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Anonymous 109049

Stop neglecting your fucking cat.

Anonymous 109054

>Read Post
>Look at 12 year old cat
>Cat looks up from her spot on my bed where she insists my dressing gown sits so she can sleep on it because its softness and texture is to her liking
>blinks at me
>settles back down
>Her food bowl is empty, her water full, her cat post well used, her favourite mouse toy stuffed full of fresh drugs for her when she's feeling the need for speed.
>Couldn't even get a peppermint plant because she's so retarded she'd eat it and die.
Yeah I'm a fucking monster.

Anonymous 109056


It's never too late to start caring, I bet you could still give it a few happy years.

Anonymous 109061



Anonymous 109070

I have a problem with mine, I need help. Recently my cat refuses to go outside, and I dont know exactly why, but I suspect it's because st my apartment complex we have new neighbors with dogs. Mt cat adores going outside. For the last few days all she's done is sleep all the time. She hates playing with toys, when I try to play with her she mostly ignores them. What do I do?? I've decided when I get paid I'll get her a cat tower and perches for the wall. Ive also been thinking….Should I buy some mice and let them go in my house? I literally don't care if I had mice running around as long as she's happy. It really bugs me when she sleeps all the time.

Anonymous 109072

And yeah I literally don't even care if the feeder mice get eaten that's what they're for. At least there would be something to keep her occupied at my place. Seeing her sleep all the time like an animal in a zoo is excruciating for me. She's depressed I know it.

Anonymous 109074

Yeah I will deffinitely try to do that too. At least get her used to going somewhere weekly and then maybe everyday or every other day. Her sleep isn't disturbed she sleeps like a rock.

Anonymous 109075

>spending more on your cats health than your own
>releasing live mice in your apartment just to entertain a possibly depressed cat
Why am I not surprised that miners like this exist?

Anonymous 109100

It's cute that you think it's a good idea to release mice in your house but maybe no

Anonymous 109109

But if they were the same gender they wouldn't breed. P: I'm thinking probably two max

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