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Birthday Bread Anonymous 109040

When I was a kid, every day after school I would take the bus to my Grandma's apartment. She would watch me until my parents got off of work. But on days when Grandma had a hair appointment or bridge club, she would send me to her upstairs neighbor's apartment, some man I guess she knew. He wore turtlenecks and was really weird. Every time I went me to this guy's apartment, he would tell me that it was my birthday, give me a Birthday Bread, and sing Happy Birthday to me. Every time it went the exact same way. My Grandma would send me upstairs, I would knock on his door, he would answer it, see me and say "Oh! There's the Birthday Girl!" and tell me to go inside. He'd say "Go sit at the table and I'll get you your Birthday treat". He even had a little thing he would sing to himself when he was making the Birthday Bread, "Take a piece of bread, spread the yogurt on, you got yourself a Birthday Bread!" Then he'd bring me a piece of plain white bread with strawberry yogurt on it and a single candle in the middle. Then he'd light the candle and sing me Happy Birthday, and wait for me to eat the Birthday Bread. After I ate the Birthday Bread, he would let me go watch TV until my Grandma came and got me. Obviously, the first time Grandma sent me to this random guy's apartment and he told me it was my birthday and gave me a Birthday Bread, I was weirded out and pretty scared. So I told my Grandma what happened and said that I didn't want to go back, but she just said "He's fine", and never said anything else about it. But any time she had something to do and couldn't watch me for a while, she would send me upstairs and I would get a Birthday Bread. I never told my parents because I didn't think they would believe me. Now seeing this story written out it looks just as stupid and crazy as it did back then. Why did my Grandma send me to this guy to watch me? Who was he? Why did he always think it was my birthday? Has anyone else ever had a Birthday Bread?

Anonymous 109041

I would say that sounds like some autistic logic because everyone likes birthdays, so it can't hurt to have it every single time.
It's weird, I'll give you that, but that's it. Some people are weird, I would'nt overthink it.

Anonymous 109042

Is this real, or a copypasta? I’m not one believe everything written on the internet, but if your grandma was really like this you could easily have gotten kidnapped and murdered.

Anonymous 109045

Jeez you guys are paranoid. He was probably a family friend or some shit.

Anonymous 109047

He was probably just slightly insane and too poor for a proper cake. No biggie.

Anonymous 109059

It's a copypasta

Anonymous 109194

Oh, thank god, where do you people even find all of these copypastas anyways?

Anonymous 109200

I'll be honest, I think this one's real

Anonymous 109201

What aspects of it make you think that it’s real?

Anonymous 109203

I've met people that had way weirder experiences than this. There was a boy i knew that said he was sent to a weird man's place to be babysat and he would be tickled by him (not raped) but like literally tickled, and he was already 10 at the time so it was weird.

Anonymous 109208

This was posted earlier this week on LC too so it must be copypasta.

Anonymous 109305

Did it taste good or was it nasty op

Anonymous 109333


Anonymous 109335

This is barely related to this story but it just reminded me of when I went to my grandma's apartment and took a bath there. She invited her friend over and I said to not let anyone in but the two of them came in and watched me bathe anyway. Her friend laughed about me having a weird crease on my foot and it made me really self-conscious about it ever since; I still kind of feel insecure about it despite having generally good body image.

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