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Anonymous 108556

>not having anyone to tell 'are you today's date? because you're a 10/10
my life is a joke

Anonymous 108557

My favorite is

"Do you like dogs?
Because I want you to make me get on all fours and call you master"

now just to wait for a rich and famous person that I can actually use it on

Anonymous 108558

gross wtf. literally living up to every moid stereotype about women ever. I could literally screenshot this and post it on an incel website.

Anonymous 108559

Anonymous 108560

why? so I can prove them right? if this is how you people think (I'm new here) then what's even the point of anything you post? just tell moids that they're right instead of putting up some kind of facade and then posting shit like this. you're so gross and vile that you literally fit incel stereotypes about women. unreal.

Anonymous 108561

i just want to have someone to flirt with

Anonymous 108565

Why would she need to stop doing something just so that she doesn't validate some incel's world view? Who gives a shit?

Anonymous 108567

will you provide me with a master or just make orders?

Anonymous 108569

Sorry but I find it a lot more degrading to force yourself to act a certain way, either to confirm or deny stereotypes, than just doing what you like. If she just wanna bark in the bedroom (though I think she just liked the osé pickup line), let her live her best life.

Anonymous 108573

Oh no. Guess all that's left for me is to open an onlyfans and marry an abusive husband.

Anonymous 108575


i just want someone to flirt with

Anonymous 108578

>knocking down a strawman instead of arguing
literal moid mentality

Anonymous 108579

Exactly, it works

Anonymous 108580


I just wanted to post a dirty pickup line pls I'm sorry

Anonymous 108585

Literally yes

Anonymous 108587


this newfag is so retarded kek

Anonymous 108592

The internet is two people
It's just you, and I'm everyone else

Anonymous 108600

meant to reply to >>108585 not >>108592

Anonymous 108602

and you will wait untill the end of time because these people are hypocrites. le big dumbe xddd replies are all you will get from them lmao. I'm gonna post this thread on 4chan.

Anonymous 108610


Anonymous 108616

No, it's how much i rate you out of 10

Anonymous 108617


I'm dying this thread is why i love cc never change nonitas.

Anonymous 108620

Have you seen how many autism threads we have? Integrate better emoji-chan

Anonymous 108623

Lol what? I'm not the one who's been fighting with you or whatever, schizo-chan. I just think it's funny how people here are so tense, that infighting happens over such dumb stuff.

Anonymous 108628

Iam So proud Of This community.

Anonymous 108942

why do they have to be rich and famous? thats what makes it incel bait

Anonymous 108944

original poster of that here, they have to be rich and famous because I'm also rich and famous and want someone like me

Anonymous 108946

jesus christ who cares

Anonymous 108951

Autism, not even once.

Anonymous 108953

no i think she's pretty based

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