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Anonymous 109080

What's with them lying to us we will get better with medication and therapy? Not once have I felt better for the past 7-8 years since I got diagnosed, I felt like the second I climbed on top of a mountain I tripped and fell down while hitting multiple rocks and other things on the way back down.
I can't continue any friendships, education, relationship and job at this point. I want it to come to a halt. I can't genuinely picture myself being happy anymore.

"But if you take these .eds that cost hundreds of dollars that your insurance seldom accepts paying half for or refuses to pay at all and these multiple therapy sessions that starts to add up and barely aid you whatsoever will you start to feel better!"
It's all bullshit to me, I barely hold faith in any deity at this point. It's just all a crock of shit. I'm just tired of it all and wished I died during the pregnancy as well.

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