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Pet peeves Anonymous 111351

What're some pet peeves you have, especially when it comes to men?

Anonymous 111352

when people (usually relatives) hug me and they squish/pull my hair instead of putting their arms under my hair

Anonymous 111361

Lecturing me on things I obviously know better than them is one of my biggest ones. My sister is goth and has been for years and her boyfriend will try to lecture her on the history of goth when it's not even a subculture he participates in.

Anonymous 111363

lolll aren't we trying to make less moid posts? I love roasting them but it's no good for the quality of CC.

in any case I think it's that they often refuse to meaningfully acknowledge or act upon the degeneracy of other men. fact is, men have way more power to influence men than women (short-term sexual power barely has any actual influence). Imagine a world where a creep would be instantly laughed at and made fun of by men around him to his face–that'd be a game changer imo. They barely have to change their behavior. Just challenge questionable behavior from other men more.

Anonymous 111364

oh, also, I've stepped into action when I've seen people being harassed n helped them, etc. it's not hard.

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