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Women in Gamedev 114328

Wanted to make a thread for women who both browse lolcow and work in gamedev. The industry isn't always the best place to share your REAL thoughts, so I thought a thread for it might be nice. Discuss, vent, chat to your heart's content. Also, this was posted on lolcow but I wanted to post this on CC too. Somebody founded a women in gamedev Discord group (I'm in it myself) and if you're interested in joining, hit up the email listed up above for an invite. We voice verify so, scrotes, fuck off.

Anonymous 115694

I don't work in gamedev but would certainly like to. Personally, I prefer to be indie.
>The industry isn't always the best place to share your REAL thoughts
such as…? I'm not aware of the situation of women in this industry.

Anonymous 134162

I wonder if OP is still around. I wanted to know more.

Anonymous 134164


Not in gamedev but picrel is the most wholesome character sheet I have ever seen, much better than the creepy, weird, cringe and sexual stuff seen on deviantart these days

Anonymous 134165

… how is this related to the topic at all kek

Anonymous 134166

Idk he seems like a gary-stu, mathematics major at harvard at 16? Multi instrumentalist who writes his own songs sometimes? But ohhh he's an autistic stoner, as if that is at all balanced

Anonymous 134168

The OP pic, sorry, not the pic I posted which was an example of creepy OCs

Anonymous 134169

Ah sorry then lmao

Anonymous 134174

She was talking about the OP pic when she said wholesome, and calling the character sheet that she posted creepy/weird/cringe

Anonymous 134257



Where does Nona go if she wants to dip into gamedev?

Anonymous 134295

I hate programming

Anonymous 134522

>>passions: explosives, spending time in the forest
>>hates: modern society, electronics, technology
>>wants to: be a famous author

Anonymous 134532

I started making a simple Pokemon rom hack last month. I know nothing about coding but it is a pretty well-documented game so it's easy enough to figure out with some help.

Anonymous 134542

This is haram

Anonymous 134629

I’m an artfag and i wish i had a dev friend so we could make dumb shit together

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