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Anonymous 111262

This is my cat I snuggle her every night and don’t need no man

Anonymous 111263

Poke her tongue plz.

Anonymous 111266

Scratch her chin gently pls.

Anonymous 111272

She's adorable!

Anonymous 111331


my cat had to be put to sleep yesterday

Anonymous 111336

Typical contrarian psychomoid post.

Anonymous 111389

Your pic is giving me a bad case of cat envy

Anonymous 111403

that's not gonna last, and things won't be nearly as comfortable afterward believe me.

Anonymous 111410

Anonymous 111413

I'm so sorry anon, that's rough. Mine had to be put to sleep 3 months ago, but recently I found a little kitten who looks just like him in the middle of the street and adopted her.

Anonymous 111416


At least he was old and it was fast. RIP my little man

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