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spongey spongito s…

Am I really straight Anonymous 111570

As a 12 year old kid, I caught feels for a girl in my class. I wanted to be her gf, hug, kiss, hold hands and shit. It lasted a week at best.

When I was around 13, I watched my female classmates hug, except from where I stood it looked like they were kissing. My mind was so blown my jaw unironically dropped.

About the same age, I had one blitzkrieg crush on my female teacher. I was sitting at my desk listening to her give a lecture, when a fantasy erupted in my imagination. For maybe five minutes, I really wanted her and kept picturing us making out, and as the post-wet clarity settled, I felt disturbed.

When puberty finally hit at 14, the brain zone responsible for acknowledging other women’s existence shut down, and I only cared about moids from books and tv (so none of them my age, if it matters). However, as a sophomore, I got a new teacher who had the personality of a lioness, and I couldn’t help fantasizing about her for a solid month.

So, what the actual fuck? Is it normal?

Anonymous 111571

no girl you're probably a lesbian
if it just happens intermittently you could just have a low "drive"
if you have a draw towards (ACTUAL 3D) men more often then you're bi

Anonymous 111572


I probably didn’t give it proper emphasis but I really only got male crushes since age 14, that female teacher was an exception. And there’s been a lot of crushes. It’s just kinda sus how many para-lesbian experiences happened in my childhood.

Anonymous 111575

It's quite common to have a phase around puberty where you become attracted to people of the same sex. It happened to me, I literally thought I was gay for a few years and then I slowly became straight again. Then, years later I learnt it's actually quite common.

This might be your case. Or you might be bi. But honestly does it matter? You can fall in love and/or get wet for either or both or no gender, you don't need to label yourself.

Anonymous 111576

You're bi or a lesbian deep in the comphet.

Anonymous 111579

harold .JPG

Holy shit, I might have detonated a truth bomb on myself now.

I grew up with almost zero male interaction. No males in family, nearly no males at school, neither my age nor older. Lack of experience caused me to idealize them, hence my yaoi, fangirl, and pick-me phases. And whenever I see one who’s not evident garbage, I still idealize him and fall for that unreal version. Once I learn he isn’t perfect, I don’t care about him anymore. This explains why I catch feels all the time and none of them last.

And that sophomore teacher. I idolized her too. I saw her as flawless until I got to know her better.

The reason why I don’t tend to idolize women is because I know them. They’re just people, like me or anyone around me.

This means that I don’t actually like anyone and I’ve lived 19 years believing a meme.

[spoiler]Thanks everyone for reading my blogpost, /thread[spoiler]

Anonymous 111580

So you're asexual?

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