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Anonymous 111409

I don't want to work anymore

Anonymous 111411

Anonymous 111456

Or, you know, like this

Anonymous 111457

I just wanna pick strawberries, mushrooms and such from my local permacultural venture and plan revolutionary strategies from a cozy apartment complex full of nice girls.
Pick off the occasional fed or drone from my sniper’s nest

Anonymous 111458

yesss this would be da dream

Anonymous 111465

I don't even hate my job, I just hate the concept of working. I wish I could just lay in bed or sit at my computer all day.

Anonymous 111468

Almost no one does

Anonymous 111477

I can't possibly do this for the rest of my life, I don't know who thought this was acceptable

Anonymous 111498


Slaver kings. Builders of “civilization” corrupted the nature of work long ago and they’ve hunted down the more natural world to enslave them in various contracts. They used to call them savages, now they’re called “the developing world”

Anonymous 117098

I obviously understand your frustrations, everyone is suffering the same in this hell of a world, but you need to read a book, my friend.

Anonymous 117110

Take up a night shift job. It is extremely cozy. Thats what I do. I work on my stuff all night or browse the internet. Though its better to have your own computer.

Anonymous 117111

No, ALWAYS bring your own computer to a job like that, and do what little you're supposed to do really well.

Anonymous 117297

Please give me recs. I want to know exactly where it did go wrong.

PS: My post had angered jannies for some reason. Keep being mad.

Anonymous 117301

For nearly a year I've been working almost 7 days every week. You know that kinda tired that doesn't go away with sleep? It wouldn't be shocking if someone suspected I was half dead or even a zombie. We just can't get any extra help since no1 else wants to work either lol. I just wanna sleep for like ever.

Anonymous 154508

Revisiting this thread after almost a year, still wagecucking, still miserable. I can't believe that this is how I'm going to spend the rest of my life.

Anonymous 174517

Anyone else feeling the same dread? I'm starting to get panic attacks in the morning.

Anonymous 174561

What night shift jobs can you get as someone without college education or any skills?
I need to start working. I thought about nurses aide (like 100 trainimg hours) because I want a job with lots of drama to keep me interested at least but if I can get one doing nothing that would be even better.

Anonymous 174571

So work the night shift in a hotel. No real work required.

Anonymous 174572

Night auditor.

Anonymous 174573


Same here. The only reason I could look forward to work these past few months was a guy I often saw at my new workplace after my company relocated me. I didn't even mind waking up really early and doing all the morning shifts because it meant having more chances to see him and even interact with him.

Now that I'm back to my original workplace, the thought of work makes me want to become a NEET again. There's no incentive anymore to spend more than 6 hours doing the same tedious things each and every single day. Not to mention, the company sucks ass.

Anonymous 174576

If living with your parents is tolerable. Living with parents or a man can reek to high heaven, so you've no choice but to pay rent. You get used to that kind of job no matter what it is. Trust me when you're 30-something and you have no experience to speak of you will hate yourself for losing so many damn years you could have gotten a pay raise/ promotion or built up some kind of portfolio.

What you want in a house in your 30s is not what you want in an apartment in your 20s

Anonymous 174605

Why the fuck do you people assume that these comfortable positions just happen to be available?
>just just get a job in willy wonka's factory lmao it's that easy

Anonymous 174612

Because I applied and took many of them. During the beginning I was stalked a lot, so I was mentally suffering. I got fired a few times in that period but I kept looking for the same kind of job, so I could do my own work, at work lol.

I'm jus stubborn like that. Hotels are absolutely everywhere and usually notoriously understaffed. They have high turnover like any service industry job. Call the places and ASK what positions they're hiring for. You can also take an am shift, which is chill and great if you take classes too. You can get so much work done!! It takes some training to work the front desk though. You have to know pm shift too. Get to know all the shifts. It's pretty easy. When you have fd experience for all shifts you can get one of these jobs anywhere it's cake.

Anonymous 174613

I mean it's not completely easy, you can't be an idiot, you have to do what they tell you. Do your damn job. But Jesus is there a lot of downtime.

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