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Anonymous 108266

im going to boston in a couple weeks for a month but i have no friends to hang out with while there how sad

Anonymous 108267

Consider yourself blessed i mean hello its boston?

Anonymous 108268

How lucky anon. You can make a big list of things to do and visit them all at your own pace. You can make a big list of books to read in cafes too and audiobooks to listen to while strolling around.

Why not have this thread as a fun travel diary. If you post the type of things you enjoy, other local anons can suggest things to do.

Anonymous 108271

Why would you want to travel with anyone anyway god. Solo travel is best travel

Anonymous 108280

i just dont have friends in general and i get a lot of anxiety in new places alone!

but thank you sweet s i love the idea of a list + things to do. and i will definitely use this thread (or a new one) as some sort of travel diary! and i will talk about all the things i did that day.

Anonymous 108343

who’s the artist of this picture? gl on your trip though anon, i don’t really have advice but there should be a lot to do there!

Anonymous 108356

boston cool but the upper coast is where its at

Anonymous 108357

also u asked me to hang out and stopped replying to my emails because u thought i was a man :(

Anonymous 108525

im sorry anon i got really anxious as ive had such bad experiences in the past. id still love to hang out itd be nice

Anonymous 117100

How was the Boston trip anon?

Anonymous 165537


bumping thread after nine months because i need boston frends. ideally a gym/ tennis buddy.

Anonymous 165543

I live in Malden but Im not that social.

Anonymous 165618

same.. still looking for friends tho.. We can exchange emails if u'd like

Anonymous 165722

>lives in a place called maldin’


Anonymous 165732

its my goal to live in boston. i think its the perfect city for me
>relatively inexpensive compared to other major cities
>good public transport
>lots of arts and culture
someday i will live in boston. or, i'll go to europe.

Anonymous 165735

Scrotey poltard keep trying

Anonymous 165736

no but frfr. my racism is derived purely from my daily public transport experience in my current city.
any other setting idc about black ppl, but on the metro–they're always acting crazy for no reason. its sad to see but also often terrifying Tbh. i hate crackheads

Anonymous 165737

Self hating black person behavior.

Anonymous 165749

More like New Yorker behavior.

Anonymous 165752

I hate the obnoxious ones but most of them are nothing like that. They're only really like that of if they're teens. I agree though my god they can act fucking crazy when they're unruly teens.

Anonymous 165843

>good public transport
yea it's perfect if you like your train randomly stopping with you in it once a month. or dealing with a certain group of people talking loudly on their phones, playing rap music in their speakers and getting into fights.
where??? boston is one of the most libshit cities in america.

Anonymous 165845

yeah, unfortunately it's almost always black people who disrupt the trains.

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