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Humanity is such a cringe fest Anonymous 113419

They all act so autistic but theyre an autistic hivemind instead of an individual so they get away with it but NOT IN MY EYES! I HATE IT!

Anonymous 113420

take your meds

Anonymous 113421

the fuck did i even just read?

Anonymous 113445

Do you live in Los angeleeeeees

Anonymous 113489

i believe you but a part of me thinks most of those "trans" and "gay" kids are actually straight and trying to be trendy. i'm sure if you came out as some queer identity like they/them non-binary genderfluid polysexual the next day you'd be a "cool kid" and they'd find a new target

Anonymous 113506

tell them "sorry about your dick, bro".

Anonymous 113507

theyre not funny and their art is not deep yet they act like it is they care about the dumbest things cause theyre just agreeable

Anonymous 113551

I think the term art is a very strong word. You can produce artifacts or sounds that have a beautiful aspect to them but they might not evoke such vivid emotion as to be considered to be "art" and I think that many people use the term art very lightly to refer to things that aren't really, it gets thrown lightly as a term used in marketing campaigns for popstar tours, video games, sports skills.

I'm not devaluing the merit of anyone, if you like what you like and it moves you then good for you but there are objective standards for these things. I've noticed people online like to attribute to their favourite writers or musicians these abilities that they perceive subjectively but aren't really there. There are websites where the people will go on and on about how death metal is the same as Wagner which is just not true, or how a vastly popular author is literary. The talent required to write something that achieves massive popularity might very well possess literary traits and I'd say it's even likely that the things we call literature tomorrow are extremely popular right now. I just don't know what.

Long ago I saw a video proclaiming the death of the artist as a genius in favour of the 'creative entrepreneur' who is basically an influencer. Will it be the righteous pedants of tomorrow that overlook some starving songwriter in favour of Travis Scott because he reflected the "spirit of the moment?" have I just no brains to tell?

Anonymous 113555

I mean, if your point of comparison is Danganronpa characters your idea of cringefest is a bit interesting.

Anonymous 113564

I'm not american and this sounds like a copypasta.

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