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Anonymous 111382

What are your core childhood video games?
No cherry picking to seem cool, if you played nothing but the Sims and OOT post it anyways

Mine are
>Donkey Kong 64
>Ocarina of Time
>Animal Crossing Population Growing and Animal Crossing Wild World
>Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
>Sims 2 Pets on the Gamecube
>Tak and the Power of Juju
>Super Smash Bros Melee

In the Sims Pets literally the only thing I would do is breed dogs and then sell the parents and make the siblings breed with each other. I have no idea how genetics work in that game but I'd start with two huskies and end up with green and red pug faced monstrosities.

Anonymous 111385


I’ve never been big into gaming, but I’ll add mine

>Hello kitty ds games (I don’t remember which)

>Nintendo dogs
>purble place
>Animal crossing wild world & new lead
>viva pinata
>Pokémon black and white
>the binding of Isaac
>Assortment of random flash dress up games

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 111406

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