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Never going to vaccinate myself. Anonymous 111764

I refuse to get vaccinated. I don't want to become a bleeding mountain or infertile.
I don't want to help the tyranny my country expand.

Anonymous 111775


Anonymous 111783


Anonymous 111928

What if it 100% prevented you from catching covid and didn't have any side effects? Would you still not do it?

Anonymous 112025

good. Then all the crazies will die off for denying vaccines

Anonymous 112049

Le hive has arrived

Anonymous 112056

Sounds good to me. Natural selection.

Anonymous 112061

Don't drag schizophrenic people into this

Anonymous 112063

well, more vaccines for me! i don't care about infertility either

Anonymous 112081


Anonymous 112082

>noooo if you take the Vax you will become infertile, develop 40 types of cancer, become magnetic and able to switch off the TV by snapping fingers!
>nooooo if you do not take the Vax + 4 booster shots you will immediately die of corona which has a 1000% kill rate, also you probably believe in flat earth too!
The one good thing about this pandemic is that it drove up my self-confidence by showing me 99% of people are retarded and I am one of the few normal ones.

Anonymous 112083

I like to say "never say never" but I generally agree with you. People should have the right to refuse irrevertible medical decisions or at least wait it out without being pursued like a criminal by the government and socially stigmatized.
Especially if you are young, you can weigh the risks of getting sick or getting vaccinated.
It doesn't help that I lost my respect for covid after it's hit my family members recently. My younger sister came back home positive, my even younger brother was soon positive too. They were literally only sick for two days. It hit my younger brother the hardest, although it was really only being bedridden a day and vomiting the same day, nothing more. The strangest thing is that no one really distanced as we chilled at home in quarantine and my older parents and got nothing. No symptoms or positive test, even though my sister who tested positive was merrily baking in the kitchen and generally doing whatever.
Of course this is just n=1, I don't want to promote irresponsible behavior. But I have to say, after not having had any encounter at all with covid for one and a half years after all this business started, this is a really weak showing by the virus. Makes me all the more convinced that if you are healthy and have no comorbidities there is really nothing at all to fear.
The government should have just forced companies and institutions to offer their employees leave or work from home if they wanted to protect themselves and otherwise fuck off. Instead we get this draconian totalitarian nightmare.

Anonymous 112089

Same, but it also made me depressed by realizing that 99% of people are retarded

Anonymous 112093

Yeah I used to at least think "t-these are just vocal minorities of people that actually think this, r-right?" but sadly I was wrong
I guess at least it helped me get a grasp on who are the normal people that I know

Anonymous 112110

>my young, healthy family members didn’t die from covid, so enforcing vaccines to protect vulnerable populations is a draconian totalitarian nightmare!!!1!1

Anonymous 112132

sound of stoned.pn…

But what they do is draconian, that much is clear because it's a thing that people known to be draconian do.

For instrance, fucking Duterte expecting to force people to take Sinovac. Fucking Sinovac!

Same kind of thing, just maybe slightly less bad in Canada. Except they're underhanded, they on paper approve four different vaccines, but end up only allowing one class of them; in fact the J&J vaccine hadn't even for a moment been actually distributed. One provincial premier, Ford, even would go on TV saying "Arrrgh, we need more Pfizer, we can practically feel ourselves being about to die in droves because we haven't been getting enough precious, precious *Pfizer!!"*

Anonymous 112158


Anonymous 112168

Covid has killed millions of people. Wanna know what hasn’t killed millions of people? The vaccine.

Anonymous 112172

same. i think its the mark of the beast

Anonymous 112176


Saying that doesn't change the fact that no anti-vaxxer here is saying this; it also doesn't change >>112132 is right and most of you guys ignore it, or that the government actually has been shown to flub many statistics related to coronavirus.

Look. It's valid for someone to not want to be forced by the government to get stuff injected inside of them that hasn't been studied for its long-term usage effects. Some vaccines have been found to have such deleterious effects down the line (no, I'm not talking about the autism shit). Bodily autonomy is important.

It's creepy as shit that some of you have to make up hyperbole about flat Earth just to shit on anyone that doesn't think like you t b h.

Anonymous 112177

No one is strapping you down against your will and stabbing a vaccine into your arm. Businesses hold the right to fire employees who choose to not get a vaccine. Especially employees working with vulnerable populations like nurses or caretakers.

Anonymous 112180

That's true for so long as basic services aren't refused to the unvaxxed. Might not be physical force but that's sociopolitical force.

Anonymous 112182

And moreover, suggesting that anyone that doesn't get poked is a schizophrenzic retard (as what people have suggested in this thread) is a) weirdly ableist and b) part of the issue. Vulnerable populations can be vaccinated anytime, if the protections exceed the potential risks to them, and those that don't…well, they take their own fate into their own hands.

I can't even hate vaxxers so much; I'm just scared of them as well as some anti-vaxxers. The seething hatred and division makes me fear for the future.

Anonymous 112189

Why are pro-vaxxers such sociopaths? I thought the whole point of getting the vaccine was to help save people.

Anonymous 112194

They are not even that young. I've acted responsibly most of the time and in my inner conflict between keeping people from dying and imposing the draconian totalitarian nightmare I've erred on the side of the former. But I can't take this seriously anymore.
The way you're framing what I said makes it look like a total fallacy, but I don't see it this way. I've had my priors and expectations and acted accordingly and after this incident I've updated my priors and expectations.
Just to totally disclose my experience, I know only one other person directly who had covid. They live with their family too and it wasn't a big deal for their family either. I didn't want to let the fact that the only person I know who had covid had basically the experience of a flu bias me but now I don't care anymore.
If you think what is going on is right and just, I hope you won't regret it when governments make up the next measures.

Anonymous 112195

damn, I meant to reply to

Anonymous 112205

What are these "vaccine side effects" everyone always sperges about? Everyone I know (minus two) has gotten the vaccine and at most, experienced flu-like symptoms for a few days.

Is that really considered to be worse to anti-vaxxers over death, being on a ventilator, permanent damage to the lungs, potentially losing your sense of taste forever, experiencing a miscarriage…

Anonymous 112206

Okay but how are you being "forced"?

I know plenty of people who haven't taken the vaccine. Despite the dystopia anti-vaxxers are creating for themselves so they can masturbate to being "opressed", the people I know are living perfectly normal lives. They've gone back to their jobs, they're able to eat at restaurants, can shop at supermarkets and can drink at bars/pubs. There is no legal requirement to show vaccination certs or prove that they have antibodies.

You guys have won, so what is there left to argue about?

Anonymous 112219

There is a pretty good characterization of an n=1 case documented by Dr. John Campbell (someone who has been pro vaccine all this pandemic before you go crazy about me spreading propaganda) in this video https://youtube.com/watch?v=H7inaTiDKaU
>What are these "vaccine side effects" everyone always sperges about
please be mindful of people who are actually affected by them, even if they are few
that's not true where I live, not at all, fuck my government

Anonymous 112235

who cares about that? if it doesn't work it doesn't work and i don't need it. and it doesn't work

Anonymous 112238

I refuse to be vaccinated purely on the grounds that it is required for me to be vaccinated. My body, my choice.

Anonymous 112244

So you refuse it on the grounds of being a contrarian? What else that is required do you refuse to do? Wearing a seat belt? Not drinking before driving? Not taking hard illegal drugs?

Anonymous 112245

>So you refuse it on the grounds of being a contrarian?

>Wearing a seat belt? Not drinking before driving? Not taking hard illegal drugs?


Anonymous 112247

It prevents death, severe illness, and long covid. Suit yourself though
Business reserve the right not to serve the people they don’t want to.

Anonymous 112248

>Businesses hold the right to fire employees who aren't vaccinated
The problem isn't what private business decide what to do and not do. The problem is JOE BIDEN IS PASSING A BILL STATING THAT ALL COMPANIES WITH OVER 100 EMPLOYEES MUST HAVE VAX MANDATES OR FACE A HEFTY FINE. Doesn't sound like they have much of a choice.

Anonymous 112249

>Businesses hold the right to fire employees who choose to not get a vaccine.
Right? Businesses are now infringing on the law if they don't. That doesn't sound like a right to me. The business should be free to fire anyone based on vaccination status, or not fire based on vaccination status.

>Business reserve the right not to serve the people they don’t want to.
>business have more rights concerning what flows into their bodies than the customers themselves do
Remind me how this is good for individuals and not businesses again?

Anonymous 112250

>It prevents death, severe illness, and long covid. Suit yourself though
Does it prevent the spread of COVID? You know, the one reason it should be required to have it if it actually does that?

Anonymous 112251

>no one is forcing you to get a vax, you just won't be able to have a job or buy groceries if you don't sweetie

Anonymous 112252

Can the vulnerable populations not get vaccinated?

Anonymous 112256

Not sure where you live but in many work environments, if you aren't vaccinated then you have to get tested every week and a half. This costs money every time you do it, effectively putting people into a position where they have to get the vaccine if they wanna save on time and money.

Anonymous 112257

Lmfao, no grocery store has armed gaurds checking people’s vaccine status. Anyone can walk in. Anyway I’ll continue laughing at all the morbidly obese unvaxxed christian boomers dropping like flies from covid.

Anonymous Moderator 112260

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