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cc statistics.png

Anonymous 110387

Fuck the paranoid scum who got my thread deleted. I’m not male.

Anyway, as a collective whole we found that the most virgin color is blue.

Anonymous 110408

Then you shouldn't have asked such a male question.

Anonymous 110421

idk it was kind of female. It was only female in the way of trying to quantify random shit.

Anonymous 110424

no offense tho OP I enjoyed the survey

if you're still taking points my virgin friend's fave color is orange (used to be green)

Anonymous 110432

This is tranny logic

Anonymous 110470

Nope, asking female posters about virginity is trannier. (No offense, OP.)

Anonymous 110492

This is funny.
Love you, op.

Anonymous 110559

I thought it was fun. Purple power

Anonymous 110579

Based purple Stacy

Anonymous 110597

Purple is the patrician matrician? choice obviously.

Anonymous 110602


Data collectors get off my board

Anonymous 110603

Lol how is this test even reliable. Aren't most women on this image board virgins?

Anonymous 110604

I like how the girls confused about their virginity were also confused about their favorite color

Anonymous 110606

> No yellow

Life is meaningless

Anonymous 110622

Counted! If anyone still wants to vote, pls (You) this reply.

Anonymous 110626


Non-virgin and my favorite color is orange

Anonymous 110635


hahahhaha blue fans mad

Anonymous 110640

It was fun but it just seemed like trying to get data on the virginity percentage and hiding behind "So we can see if there's a correlation between peoples fav colour and if they're a virgin"

Anonymous 110643

t. OP
I count votes, not voters. So if there’s a group of 5 people and 3 of them got laid, and those who did state their fav color is A, while the 2 virgins choose A and B, the table will not give a representation of how many people voted because there’ll be 3 NV for A, 2 V for A, and 2 V for B. There are 3 NV votes vs. 4 V votes but it doesn’t mean the group is 57% V (in the example it’s 40%).

Anonymous 110645

>the table
I mean the results

Anonymous 110648

Cool info, your post still seemed like a moid's

Anonymous 110729


>that confused lilac person
Look mommy, I am statistically significant

Anonymous 110778


I lied in the questionnaire.

Anonymous 110779

tbh if it actually contributes something I don't think the person should be accused

-idiot who accuses people of being men all the time

Anonymous 110865

The concern that you are male was a valid one, the fact that you're so aggressive towards the removal aggravates the belief.

Anonymous 110869

fascinating scientific discovery

Anonymous 110875

moids always seem more defensive about being accused than women are

Anonymous 110876

"Comments from male users are not desired" even if it contributes something

Anonymous 110879

The fact you’re so passive aggressive aggravates the belief you’re a male to female. See how ridiculous this logic is?

Anonymous 110880

cc statistics 2.pn…

New statistics show that orange is as virgin as blue. Individuals who prefer both colors are now statistically proven to be ultra virgins.

Anonymous 110911

how…were people confused about if they were virgins lol

Anonymous 110921

"Does mouth stuff count"
"I've been fingered but idk"
"I gave a handy once lol"

Anonymous 110939


my favorites are blue and orange but I am not a virgin

Anonymous 110941

if you wanna add my friend, she's virgin and likes orange

Anonymous 110942

ima virgin and my fav color has always been blue so true

Anonymous 111040

Did you vote before or should I count that?

Anonymous 111042

I did not vote before

Anonymous 119519

Anonymous 121446

Small Sample size therefore don't believe. Have a nice day

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