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Welcome to cat backpack Anonymous 113693

What do you keep inside

Anonymous 113694

my cats
we're very worried about them being hit by motor vehicles, being fed nasty stuff by randoms, eating native animals and generally being terrorists

Anonymous 113695


Britney sSpears:)

Anonymous 113699

omg, stuff like that backpack is super adorable but it's too morbid for me. the idea of stuffing things in a cat spooks me too much.

it's like plushies, figurines, etc., of animal-like food items. The connotations of a doughnut with a face disturbs me more than it should. yes I have a problem.


Anonymous 113920

I think I could pull it off

Anonymous 113926



Anonymous 115698

How do you even open it??

Anonymous 115699



Anonymous 115700


Anonymous 115701

An extra powerful one just in case

Anonymous 115702

The hips are pretty chunky and curved so I guess bananas? One bunch on each side.

The tummy is long so a few spaghetti packs.

Anonymous 115703

This backpack is too realistic for my taste and it doesn't seem like I can put much stuff in it. But just to answer the question, I guess I'll put some fruits in it, maybe a bottle of water or a beer

Anonymous 115705


What’s not to love

Anonymous 115710

This thread is mostly a joke I just think it looks hysterical.

Anonymous 115724

This one looks more fake than the first bag so it's better. But I find that the first one step right into the uncanny valley.
I usually prefer my cute shit to look a bit more cartoonish

Anonymous 115726


There's a wide range of options but most of them are pretty terrifying.


Anonymous 115819

Ish, you're right, pretty terrifying stuff. Although the money purse is cute, I would use that

Anonymous 115832


But you could sneak it into your mom's house leave it high on some cabinets until she finds it and has a nervous breakdown

Anonymous 115833

Who would she have to blame lolol

Anonymous 124366

Tuna cans, but that would be too heavy.

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