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Anonymous 110881

why don’t we call each other frems? it stands for female frens.

Anonymous 110882


Why yes I'm a frem how can you tell?

Anonymous 110883

sounds too close to frenemies

Anonymous 110884

but it's a good idea, I like "miners" personally but my only qualm is that it could imply reffering to ourselves and others as gold diggers

Anonymous 110887

I always read it as minors first. Used to the pedos of 4chan I guess

Anonymous 110932

meme tender.jpg

I like frem

Anonymous 111186

Same energy as saying ‘shero’ instead of ‘hero’.

Anonymous 111188

I always wonder why we call ourselves miners as opposed to diners. This is a cafe, after all

Anonymous 111199

Because this is a crystal cafe.

Anonymous 111299

For what reason? Do you have to mix "fem" with every word?

Anonymous 111310

Anonymous 111417

Anonymous 111587


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