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sleep with the bed…

Overrated Things Thread Anonymous 111724

I’ll start: beds are propaganda.

Anonymous 111726


troll thread or not I kind of get this, not just because of the whole thing with theoretically the ground being better for the back but because it might be actually bad for a person to get used to extreme comfort as it makes more difficult things more annoying by comparison.
It's like standing desks. Look like torture that would happen on the ninth level of hell. But you can tell the people that use such things are probably more proactive.

not that anyone will ever rip my 10000$ bed from me. If I die and become a ghost I will just possess my bed and become one with it for eternity

Anonymous 111759


>my 10000$ bed

Ohh, anon, sound comfy and fancy. tell us about it.

Anonymous 111760

chicken wings. messy, just chicken? what's the big deal???

Anonymous 111833


Anonymous 111845

The appeal of chicken wings is 100% in the sauce. If the sauce sucks the wings suck

Anonymous 111891

Avocados taste like dirt.

Anonymous 111893


I'm sorry but it's only my 10000$ bed in my dreams and fantasies.

no offense to sir beddington. he's served me well.

Anonymous 111925


Fuck you. I love beds. Love pillows, blankets, being all tuckered out, thinking about silly things when I fall asleep.

Anonymous 112054

The Simpsons. Isn’t funny. Yes, including the early Simpsons. My eyes roll into the back of my head when I hear someone call it a “masterpiece.” Just watched a few early episodes and my face was straight the entire time.

Anonymous 112057

I feel the same because fucking BONES everywhere. I don't have the patience to dirty my hands and pick out little bits of meat wedged between bones just for chicken. Drumsticks and breasts have a worthwhile meat-to-bone ratio. Tendies are good because no bones but you do lose the juiciness.

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