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inflation over tim…

Anonymous 111112

Is it true that when I get to my mind thirties I'm gonna start fattening up no matter how much I control my dieting or keep exercising? Or are the older women at work just filling my head with BS because -they- got fat in their thirties?

Anonymous 111115

I mean, I'm not 30 yet but it's probably BS coming from insecure women. It's harder to keep weight off after you've had children but if you stick to a good diet right now and get plenty of exercise (especially strength training) you'll be fine.

Anonymous 111116

As you age i>>111112
s inevitable that we hold more likely to hold fat and make harder to burn it, because the body is not anymore on a development/growth spur and will pass the "prime age"(until 35-40) and stead going to the "decline age"(40+).

However is complete bullshit that you will 100% get fat by the 30 or 40.

There are 2 main factors.
- You treated your bodily poorly when you are young, you eat alot of shit food, bad sleeping habits, didn't exercise, etc… And at time because you are young it was able to compesate. However getting older people keep their previous habits and by then the bodily can't take it.
- You shift your priorities from keeping in shape to something else, maybe when you started working(or work for soo long) you get too tired and lose the motivation to keep your body in shape or slowly allow small "rewards" that slowly build up fat and destroy any muscle gains, like eating that pizza despise being on diet or just doing half the set when you are on the gym.

In the end, it will be harder to keep in shape, but is mostly about how much effort you are willing to put and if you are still young you should keep a better care for your body.>>111112

Anonymous 111119

No, girl ignore them. Where do you live? I know more thin/average women than fat women in their thirties, if that helps. I hate to say this but, source: I'm dumb anachan so I definitely take note of who's gaining/loosing in my local rural area. Cities definitely have more overweight people in the northern hemisphere. This feels like the most shameful post I've made kek but rest assured I don't think you will spontaneously robust

Anonymous 111127

I think there's ways of keeping it off, I think it's kind of copey that most women say the weight packs on overtime. But I do suspect there's more to it than "calorie in and calorie out". And also I don't think everyone's body is the same and I think having more muscle is super helpful and I think just doing cardio is a mistake.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 111130

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