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Longform thread Anonymous 11363

Share long, interesting reads.

Starting with one of my faves, this article gives insight as to why the majority of the modern middle-class chinese have little to no desire for western political liberalism ('liberalism' used in the classical sense here) in their country despite becoming much more educated and well-traveled than previous generations.


Anonymous 11381

I've gotten through about a third of that and so far it's a good read. Thanks anon.


Thoughts about current responses to sexual harrassment allegations and the effects on gender relations. Although people focus on the sex part of the imbalance, it's been a long time coming.

Anonymous 11392


This is quite long but it's a really interesting read https://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/10/nyregion/at-nail-salons-in-nyc-manicurists-are-underpaid-and-unprotected.html "The Price of Nice Nails", it talks about the hidden corruption of nail salons and how the system takes advantage of asian immigrants. I got curious one day why some places manicures can easily go to the double digits cost-wise, but in urban areas and cities you can get a manicure for $7. Now I know why- pretty awful exploitation.

Anonymous 11394

That's tragic and horrible, I haven't gone to a nail salon before and I will definitely never go to one in the future.

Anonymous 11402

a lot of this is propaganda honestly. most asian nail salons are set up by groups to help family to move to the US. same with chinese restaurants. i am friends with my stylist and most of her family from vietnam are nail techs because the vietnamese cultural society literally paid and set up a shop for them.

Anonymous 11403

Anotbyou but to add: so many choose to NOT pay taxes by getting paid cheaply, they also fly under the radar. I honestly saved heaps on money that way, it was good. I wouldn't think these ladies are impoverished and poor they're probably doing just fine.

Anonymous 11410

this. it's like waitressing. in seedy areas you only claim like $100 on a $500 night and pay less tax, get more money back.

Anonymous 11412

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