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Anonymous 111340

How do I make money? I hate work. Pic unrelated

Anonymous 111341

sell your body to women in amsterdam… in one of those little windows where you sit and read magazines in your undies. ban moids and troons and watch how pissed off they get. drink the sweet wine of their rage every night.

Anonymous 111350

Same, I want to find one of those office jobs where you can complete your daily work in ~2 hours then fuck around on the computer for the remaining 6 hours.

Anonymous 111354

I have one of these except I work from home, so I don't even have to wear pants. It rules.

Anonymous 111357

are you good with computers/technology?

Anonymous 111380

How did he rape a cat after burning to death though?

Anonymous 111387

>letting men live rent free inside your head

He raped the cat while on fire.

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