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maskfishing Anonymous 111490

ive been maskfished, i became friends with someone recently and only saw her with a mask on, i rarely wear a mask because i look ugly and it ruins my skin.
today we stopped by a cafe and she took her mask off to eat and i as shocked over how ugly she was, her lower face is tragic and she doesn't take proper care of her appearance i was kind of repulsed and couldn't treat her the same afterwards.

Anonymous 111492

>i look ugly
>shocked over how ugly she was
>i was kind of repulsed and couldn't treat her the same afterwards

Instead of judging her for being ugly, why don't you bond with her over being ugly together?

Anonymous 111519

who cares if shes ugly. you dont have to treat her differently. fuck you

Anonymous 111520

>she doesn't take proper care of her appearance
you could've seen that with her mask on.

anyway you're not having sex with her, appearances shouldn't really matter when it comes to friendship.

Anonymous 111522

yeah I cringed at this post. 99% of the ways someone takes care of their looks has nothing to do with their lower face.

Is "haha you must not take care of yourself" the new "you being ugly is your fault and I resent you for being ugly"? Cuz, seriously, been seeing it constantly.

Anonymous 111523

also do her a favor and cut off things with her. You sound like a nasty, shallow person.

Anonymous 111525

>anyway you're not having sex with her, appearances shouldn't really matter when it comes to friendship.
exactly. as long as she has decent hygiene and behaves it shouldn't matter if a friend is ugly if it's just going to be platonic

Anonymous 111537

I feel sad for both people in this story. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Someone has probably thought the same thing about you OP, how would that make you feel?

Anonymous 111539

I’m lookist and unattractive too. It’s low but I don’t know how to change.

Anonymous 111544

I look uglier with a mask on. Never understood how a person could look better with it.

Anonymous 111546


What the fuck was so bad about her lower face to shift your perception this drastically? Acne breakout? Covering it with makeup can only have an adverse effect on healing this kind of thing, so if she's going to have her mask on 99% of the time anyway, you can't really fault her for not bothering to do it. Bad teeth? Some people would need to go into debt to afford full dental treatment. Bone structure? Completely out of her control. You should probably just cut her off for her own sake.

As someone with a man jaw and huge nose, wearing a mask is like a limited time trial of how it feels to be treated as a moderately attractive woman in public.

Anonymous 111549

idk, a lot of lookist people have a long history of putting themselves in opportunities to be lookist
(i.e., forums judging looks, tiktok, lolcow, IG, etc). Which obv worsens things

Anonymous 111551

based frustration poster

I also relate. My lower face is just weird and impish. I feel so much more confident and free with a mask on.

Anonymous 111554

For me it was being judged by others based on looks. Funnily enough, kids my age called me ugly while mother told me I was the prettiest princess in the world UwU.

Anonymous 111555

*clarification: I mean IRL, involuntarily, not in social media.

Anonymous 111562

I was too bc I was born deformed but tbh it just made me bow never to subject anyone to the same suffering I went through.

Anonymous 111578

Too bad they don't make a mask big enough to hide even half of your ugly personality.

Anonymous 111624

being around ugly people is social suicide

Anonymous 111640


The only social suicides you'll ever bring about are all the inevitable instances of people forsaking their last remnants of hope for humanity and pouring acid directly into their eyes just to ensure they never have to be subjected to seeing those retarded, actual middle school clique-tier takes again.

Anonymous 111641

impressive word salad, whatever helps you cope. I've been dumped by all my beautiful "friends" and I could feel their discomfort when they had to go somewhere with me. I'm not even mad anymore, I just accept how things are.

Anonymous 111648

anon there's a leap between social suicide and the impact of being seen with an ugly person. in what you referred to it sounds like a few stuck-up bitches preoccupied with their status wanted you out.
rather than an example of people making fun of them and humiliating them over being friends with you or something.

there's at least a few friend groups that genuinely don't care.

Anonymous 111936

so you went to lunch with someone you had never even seen without a mask? how much of your personal information are you giving to strangers? going to places with them, chatting? you're lucky she was just ugly and not a murderer but jesus were you stupid

Anonymous 117889

It's impossible to not read this in Regina George's voice.

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