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tea Anonymous 108945

do you drink tea? what kinds?

i've recently started drinking raspberry leaf tea (helps a lot with my period and pmdd symptoms).

i also bought some rose hibiscus tea which i also like.

Anonymous 108952



Anonymous 108965

Earl gray
Black tea
Herbal teas
Green tea

Anonymous 108978


ladies, OP, every moment of my life has led up to this unhinged reply.

my favourite teas this year: himalayan balsam petals, meadowsweet, watermint, rosebay willowherb, steeped rose petal, rosehip zest (literally just grate the bastards), Rowan berry, yarrow, elderflower+berry, birch leaf, (fuck it, all the tree leaves, pine, whatever is good and in season), mushroom teas, lots of wildflower teas, bark teas, seaweed teas, grain teas, if you can name it - I will tea it.
I listed first based on what I actually enjoy and would prioritise/recommend for flavour. Blackberry leaf (or dewberry) and raspberry leaf are honourable mentions. Germander speedwell too. Okay, I better stop now.

For any Indian or asian anons, please reply with your families Marsala chai recipe! I am obsessed at the moment, drinking my own suspicious blend right now

Anonymous 108979

earl grey, about a liter every day

Anonymous 108988

every time I see these threads I nite to start raspberry tea (I have PCOS) but I never do so I will take the first step and ask where do you guys buy it?

Anonymous 109107

i get mine from whole foods!

Anonymous 109110

I want to try teavana really bad. It's really far away from my house though.

Anonymous 109111

Tea for Women.jpg

Anonymous 109118


Anything caffeinated

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