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Anonymous 109634

what does this even mean?

Anonymous 109635

>He doesn't know
I'd hate to be your gf

Anonymous 109637

I don't get it either lmao

Anonymous 109638

It forces them to touch your waist, which makes it easier for them to slide their hands down to your butt thus making them yours forever.
.t 4D-chess playing stacy

Anonymous 109639

Because they secretly want to peg them

Anonymous 109649

Remember that sleepover where you woke up and your friend wasn't in your room?

Anonymous 109650

I'm so sorry anon. You should do it to her dad as a revenge.

Anonymous 109846

what anime is this again i forgot

Anonymous 109861


Not that anon, but Gugure Kokkuri-san.

Anonymous 109895

I'm short so I hug guys around the waist to assess their cuddliness in terms of ergonomics, warmth, scent and chest grumblies.

Anonymous 110088

The joke is that you then spend 2 hours thinking of how or what when it's literally impossible to do that movement.

Anonymous 110103

You can absolutely hug a man by putting your hands over their shoulders and then wrapping your arms around their neck.

Anonymous 110131

i think it's what >>109638 said but i read someone saying it was to avoid moid pit sweat lol

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