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Anonymous 113133

What are seals?


seal or sea lols

Anonymous 113137

water doggies

Anonymous 113142

A miserable pile of secrets

Anonymous 113153

They are literally birds. Look at that tail + wings

Anonymous 113155

Your words are as empty as your soul

Anonymous 113167


They have big brains

Anonymous 113192


Source of joy

Anonymous 113196



Anonymous 113218

british pirate shota

Anonymous 113222

seals are cute weird cat-adjacent animals

Anonymous 113224


Compared seal skulls with those of cats and dogs, it checks out.

Anonymous 113227

Pretty sure seals are more closely related to canines than felines. They are caniforms.

Anonymous 113317


Seals are pretty cool

Anonymous 113321

seals are your sleep paralysis demon. lurking. t-posing.

Anonymous 113325

Anonymous 114058

Lol. That seal represents every single person who has ever run face first into a funhouse mirror.

Anonymous 114070

at the world eskimo indian olympics they do a knuckle hop, which supposedly comes from eskimos acting like seals so they can get close to them when hunting

Anonymous 114078

waxy things to close letters

Anonymous 114084

I feel so fucking bad for that seal!!

Anonymous 114101

god i wish i had h…

Literally me.

Anonymous 114107

I like your eyebrows.

Anonymous 114111

Me in the foreground

Anonymous 114195

Seals are actually sea bears. They are related to bears and racoons and weasels. So there you go, now you know

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