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Anonymous 111383

How do you deal with neurogroids?

Anonymous 111384

INTP hate thread?

Anonymous 111390

I subjugate them to my superior delusions

Anonymous 111400

I don't. Why would you talk to them?

Anonymous 111404


Anonymous 111421

For a meme copypasta this has terrifyingly many truths in it

Anonymous 111426


god it feels good being the superior neurotype

Anonymous 111432

I avoid them because I don't relate to them at all and they'll probably think I'm satan because I have BPD anyways so I think it's mutually beneficial for us to just not converse. I also don't really like talking to people that only have depression/anxiety. Not to say depression and anxiety are easy (I had depression induced by depo provera and it was fucking horrible), but since they have more societal acceptance, they tend to be more likely to think that they're just innocent victims whereas you are some kind of awful monster just waiting to abuse them. My therapist is like that and even though I have an official diagnosis for BPD he insists it must be wrong because essentially all people with BPD are evil and he thinks I'm not evil.

Anonymous 111474

If INTPs are so superior why the fuck am i still a neet and worse at most basic things other people are good at

Anonymous 111475

Einstein was also supposedly bad at basic life skills. INTP and INTJ is only a "good" thing if its accompanied by an unusally high IQ and the opportunity to devote yourself to one subject you really care about.

Anonymous 111476

that's meme, Einstein was a ladies man IRL

Anonymous 111478

Same. Like I have neuro friends and they're nice but I feel the only people who gets me have "something". Depression and anxiety is ok for me but I swear I can't stand autists, the lack of empathy is just too much for me

Anonymous 111479

I avoid them. I can't relate to any of them, and most of them think I'm evil or think there's otherwise something wrong with me, so I've just became a loner.

Anonymous 111480

This. I literally can't even fucking talk to people irl

Anonymous 111483

INTPs tend to treat themselves as life long experiments on human condition, someone has to explore what its like being a stupid loser("from the inside") too, right? Thanks for taking one for the team, by choosing such ungrateful field of study. But seriously, stop making mistakes just to find out what would happen, some experiments just aren't worth it, especially the one's concerning matters of the heart.

Anonymous 111484

Damn I thought you were fucking Tom cruise for a second there

Anonymous 111487

copypasta aside, they sure think like this about themselves. they're the pinnacle of autism.

Anonymous 111489

look at the bright side, lol, he thinks that you personally are not evil

Anonymous 111494

Lack of conscientiousness, lack of extroversion, maladjusted social development probably.

Anonymous 111495

"Can get laid" and "has basic life skills" only marginally overlap at best.

Anonymous 111625

Didn't know what this was until today, took the test, got INTP type.
Why y'all hate me?

Anonymous 111645

>able to brush off trauma
lol I wish

Anonymous 111680

nice horoscope thread

Anonymous 111705

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