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IT DOES Anonymous 109623

>suddenly interactions on /soc/ become bearable
>at first we only talk about a single subject, they are just happy that they have someone to talk with, as they are all asocial
>after some time they begin to try to introduce you to some other areas of interest that they have based on some tidbits that you mentioned
the most important thing is to always control the context. if you don't act like a woman, they won't treat you as one, so no sudden confessions. never add people from whose descriptions it's not clear what they'd like to do with you. for example at first I add people for music exchange, then it usually turns to some other creative subject, and finally they introduce me to the things that they spend most of their time on (for example i was taught how to use linux by some privacy oriented guy).

easy guidelines:
1. do not use relationship threads, if you really want to be in one, then just become a friend with someone first and then ask them out. if you control the context, they won't do it
2. if you don't introduce yourself as a woman, then they'll assume that you are a man. this allows you to control when they get to know this fact (allowing me to filter all the problematic people).
3. take the initiative and be the one who starts conversations, as it puts you in the position of power. before i started doing this, i'd lose contact with many people since they didn't care to message me first.
4. try to understand and learn from them. it's sometimes hard, but if you reject their ideas outright, you won't make any friends
if none of this works, then just add autists. they don't care about anything but their own ideas. if they can bounce ideas off you, that's enough for them. these people never start conversation though

Anonymous 109626

one more thing
don't join any servers that are advertised there. everyone seems to adopt an odd persona on them. there are some servers that are ok (people act normally), but they are all semi-private and you'd be very lucky to get into them.

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