply don't want to be harassed, etc.

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