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Anonymous 111947

Im so cool


Anonymous 111951

Also is this place nicer than 4chan? I get made fun of there

Anonymous 111952


ur not fooling anyone here

Anonymous 111953


Im actually really cool and good looking. If i had a better personality (more cool) i would have friends irl. I maybe might be a tiny little bit autistic also but idc

Anonymous 111955

are you trans?

Anonymous 111956


Of course not!

But if i was i would still be cool

Anonymous 111957

>take estrogen as a cis woman
>"Yeah I'm trans; female to alpha female"

I'm getting deja vu so I mightveposted this joke already

Anonymous 111960

My stupid sociology class is making me do stupid assignments and im really lazzy -~0

Anonymous 111963

Would it be testosterone?

Anonymous 111964

Does it sound like I've thought this through?

Anonymous 111965

Its ok. I think its better to say stupid things sometimes rather than thinking. So in a sense ur smart inn a stupid way ^^

Anonymous 111966

literally me lol
If I wasn't a neet who doesn't go outside, maybe I could even get a boyfriend someday

Anonymous 111967


Is this a tranny larp thread?
Are you larping as trannies? Cause literally all of you without an exception sound like trannies.

Anonymous 111968


Its better to try and be happy with yourself first i think. I never had someone that thought of me like that but thats good because i can learn new things and have time for myself ^^

Anonymous 111969

Its OKAY to be nice ^~^

Sometimes you need to let your ego dissolve and treat everyone with kindness and warmth

Anonymous 111970

It reads much more just like regular moids trying to be annoying

Anonymous 111971

You guys are all so negative

Anonymous 111978

I'm also cool. Too bad that no one can see it because I spend all day every day at home.

Anonymous 111981

This is a good thing as long as your having fun (=

Anonymous 111985

No, testosterone is bad

Anonymous 111990

Make you strong!!!

Anonymous 111994


I'm cooler drinks choccy milk I poured into a monster can

Anonymous 111996


Anonymous 112011

Yeah, a lot of people say that. Sometimes I get lonely but at least I can do whatever I want whenever I want.
Also cute pic with nice colors.

Anonymous 112012

Holy shit choccy milk? I haventtnt had thar in a Long time

Anonymous 112013


Holy shit choccy milk? I haventtnt had thar in a Long time

Anonymous 112014

Thankk you

Anonymous 112032

OP sounds adorable. I am an autist too and like to collect manga be my friend pretty please T_T

Anonymous 112084

Beutiful Picture O…


I will be your freind ok? And I will also be anyone friend that wants me too just reply to my post.

Anonymous 112118

Umm…i can be anyone's friend if you want me too

Anonymous 112121


Quick update

I drew joe rogan

Anonymous 112122


Anonymous 112123


Anonymous 112131

Do you guys like it?

Anonymous 112371

i love them anon thank you. your talent knows no bounds

Anonymous 112644

Thank you very much!

Anonymous 112656


Anonymous 112659

sorry your drawings suck ass

Anonymous 112672

if that joe rogan one didnt make you kek..

Anonymous 112677

i like this thread

Anonymous 112680

you cower in the face of such unadulterated brilliance

Anonymous 112691

Its ok i know =3

Anonymous 112869

I'm not american to find that funny

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