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Terf General #14 Anonymous 114365

Other thread at post limit.

It's telling that all "female" spaces on Reddit are moderated by troons.

Anonymous 114370


I discovered a channel called Spokane Sissy. It's mostly videos of the sad man himself, but his most popular are videos of fictional incest/sissy stories, some of them involving forcing male to female transition on boys. Trully disturbing.

Anonymous 114378

A few months ago I saw a MtF being lauded as "the first female to win [some award idr]"
Anyone seen stuff like this in fields you're into? It really didn't sit right with me that this guy was being celebrated above other men for his delusion, and I just thought that when a real woman wins that award she won't be considered first anymore

Anonymous 114386

There was a meme Trump would identify as a woman before leaving just to be the first woman president, and really he should have done it so the bullshit could be called out for what it was.

Anonymous 114402

Yup. I work in video games. You can guess the punchlines from there.

Anonymous 114408

This video came up on my rec feed the other day and I am so happy that "transbian" bullshit is being called out by more and more people.

Anonymous 114436

a part of me is annoyed that this is on a conservative channel, but at the same time i'm desperate for anyone to call this shit out. i hate how things flipped to that most of the liberals are homophobic, meanwhile "new wave" moderate conservative types are more libertarian and don't care

Anonymous 114449


I really hated being a woman, but seeing trannies seethe like this has made me really content. Here's to being the fair sex, we won the lottery girls.

Anonymous 114471


Anonymous 114472


Anonymous 114473


Anonymous 114475

This disgustes me more than pictures of their botched surgeries do.

Anonymous 114480

I hate witchesvspatriarchy. Should be called "Well trained women sit up and beg for scrotes attention to show how much of cool girls they are while deleting actual women's posts that fight the patriarchy."

Anonymous 114481

i unironically can't wait until the first modern uterus transplant is done on a TIM and he ends up dying in the process, then we'll finally realize that it's a stupid and biologically impossible idea

Anonymous 114482

I am starting to really appreciate those ancient Greek tales about hubris and man challenging nature and being horribly punished for it.

Anonymous 114490


I think the best way to handle this is to go full-bore pretending the topic itself is fake.

"nobody is saying that lesbians should date male bodies, anyone saying that is a transphobic troll!"

Accuse anyone who argues the other way of trying to stir up anti-trans sentiment.

Reject the normalization at every opportunity.

Anonymous 114503


They don't know how much effort they must have to keep their uterus healthy. They have to be of healthy weight (well this might be a problem since 40% of them are quite over the healthy weight), they must have a good diet (this will be a problem for 50% of them), they need to have low stress levels, they need good hygine (wich will be a problem for a lot of them, considering that if they cut off their male genitals they'll have a gaping hole that will cause them a lot of problems) and so many more things.

I love being a woman and most of the things that come with being one, but if I was a man honestly I would not bother how it feels having a period or give birth.

Anonymous 114504

The mom looks like Owen Wilson decided to troon out.

Anonymous 114505

They don't care. They just want a newborn baby to molest. They care nothing about their own wellbeing or the wellbeing of the child. Trans folk are all sexual predators and the idea of making babies to molest is akin to transmuting lead to gold

Anonymous 114513


Anonymous 114523

Ah, the classic feminine struggle of ceasing to be a woman in the absence of an observer.
The Schrödinger-woman.

Anonymous 114524

It's not like I active;y "feel" like a woman, even if I am. There's no thought cycling in my mind going "woman", "woman", "woman".
I just am. I don't "identify" as being a woman, and couldn't identify as a man even if I tried, because I've never been one. When I'm alone I'm just me.
I know I belong to the female sex, but this fact, is, like, never constantly on my mind, only when it's strictly relevant.

I think trannies' condition has nothing to do with sex or gender, it's more like body-dissociation or body-image shit, like their entire self-concept relying on an outside observer, and this concept for them is like a paperdoll they show off to other people, and live through.

Anonymous 114538

no, i'm aware that TIMs who want to get pregnant have misogynist and arguably pedophilic intent, my point is that a male body can't accomodate a female organ, so any man will likely die from it. it's not about the child they want to have to simulate their fetish, a lot of liberal allies who don't know what autogynephilia is are also supportive in the concept of transplants because they think it's nice and affirming. if the allies see it isn't possible either, they'll realize how delusional the whole gender identity thing is

Anonymous 114565

Where can I find archives of /qa/ raiding /lgbt/(4chan)? I just want to read about the time they tasted their own medicine.

Anonymous 114566


Anonymous 114567


Anonymous 114568


Anonymous 114569

I really do hate to say it, but soyspamming moids are literally the only people other than terfs who actually stand up to troons. To answer your question, umm well as you know /qa/ is basically deleted, but they migrated to another website. Hopefully I don’t get in trouble for mentioning it but you can read about it on a website called soyjak.party. The stuff about the raid on /lgbt/ should be on one of the threads on the raid section, if you can’t find it look up “operation soyclipse” in their search bar.

Anonymous 114570

Oddly enough, that does seem to be the case. And thanks!

Anonymous 114571

not quite, there's a decent amount of right-leaning critics of gender identity (a video from a conservative youtube channel dunking on "transbians" was shared here a day ago), i also noticed that the anti-SJW, r/tumblrinaction, and kiwifarms sides say most of the same thing TERFs do about trans issues (the main difference is they dislike "feminazis" too). it sucks how despite being a leftist movement, TERFs mostly have allies on the other side of the politics spectrum

Anonymous 114574

Horse dhoe theory proven true. Radical right and left extremists hate the rational centrist troons.

Anonymous 114579

Anonymous 114587

> https://boards.4channel.org/lgbt/thread/23284013#p23306932
Another day, another powertrip. Half the thread’s got nuked, and the tra mod just had to gloat about it. This is ’just a tuesday’ in almost every lesbian space online.

Anonymous 114590

>the fact that they have to specify that it’s a cis lesbian general
What a shithole. Lesbians really can’t have any space without men.

Anonymous 114591

Heard that it used to be just /lesgen/, but then, it just kept getting derailed by tra discussion lmao.
Tbh I hate 4chan (not only because of the scrotes policing us), but as Lchat is unusable p.i.t.a, it’s the only place I can discuss with like-minded lesbians.

Anonymous 114595


holy shit did a tranny legitimately 41% irl just because of a stupid imageboard raid?

Anonymous 114596

do you have the link to this page?
or even the website its from

Anonymous 114605

No, he got baned by crazy jannies who were just deleting everything and banning everyone. they now even ban people for saying soyjaks are funny.

Anonymous 114606

are you retarded

Anonymous 114607

calm down bpd-chan

Anonymous 114609

Anonymous 114620

nightmare fuel.

Anonymous 114624

i wouldn't call TRAs "rational" or "centrist" honestly, they're extreme in their own way with how they deny reality and are anti-free speech

Anonymous 114625

I swear they actually kill themselves for attention. The mother will be happier without him.

Anonymous 114627

I would respond the troon that just posted but I don't want to violate rule 7.

Anonymous 114629

Anonymous 114630

JFL at all those salty moids in that thread.

Anonymous 114634

Anonymous 114635

Why repost?

Anonymous 114636

Anonymous 114640

jfc they are so pathetic. but i wish /lgbt/ became more known to the mainstream, it would peak an enormous amount of people. maybe we can do some shill work for newspapers.

Anonymous 114641


Anonymous 114642

A moid noticed us, I hope he gets triggered by the pinkpill thread.

Anonymous 114643


Anonymous 114644


Anonymous 114645

He'll show us his superiority by posting gore and cp, as they do.

Anonymous 114646

Screenshot (88).pn…

Anonymous 114647


i don't think he even knows the thread was posted here because nobody was complaining about being BTFO lol
it was probably just a leap of assumption

Anonymous 114649

I figured it was cope for knowing a bunch of women are laughing at him. Even now he keeps referencing the pinkpill thread.

Anonymous 114650

That's it. The part about the supposed complaining about BTFOing is just the usual male headcanon.

Anonymous 114652

is that the one that was crying about how I was saying most men should die because I said most men aren't attractive (in the way they're not immediately fuckable)?

Anonymous 114653

Every time that happens, it means scrotes are speaking in the only language that scrotes understand, which is rape and violence.

Anonymous 114655

So let me get this straight, a moid arrived in a thread that asked afabs about their experiences, just to parrot some incel memes, and started to argue with afabs over their accuracy?
Look, anon, it’s pretty telling that this moid hasn’t personally accomplished much of significance in his life. Similar to how white supremacists always brag about muh ancestors.

Anonymous 114681

i love those two autists in the front seat.

Anonymous 114684

Why is this post on every thread? literally everyone have seen this

Anonymous 114719

Can someone decipher this?

Its a man who is in a relationship with a woman, right? And the testosterones the woman is taking is making her butt bigger? So he's getting turned on by her big butt?

Anonymous 114720

Same. Glad they're having fun

Anonymous 114721

T makes the clit evolve into a psuedo penis. I'm not lying.

Anonymous 114727


Anonymous 114754


Anonymous 114755


Anonymous 114765


Anonymous 114769

>drink more blood
He’s probably talking about the used tampons he takes from the women’s restroom and sucks on

Anonymous 114770


Anonymous 114775


Anonymous 114779

What's the deal with troons and black lipstick? There's a troon I know personally who always uses it too. I nearly never see it on actual women

Anonymous 114780

the flimsy cover that will be destroyed with time fails to fully conceal the cold hard enduring truth set in stone

Anonymous 114781

Bottom left image looks like an old man who has lost his teeth

Anonymous 114787

new season starts this week. can't wait.

Anonymous 114791

He still has that male hairline lol

Anonymous 114800

"big tiddy goth gf" larp

Anonymous 114816

Sometimes I feel bad because I'm not sure if I'm laughing at a person with an actual syndrome or not.

Anonymous 114817

freaking kek

Anonymous 114824

Anonymous 114847

this post appears to be from a queer bi woman in an online (i'm assuming it's online since it only talks about texting) relationship with a TIF, and she is getting turned on by how the TIF's clit is getting bigger from taking testosterone

Anonymous 114850

How do you know?

Anonymous 114870

NTA but the overwhelming majority at least literally state so in their comments or have the transbian flare. I wouldn't doubt that if you go in the post history for anyone that seems a bit ambiguous you would find the same thing.

Anonymous 114964

Maybe because goth is less gender restrictive, men can wear makeup/tights/skirts/long hair so it might be easier to express yourself when you're transitioning.
As for black lipstick, I do wear some and I saw a few women wear them in the wild, mostly goth.

Anonymous 114966

where is it from? also how is it?

Anonymous 115008


Anonymous 115009

() waist and neck instead of )(

Anonymous 115010


Anonymous 115011


"i am jazz". its pretty horrific. they chemically castrate a child before puberty then surgically castrate him at 17 just to be sure.

Anonymous 115034

But the child looked at a Barbie once so he was totally a woman. That is the definition of womanhood. Looking at Barbies and liking pink

Anonymous 115035

In 4 years they will make it illegal to not let your child be educated by this beautiful woman.

Anonymous 115078

how is that head so small compared to the rest? I'm having questions

Anonymous 115097


Anonymous 115121

anyone have good talking point debunks? specifically things that center around race, and why black women shouldn't be a trannies first argument in favor of their own womanhood

Anonymous 115122

Anything that doesn't immediately out you as a TERF? lol no

Anonymous 115123


A good one is to simply ask them what a woman is. TRAs can never give a non-circular or offensively stereotypical answer.
You can also ask the question “what do trans women and ‘cis’ women have in common that specifically makes them women?” I can’t think of any race-related ones.

Anonymous 115126

Calling them racist for immediately giving black women as an example of unconventional femininity usually works. It is stooping to their level of woke conversation-enders but they don't deserve better.

Anonymous 115176

While I agree with the majority of terf ideologies and theories I wouldn’t exactly call myself a terf, because I’m not sure I’d call myself a radical feminist either. However the thing is, most people would be labelled terfs if you asked them if men could feel like or become a woman and they deserve to share our spaces, because the word has basically been weaponised and used for virtually anyone who has slight criticism with the tranny cult. So I’m starting to think the word doesn’t have much meaning anymore. As long as a person doesn’t agree with the transgender ideology, no matter if they’re a radfem or not, they’ll be labelled a terf. Do you guys think maybe there should be a new term used?

Anonymous 115177

There is no "terf" ideology, it is only a term trans rights activists use to shut up anyone who disagrees with anything they say. Women using it is an act of "reclaiming" of sorts. Radical feminists share some core ideas with each other, but "terf", like you said, is just any woman they find uncomfortable and want to shut up. So welcome to the terf club anon.

Anonymous 115202

Don't argue with i…

>I wouldn’t exactly call myself a terf, because I’m not sure I’d call myself a radical feminist either.
>call myself a radical
Shhhhhhhh, don't call TERFs radicals, the thread exploded last time someone pointed out they were by definition radicals.

Anonymous 115204



Anonymous 115205

Radical in context just means the root. Islam radicals just follow the qu’ran literally (and all the awful stuff they do is in the qu’ran).

Radical feminism is just going to the root, eg not wishy washy libfem but seeing men for the awful things they are.

Anonymous 115206

See? I warned you about calling them radicals sis! I warned you about the radicas siss!

Anonymous 115208

i've had sex with a tranny before (i'm sorry) and this is cap

Anonymous 115211

When women hate other women, they become pickmes, but when transwomen hate women, they act like moids who hate us. Interesting coincidence huh

Anonymous 115212

What's funny is these moids think "pussy smell" = fishy. So they are going around with their genital infections thinking they're being girlified.

Anonymous 115213


>i've had sex with a tranny before
Girl what

Anonymous 115214

Moids are famous for not washing their nether regions in the shower.
Can’t imagine they’d suddenly learn to do that after surgery.
So they just walk around with a piece of rotting tissue, and eagerly huffing this taint.
It’s also pretty misogynistic of them to assume that women would normally stink like that.

Anonymous 115217

true. based and pinkpilled.

Anonymous 115218

I mean, it spirals all the way to MGTOW talking points about replacing/devaluing us (implying it’s a bad thing lol, no one needs creepy simps) and incel violence/rape fantasies. They can’t stop thinking about us and fetishizing us, and it shows.

Anonymous 115219


it was when i was afraid of men but not into the idea of scissoring
he passed as a cute girl and didn't have a broken dick
he was a rare breed of troon where he wasn't delusional about being a real girl, used male pronouns, agrees with TERF ideology, and hated most other troons
he just liked being cute femboy and eventually detransitioned to become a normal femboy

Anonymous 115231

I honestly don't think those are so bad… I wouldn't count that as troon, since the delusion part is missing, just a feminine guy. Don't agree with HRT but my gripe with troons is really just the belief that they're on par with women so I don't care that much if a man wants to fuck with his hormones.
of course there do exist some nasty femboys, I won't deny that, but I just mean that as a concept I don't feel threatened by them the same way as I do for troons who demand to be lumped in with real women

Anonymous 115254


Already happened
They learned nothing

Anonymous 115257

Love this!

Anonymous 115260

I can't even imagine something like that in 1931. No antibiotics, nothing. 1954 was the first successful organ transplant (kidney). Suicide with extra steps

Anonymous 115267

If my uterus is ever transplanted on a male, I hope it kills him too.

Anonymous 115269


it was on my tw tl why god why

Anonymous 115270

What does your post mean and why are you posting porn

Anonymous 115291

>Moids are famous for not washing their nether regions in the shower
Maybe the loser men you have been with

Anonymous 115292

His face would look pretty androgynous on a normal dude, but coupled with the boobs it's just very obviously and strikingly male.

Anonymous 115294

As far as what I've heard from women it's probably around half of men that are "losers" then. It's hard to avoid losers if you need high standards just to not date one.

Anonymous 115295

This is literally Princess Jellyfish, very cute

Anonymous 115305

>Don't agree with HRT
he only used HRT to look cuter/be more feminine, but he detransitioned because spiro made his gall bladder start failing iirc, apparently that's kind of common

>I don't feel threatened by them

yeah, he was very non-threatening and we shared a lot of female friends

something interesting is that, after going off HRT, he told me that he realized how much easier it was to control his negative emotions (particularly anger) while on HRT
he said off HRT he felt like he couldn't talk about his emotions as much, but on HRT it was a lot easier to talk about his emotions and not let it get to the point where negative emotions are so bottled up they ferment into a rage (which apparently is common for men)
his hypothesis was that a lot of trannies associate their dysphoria getting cured with taking HRT just because it makes them not have Male Stoic Syndrome and Male Testosterone Rage anymore so it's easier for them regulate their emotions

Anonymous 115309

That's pretty interesting and I'd never taken that into account.
And since so many MtF trannies are autistic, the effect is probably stronger on them.
So could we say that this is men trying to escape from their own shitty male experience and latching onto the female experience out of jealousy and/or necessity? I'd say yes. I mean, it's pretty obvious already that men are jealous of women for many reasons. But I never considered "easier time processing emotions" to be one of them.

Anonymous 115314

Ugh. Why do even "good"troons fall for that bs about suddenly getting a female brain/mind for taking some cross-sex hormones? What's the difference between what he said and the other troons who say they feel like they dropped IQ points/got bimbified after HRT?
Most likely he just allowed himself to act like that because he was now a ~girl~
>Male Stoic Syndrome
>Male Testosterone Rage
More like they can pick and choose when to be assholes or not.

Anonymous 115317

>And since so many MtF trannies are autistic, the effect is probably stronger on them.
>So could we say that this is men trying to escape from their own shitty male experience and latching onto the female experience out of jealousy and/or necessity?
this is pretty much what my opinion of troons has been since meeting him, especially from other troons he'd known on a personal level

>getting a female brain/mind for taking some cross-sex hormones
because hormones impact how our brains work to an insane degree
he wasn't making excuses for how he felt or whatever, it was just him telling me how jarred he was at how different his brain felt from going off HRT
I'd known him a really long time and definitely noticed a difference in his behavior after he stopped taking HRT, and he said he had no control over it
any woman who has been on birth control pills or had a hormonal disorder can tell you that hormones change who we are too (I've been in both categories and can vouch hormones impact how we think a lot more than we give credit to)

>Male Stoic Syndrome

>Male Testosterone Rage
this was a joke on my part. but yeah, i think it's some combination of nature and nurture that create the psyche in men struggling to regulate their emotions on their own to troon out. same with ftm troons

Anonymous 115318

Hormones fuck you up anon.
Actually I've seen a lot of MtF trannies say that doing HRT made them less horny.

Anonymous 115328


>girl dick fumes
yeah… that's enough internet for tonight

Anonymous 115330

Don't dicks smell exactly the same as cunts, though?
>the Toddler
yeah, because of course

Anonymous 115332

lol why would you post that pic

Anonymous 115338


idg how some people (like you) are so desperate for sex that they would go out of their way to fuck a guy dressed up as a girl

Anonymous 115360

The vast majority of men are losers, so both of your statements are true. But I have seen men have in depth conversations about if it is gay to deep clean your asshole. They usually agree it is with a few males trying but failing to inject sense into the stinkfest.

Anonymous 115377

>deep clean your asshole
W-what does this even imply?

Anonymous 115378

>Of course they fuck them up, the male body isn't made for those concentrations of estrogens. Women can also become less horny by taking hormonal birth control. Hormones breaking their dicks does not mean that they become more girl-like, as they think. The only reason they mention that is because they think girls don't enjoy sex, so in their heads it validates them.
I agree with your later point, but as far as species goes human females and human males are both motivated to have sex via the same hormone: testosterone. If purely talking in terms of biology, an increase of testosterone trends with an increase in sexual urges and a decrease trends the opposite. TiFs taking Test report a similar substantial increase in sex drive when on hormones. It should be noted though, that was is causing the decrease in sexual urges is not the increase in estrogen, it is the decrease in the amount of test.

Of course we can try and expand human sex drive outside of pure hormones, but at that point, you're delving into psychology and sociology, and are no longer discussion the biology of the situation.

Anonymous 115380

Well if they never touch their assholes, of course it’s going to become more sensitive.

Anonymous 115381

Washing between your cheeks with soap and water instead of just getting in the shower and not doing anything further.

Anonymous 115383

Do males really??? Are they really this unhygenic??? What????

Anonymous 115384

Well, that doesn't sound like what "deep clean" implies, but if you're certain that's how they were using it I suppose.

Anonymous 115431

the dwarf of ordin…

Excuse me.
Trannies should be castrated to prevent future sex crimes.
Thank you.

Anonymous 115433

Not even a TERF but I agree with this.

Anonymous 115435

Honestly all men who are predators should be. You can forget about heteronormativity though either its just as bad, it validates and encourages the pornsick and coombrained.

Anonymous 115449

>Honestly all men
You could've just stopped there and been right.

Anonymous 115470

Damn even back then troons were going by the name Lily

Anonymous 115473

>even if they have male children

You know the whole premise of Lesbian Separatism is not having males around, right? Lmfao

Anonymous 115474

80% chance of being a male writing about his "lesbian mommy femdom society" fantasies

Anonymous 115475

Are you referring to women as “axewoundies” or am I misunderstanding your post?

Anonymous 115478

Yup, it’s obvious.
He simply can’t imagine lesbians existing in peace without being subjected to male lust.

Anonymous 115479

Kill yourself, my man.

Anonymous 115480

Procreation is disgusting. I’d just clone myself like those lizards do. But I don’t want kids in the first place, they’re annoying and retarded. Especially me.

Anonymous 115488

>>115475 i believe she was referring to neovaginas as axe wounds, not women.

Anonymous 115494

>stopped producing anything after transitioning

Anonymous 115499

all of these pieces of shit should hang for this. how is it acceptable to do this to an actual child and even make a show out of it? Fuck this nightmare world

Anonymous 115500

It's quite literally going to be illegal to NOT do this to your child soon. Your toddler tells their teacher they are a girl/boy one day in kindergarten? That's a life sentence for them. If you don't immediately start "confirming" their chosen gender identity and removing their genitals you will go to jail for parental abuse and the state will do it for you.

Anonymous 115503

Seriously why the fuck is that so common? Another one off the top of my head is "Narcissa" Cosmo Wright

Anonymous 115573

Troonism is one of the many ways a human can decide to devote their entire existance to sexual proclivities. Once someone goes down this route its almost impossible for them to create anything, as creation is a human behavior and theyre more animal than man.

Anonymous 115580

there's so many of these stories and similar on reddit, this is just a small sample.

Anonymous 115598

am I losing my mind or is this weird?
I still talk to my ex who came out as a troon (MTF) and I have noticed that he expressed interest in two of my older hobbies, and while we were together became more actively involved in another one of my hobbies that I have been hoping to eventually get quite serious about (like getting an agent to help me find work related to it). I don't think that I am the only person I know who is allowed to have these particular hobbies and interests, and I hate to sound like a little kid whining about being copied…but I find it peculiar that right after he came out, suddenly he's interested in doing all these things I do. I have met friends and I get interested in something they do or vice versa, but I've never experienced someone taking up this many of mine or me this many of theirs.

Anonymous 115627

they copy us because they want to be us lol, not losing your mind

Anonymous 115628

Sounds like the type of person who would wear your skin. I'd be cautious about hanging out with the mentally ill. That's how you end up in some true crime documentary

Anonymous 115630


Not the first time I hear of a troon copying their wife/ex/girlfriend/mother/sister/daugther/etc… I wouldn't be surprised if he's trying to skinwalk you.
Since trannies do not have a point of reference to what a woman is they will try to copy the closest representations of women they know of: pop culture, stereotypes and the women around their lives. It is an attempt to fit into their "representation" of what a woman is, all the while ignoring the objective definition of what it is to be a woman, which is based on biological sexual characteristics. They think that copying a real life woman they know will help them blend in more easely among their social groups, but since they are poisoned by male socialisation and are… men, forever men; they will inevitably fail, because the tiniest bits of male mannerisms, male points of view on life, male priviledge, male experience, ignorance on women's experience, etc… will shine through their behavior. It is a forever reminder to everyone around them, including themselves that they are a forever man. They try so hard to forget what the actual [biological] definition of a woman is that they lose themselves in becoming a mere childish copycat of the IRL women that they know, which are the closest idea of women in their lives. (All the while forgetting the incredibly disrepectful connotations of copying someone. If we add onto it the AGP fetishy stuff, it's even more fucked up, but that would make my post longer and I'm pretty sure you get what I already mean if you read through all that).

Anonymous 115643

god, after I read this post I suddenly realized there was another interest they took up after I mentioned it but it was a bit more subtle so I didn't quite notice. anyways, that makes sense, yeah, that they copy the women around them. Like I said I know I'm not the only person in my social circles that's allowed to do certain things, but something feels different about this. I noticed it less when we were together because I just figure, couples like to do things together. It wasn't until now after the breakup that it made me do a double take. He is still early in his transition so perhaps this makes him feel like he's progressing more. Either way, it's given me the heebie jeebies now.

Luckily I have moved and live very, very far away and said ex does not have the means to get to me even if he wanted to. But still, we have a small amount of contact that I probably should continue to dwindle unless I want to be skinned…

Anonymous 115672


Anonymous 115673

i just hate seeing trannies creep on gay people. hate "gay" ftms with usernames like "sparklyfag" talking about how badly they wanna fuck gay men like lil nas. hate seeing troons on twitter talk about how cool they are for having disgusting man hands to finger (cis) lesbians with. does anyone have that image comp with troons talking about how much they want to fuck cis gays btw

Anonymous 115675

very true. and the way they treat themselves like normal gay people! when 90% of the time they fujoshis or men who have watched too much lesbian porn

Anonymous 115676

Apologise all you want, you still touched one of the untouchables.

Anonymous 115677

Anonymous 115681


I really hate it when men who think they're women say how lucky we are to menstruate. Don't get me wrong I like to have my period every month because I know I'm healthy, but I don't enjoy the experience.
They all think that periods are just tummy aches and snack-cravibg everymonth, but they're far from the truth. A period hurts way more than a stomach ache, and not every woman gourges herself with food 24/7 while she's menstruating, I completely lose my appetite. Even if they know about the acne and breast swelling, these men don't know the real suffering we go through.
They don't know about the worries that come with.
Have they ever frogot to get a menstrual product while they're in school and then feel how the blood leaks on their underwear? No.
Have they ever had to worry about leaks? No.
Did they ever think that they smell bad because of their period? No.
Have they been burried alive with ''it' s that time of the month'',' 'should I get you a chocolate'', '' please don't let your period kill me'' jokes when they said they' re on that time of the month? No.
The fact that some of them even compare their disgusting soy diarrheas to periods on twitter just shows how ill is their mentality and that they need phychological help. It makes me rage when I see a trans youtuber, blogger or poster show that they buy menstrual products, not because they menstruate but just to ''simulate'' their period, knowing that they may have taken away a product that a real woman may have a reall need to use, but can't get it because it was bought by them and has now to use toilet paper or try to keep it up with her period without the needed product, making everything more painfull for her, because a man who was blessed to not feel the pain of menses and menstruation wanted to try it out because of his sick urges.
Also it makes me angry when menstrual products try to be '' woke'' and feature men in their ads. Why won't trans men just remove their uterus so that they don't bleed like women do??? Weren' t they the ones who wanted to be a man? Doesn't that mean to remove everything feminine and remove their female treits???

I'm sorry but if you're trans, you have no right to force men on menstruation ads, and if you're a man who thinks he's a woman you have no right to buy menstrual products. End of debate.

Anonymous 115682

>They all think that periods are just tummy aches and snack-cravibg everymonth, but they're far from the truth
You forgot how hormones released during the menstrual cycle actually make us feel like shit sometimes, even bad enough to not want to get out of your bed, or being worried about your period being late or unusual bleeding, etc.
>knowing that they may have taken away a product that a real woman may have a reall need to use
You know that the companies who produce those menstrual products must actually be grateful that there are more MtFs who are buying their stuff in addiction to women, they don't give a shit who buys it as long as it increases their profits. It's like how the diaper industry has benefited from the fucking ABDL community of all things.

Anonymous 115683

Our pain is their fetish. Guess it always has been.
More than once I’ve seen them mention how they’re ”jealous” about anime girls getting double-penetrated with 5’2 dildos in hentai, even though vagina doesn’t enjoy stretched to oblivion, unlike moid prostate cavity.
Insanely huge dildos are exclusively a gay male thing, because it’s what male anatomy prefers, yet moids think the same applies to vagina.

Anonymous 115684

They get off to pain, period.

Anonymous 115685


Anonymous 115686

Twitter’s being purged right now, I hope they haven’t gotten to Rowling. Is her account ok? Can’t check since I’m not on Twitter.

Anonymous 115742

It hurts when you insert fingers in it without preparation, and they think women will enjoy something that will destroy their organs?

Anonymous 115756


Remember, it's not a fetish.

Anonymous 115757

Anonymous 115758


this is fucking nightmarish

Anonymous 115770

how do they have the confidence to post this?

Anonymous 115771

They know anyone who doesn't tell them how beautiful they are will get banned

Anonymous 115779

This. Protected class.

Anonymous 115797


Bizarre how all these troons always imagine their ideal selves as scantily-clad anime girls instead of just being a normal woman.

Anonymous 115798

Nah that's just your standard SJW ugly mix of anime and western style.
Coomer scrotes are usually "good" at drawing moe anime girl garbage (they're actually shit at drawing but usually they don't give a fuck as long as the face and tits are appealing enough to get their dick hard)

Anonymous 115800

Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.

Anonymous 115804


Anonymous 115807


Top fucking lel

Anonymous 115808

Wew lad

Anonymous 115810


>Coomer scrotes are usually "good" at drawing moe anime girl garbage
coming from an artist who has drawn for 10 years, only japanese men in my experience (even their women are as talented and skilled) if we are talking about moids, western ones produce so much vomit inducing fanart to the point i only stay at the asian circles even if i have sometimes language barrier problems, also don't belittle moe/jap art when they are by far better than what western sh*ts churn out

Anonymous 115812


>riamu says trap is a slur
it's as if they want everyone to know they don't actually play the games they draw this shit out of, r*amu literally is an mentally ill woman with attention whore syndrome who's also a lolicon
riamu has been a disease by introducing alot of secondary pronouns-obsessed w*stoids who don't even play the games to the small niche english-speaking idolmaster circle and tainting it with godawful trash like this

Anonymous 115820

I wish I could be a nurse in this environment just to casually call it a festering axe wound

Anonymous 115838


Anonymous 115844

Anonymous 115847


>imagine being this much of a weeb.
sorry for liking and adoring a country and that isn't yours, muttsis.

Anonymous 115849

true, it's just i've come across more men artists in the circles i participate, i've seen koreans do amazing stuff

Anonymous 115856

muslims are animals

Anonymous 115859


NTA…but, right, so, same faced anime dolls are the pinnacle of art? That the entire point of art is drawing teenage doll faced girls? And tiny, perky noses v. different ones is the artistic choice that matters to you? Moidbrain rot.

Anonymous 115861

Holy shit, please tell me you’re joking. There’s no way someone can be this retarded

Anonymous 115863

he had literally zero reason to do this to riamu.

Anonymous 115868


The world around us is ugly, anon. People are also ugly. How boring and superficial it would be to limit yourself to appreciating art that's only pleasing to look at.

Anonymous 115869

You're probably a white tranny with blatant and massive male features who dreams about being a little uwu loli.

Anonymous 115871

necro but ackchyually it's the decrease in free test that diminishes sexual response. and also not all response but only the spontaneous one (like a sudden boner during classes or smt) https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/2983641/

Anonymous 115874


At least I'm not so brainwashed that I think doll faced teens are the only beautiful thing there is. There's so much variety in this world and you only find beautiful hyperbolic extremes of what men find attractive. I bet you love sucking the cocks of men whose art consists of gorgeous teens with same face syndrome.

Anonymous 115876

You talk about how shallow it is to look at art that's uniquely visually pleasing… in a thread that thrives on ugly pictures of trannies.

I'm js

Anonymous 115878

Men are taking female sports records and female spaces on female sports teams, all the way from local organisations to the Olympics. What is there to be done about this to prevent it in our local areas?

Anonymous 115880

you always know it's muslims when they put it vaguely like that

Anonymous 115891


Img related is so fucking dead-on. Truly lynchian.

Anonymous 115894

Write to local politicians, become a politician and change the law, wait until trannies in your area 41 themselves, subtle trolling on Reddit, aggressive trolling on Reddit, various acceleration activities.

Anonymous 115895

Kek I'm convinced this is the same anon who sperged out over a miner posting their transphobic Miku art a few months back because it wasn't a technical masterpiece, comparing the use of chromatic aberration to "shadman". Exact same energy and typing style.

Anonymous 115896

wait, which anon? and can you repost the related art?

Anonymous 115897

The anime art style is generic to the point creating it has been automated.

hardly beautiful.

Anonymous 115901

Cool but think it's the wrong thread for that.

Anonymous 115925

>because it wasn't a technical masterpiece, comparing the use of chromatic aberration to "shadman"
Sounds like a moid to me

Anonymous 115927

>growing up, hear males say slurs about vulvas/vaginas
>they call it names like "ax wound"
>live to adulthood
>males (not only only just a handful of them) voluntarily sign themselves up to get a literal wound between their legs to mimic the supposedly inferior sex organ of women
males are pathetic.

Anonymous 115940


To the art sperg. I know i shouldn't be responding in order to not derail the thread too much, but i just wanted to say that you can appreciate anime art without being autistic about it. This western vs eastern art fight is so pointless and stupid

Alright back to trannies. There's no much reason to shit up the terf thread with this art nonsense (unless if it's to make fun of tranny art, then I'm on board)

Anonymous 115941

If seing chromatic aberration on a drawing makes you immediately think for shadman you have to be a moid. You're the weird one here. I wish more miners started drawing terf vocaloids again, it was very fun when we all were doing it together. That one chromatic aberration anon ruined the mood, and we shouldn't have listened to her sperg (I'm tempted to say "him" cuz there's a fair chance it was a tranny that tried to stop the terf vocaloids meme)

Anonymous 115943


All around me are familiar faces
'Trans queer aces'
In gay spaces
For their healthy bodies, so ungracious
It's ableist and kind of racist

All the handmaids filling up their mentions
"Don't repress his
Gender expression!"
Hide my head I wanna drown my sorrow
No tomorrow, no tomorrow

And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad
How 'you need a better hobby' is the best response they have
I find it hard to tell you
I find it hard to take
When gaydens cut their breasts off it's a very very
Mad world

Anonymous 115944

We need a TERF vocaloid of this

Anonymous 115949

Goddamn, this shit should be spoilered for gore
I can feel the pain in my breasts just by looking at it kek, where the fuck did her nipples go?

Anonymous 115953

the minecraft sword in the background is a an interesting comedic touch

Anonymous 115960

A troon video came up in my TikTok. I made fun of it and he pinned my comment, so now I get to keep bullying the other troons who reply to me.

Anonymous 115976

Oh my god. It really is true. The vast majority of trans identifying females are autistic children. This is just sad.

Anonymous 115987


Anonymous 115991

It's on Exulansic's channel, but she basically opted to not have nipples grafted because she "didn't like how grafted nipples feel" and didn't want further risk of infection. Now she has potentially permanent, painful nerve damage.

Anonymous 115994

Ugh this shit is making me sick
Even breast augmentation surgery looks painful as shit (I know someone who had it done and she told me to never get it because it's so fucking painful and not worth it), but getting rid of the entirety of your breasts and nipples… Ughhhhh I didn't need to read that today

Anonymous 116008


Saw this girl posted in a /tttt/ thread unironically titled "ITT we post ugly cis women so that we can feel a little better about our bodies and faces if only for just a little while"
Are tranners delusional? She's literally cute, looks like exactly the type of girl they pretend to be when they sadpost online

Anonymous 116012

>Are tranners delusional?
do you really have to ask this?

Anonymous 116022

I would not have noticed her face was uneven without the caption.

Anonymous 116023

>clear skin
>healthy hair
>big eyes
I love to see the trannies cope. They will never be as desirable as the ugliest woman.

Anonymous 116028


The fact that I am Jazz is still airing on TLC is a miracle. I can’t imagine normies thinking this is normal. This shit has to peak anyone with a brain cell. Are the TLC producers delusional or aware of how this show proves us right?

Anonymous 116030

her face is uneven?

Anonymous 116032

>I can’t imagine normies thinking this is normal.
It's still on the air, not because normies think it's normal,but because it's a trainwreck and everyone slows down to watch trainwrecks and their aftermath.

I am Jazz is literally a modern day edition of a Circus Freakshow.

Anonymous 116037


looking at old photos of him is fucking heartbreaking. he is a victim of the grooming gay and lesbian kids face. oh, you like other boys? you must be a girl!

literally conversion therapy.

Anonymous 116041


> oh, you like other boys?
Lol, not even. They trooned him out because he was effeminate. We can never know for sure what Jazz’s sexuality would have been if he’d been allowed to develop, but I’m pretty sure the strongest romantic feelings he’s had were for a woman. She was a lesbian who friendzoned him.

Anonymous 116042

i was speaking more generally with young children who transition via their parents encouragement

Anonymous 116046


someone added to the lynchian copypasta

"This is yet another scene that one could classify as very archetypally lynchian.

We are presented with a fairly normal scene of a young girl at the doctor with her parents. One may conclude that this is a school checkup or some such thing. It is only when the dialog begins that the utter perversion of normalcy comes creeping down.

This doctor is advising the girl to masturbate her penis, not for the sake of pleasure but to stretch out the skin, all for the purpose of cutting it off and turning it into a cheap imitation of a vaginal canal. The mother looks on with enthusiasm, with understanding, with some twisted version of love and the glint in her eyes gives away her glee. Glee for she is finally getting a daughter 17 years after birthing her third son.

The hapless father shifts uncomfortable as he is presented with this conversation about his daughters need to masturbate, the need to tug a penis that will soon be inverted. All while the middling thought in the back of his head "how is this right" chips away at the last shred of his backbone, a constant reminder of how he can never stand up to his wife, how he cannot save his youngest son. This is the look of hope dying before our eyes"

Anonymous 116047

>Are the TLC producers delusional or aware of how this show proves us right?
Are you really this dense? They'll air anything as long as it gives them views. It doesn't matter if the audience actually agrees with what happens in the show or watches out of morbid curiosity.

Anonymous 116056


this is real

Anonymous 116058


In which they go mask off

Anonymous 116075

so many unintentional confessions here from moids about themselves, and how they think of women.

Anonymous 116082

Everything in that picture is wrong. Trannies are truly the con men of our society.

Anonymous 116083

Yeah that's what they think about us: we are overemotional beings whose bodies are one big erogenous zone and who face no hardship in life at all, because men give everything to us. Literally everything is the opposite way around. I hate men so fucking much.

Anonymous 116085

How can a person be comfortable with talking about such things with a child infront of his parents?

Anonymous 116086

It's scary when you realize that image is posted in children's spaces. The target audience is probably 12 to 15 years old. Troons grooming new troons to rape

Anonymous 116087

can't wait until jazz an heros and they make a documentary where everyone cries that they were completely shocked it happened and that the whole world thought they were doing the right thing by trooning him out

Anonymous 116089

Okay I doubt any children are seeing /r/transmaxxing propaganda. I've literally only seen that image on imageboards or reddit.

Anonymous 116093


why the fuck am I laughing so hard at these

Anonymous 116141

How many discords are you in? Take a evening to join some random ones you find posted on 4chan or Reddit and other places full of children and then set a timer until you see the first post about HRT. I doubt you will ever be able to get past 30 minutes

Anonymous 116144


i personally think that jarron (who after a lifetime of abuse and medical experimentaion now uses the assumed name 'jazz') would have been gay but now the only way to describe his sexuality is "completely messed up". he will likely never have an orgasm. you can't be sure about romantic parters on the show, they could be paid actors.

Anonymous 116167

They also make me LOL. The hanging trannyjak does it for me too. The faces are just so stupid and exaggerated.

Anonymous 116170

Was watching queen Exulansic and she made the excellent point that the clitoris was only very recently added to medical textbooks (probably still missing in some). That means a lot of doctors will not be fully familiar with the clitoris and so FtM surgeries are pretty much guaranteed to fail and be not much more than female genital mutilation. Truly horrifying.

Anonymous 116171

Basically no doctor is familiar with neogenitals except for the ones that performed the surgery. Especially since for each different kind of SRS, there are different methods.

Anonymous 116177

>likening her son not shoving some kind of metal thing between his legs to a fucking orgasm
help me please

Anonymous 116187

>full-body orgasms
what the fuck is that

Anonymous 116209

moids admitting they are a shitty gender without needing anyone else to- the jokes write themselves.

Anonymous 116214

I'll never understand why moids choose to be transbians instead of just making themselves into pretty men. Most women are heterosexual and would be more open to having a bishounen-type boyfriend than trying to LARP ""lesbianism"" with a tranny and his "female penis"/SRS literal wound.

Males really are autistic and fail to understand what women want.

Anonymous 116216

>and I can afford it
Lol this is the biggest roadblock of their delusion. Money, and thinking they will look exactly like the cartoons they jerk off to even with IRL surgeries.

Anonymous 116227

Those kinds of men don't care what women want, they're happy to pressure them into things while jerking off to themselves in girls' clothing.

Anonymous 116272


This is a company that sells period underwear. I'm gonna kms

Anonymous 116273

I wish people would just scream this from buildings everyday.

Anonymous 116278

This is ridiculous

Anonymous 116284

This is the most disgusting and retarded person I've ever seen. I hope the company loses customers

Anonymous 116290

Absolutely hilarious

Anonymous 116305

It’s like selling prostate toys with TIF model, but gay men wouldn’t accept it.

Anonymous 116371

the fuck is wrong with his hands, did he masturbate/dilate his srs axewound before the photoshoot?

Anonymous 116423

Screenshot 2021-12…

god bless jk rowling for sticking her neck out like this. unfortunately 99% of the replies are hating on her for it.

Anonymous 116443

if you made a thread with your list I would love that nona

Anonymous 116480


Anonymous 116485

Holy based is this real

Anonymous 116488

>let me shoot myself in the foot and then demand your sympathy

Anonymous 116496

just because someone can get publicity from something doesn't automatically negate it being authentic or (speaking of relatively) difficult in the current climate.

even for the standards of JK what she said was pretty hardboiled.

Anonymous 116506

this might sound wussy as fuck, but does anyone experience a lot of dread and doom about how prolific this troonism apologism is? like, as soon as someone is remotely into it there's a pretty good chance they'll think anyone that doesn't think the same way is a monster and refuse to associate with you. I know plenty of us here think troons are monsters…I don't really per se, but I think it's mostly an elaborate coping mechanism and reflection of peoples' obsession with our bodies and labels and is bad for society.

a lot of the podcasts I listen to basically have nothing to do with politics and more are about adventures or stories and it seems like half of them have in one way or another, signalled that they supported LGBT stuff…which isn't all a problem but signifies that they probably are firmly SJW and would support trannies. they would probably (just judging from their peers) be pressured into instantly conforming to whatever fad the leftist twitter mob is supporting, if they aren't like that already.

it sux that things have become so contrarian.

Anonymous 116515


>like, as soon as someone is remotely into it there's a pretty good chance they'll think anyone that doesn't think the same way is a monster and refuse to associate with you.
True, I've noticed this as well in this thread in the vice versa direction. "Being possessed by ideology" as it were.

>it sux that things have become so contrarian.

Contrarian isn't the right word, you're thinking of "divisive". To be contrarian on the trans issue would be things like pic related that just makes everyone mad.

Anonymous 116523

Do you wonder what trannies would do if they were raised in a hypothetical society with no mirrors, clothing, makeup, or haircuts? Would trannies or "gender dysphoria" even exist?

Anonymous 116526

Don't know how you'd have no mirrors as unlike anything else in your list reflections are found in nature.

They would still be present because anybody with two eyes can see their own genitalia and someone else's and drawn conclusions from there. Assuming it's primitive enough they just die most likely, if not, they get enabled by progressives. Simple as.

Anonymous 116549

If none of those things existed then I'm also assuming we're living in a mesolithic pre-civilizational society, in which case gender dysphoria would instead manifest as men castrating themselves to assist in communion with the Great Mother. Women wouldn't feel the need to transition as the family unit would still be woman and child, with men going off to do their own thing.

Anonymous 116550

What if they were raised in complete isolation and never saw another man or woman

Anonymous 116551

The most disturbing part is their delusions about what transition can actually do for them. Do they seriously think they will become super hot women through hormones and surgery? Instead they become disgusting eyesores, which I’d argue does hurt others because it hurts to look at and makes the world an uglier place.

Anonymous 116553

They are turbocoping repressed gay dudes. They don't actually like women, they only like an 'idea' of women (which is based entirely in sexist stereotpes and blatant moid wish fulfillment fantasies)

Anonymous 116559

Jesus, brutal

Anonymous 116565

yeah it's from like yesterday or something
if her work actually gained popularity from this then I'm glad! most people replying on twitter though are angry trannies

Anonymous 116566

Haven't watched the vid but a tranny doing a video essay on " good rep" fills me with so much annoyance

Anonymous 116575

Agreed. I also don't hate trans people, I don't even dislike them, but I hate how it often seems like we're not allowed to question anything anymore and the only socially acceptable reaction to any trans topic is 110% enthusiasm.

The worst example I can think of was when Chris-chan was arrested and the popular/most liked opinions on twitter were "she's obviously innocent!" or "don't misgender her just because she's a rapist!"

Anonymous 116576


I love her more every day.

Anonymous 116579

More proofs that pain is an essential element in the scrote sexuality.
Someone has to be humiliated (to play the role of a woman), even if that is themselves, because that’s pretty much what sex is to them.
To scrotes, it’s about power.
They don’t want equality and respect, because then, ”womanhood” would lose its appeal to them.

Anonymous 116591

i might hate watch this video but if any good point is made here it's a "stopped clock is right twice a say" type thing- i'm not a fan of this guy. i watched his video about comphet and the lesbian masterdoc from a bisexual perspectice and i agreed with some parts (notably that the doc has things that applies to bi and straight women too), but he had the gall to claim he was in a "same sex relationship" for dating a woman and brought up the lesbian domestic abuse myth as a point…

Anonymous 116601

Forced? It sounded to me like he wasn't putting in any effort at all.

Anonymous 116615

hi aristotle

Anonymous 116621

i feel the same, i don't hate them as a whole, there are individuals i like, i've had good friendships with some, i don't support transition or surgery by any means (i have health issues from basic medications so i see pharma as risky and harmful) care about what they do to themselves as long as other people aren't roped into it, but i hate how tolerating some of them isn't good enough. you can't call someone the name they want, you have to brainwash yourself to pretend they're the sex they want to be, too. especially if you knew them before transitioning, you have to pretend the person they were past - the person they technically still are - didn't exist.

i kind of see most transgenders the same i see most christians, i don't agree with their beliefs and some of it is regressive but i don't care if they keep it to themselves and don't "convert" people (which some do, but many in my experience don't), just because we have different worldviews doesn't make either of us bad and we could still talk about be friends about other things. but similar to fundies and TRAs, they want everyone to agree with them (and they hate women and gays to boot)

Anonymous 116625


There's so much hilariously unreal about this image but I would like to direct your attention to that necklace. Holy shit lol.

Anonymous 116627

I appreciate that she is slowly realizing just how fucked this clown world is.

Anonymous 116644

Same. I'm somewhat of a magnet for Tifs/ trans men and most were pretty sweet people and some I'm still close friends

Anonymous 116645

Any articles deconstructing the domestic rate myth? I seriously sus lesbians abusing as much as it was told on the simple fact lesbians are a minority within a minority and i don't think even if every lesbian was battered that the rates could overcome straight couples

Anonymous 116648

ayrt, i've had better experiences with female-born trans people than male ones and there was a point in my life half of my friends were that, on the flipside, my first encounter with a TIM peak transed me. the only male-born trans people i'm fine with are either at a distance/on thin ice (not unlike the men i've been friends with), or the minority who acknowledge they're still men

Anonymous 116649

Being a woman really changes shit huh? Don't doubt for a second if anons had shit experiences from trans men/ tifs though, a lot seem attention whore-ish or just plain toxic/ annoying to be around (though may still pail in comparison to trans women/ TIMs)

Anonymous 116657

i've had at least one friendship with a female trans person that ended badly, but it wasn't nearly as bad as a TIM i had a falling out with. the female used to be cool and reasonable, a truscum type (who i don't agree with anymore but i used to), but then went peak liberal and cried over TERFs and whatnot despite having views that would've been considered that in the past.

the TIM, i initially liked because he was funny and creative, but after "coming out" he became more of a perverted weirdo who wallowed in misery. that experience sort of gave me perspective on how the gender identity thing "traps" vulnerable people, since while he was no angel, i sympathized with him because he was gay and had an abusive/poor upbringing, and fell into various addictions (porn, drugs, etc.). it's like being a "woman" was an escape for those things (it wasn't)

i'll try to dig it up, i know it's cringe but it was a tumblr blogger who dissected the statistics and explained what it meant, but people misread that it was about lesbians being abused in general, not abusing each other.

Anonymous 116663

Anonymous 116664

Ahh makes sense

Anonymous 116805


the star of david is not a coincidence, is it.

Anonymous 116824


Anonymous 116833

Yeah he knew, knew you were delusional.

Anonymous 116842

based, honestly. i both love and hate how men are allowed to get away with calling things by how they are.

Anonymous 116868

I have to go back to not watching Jeopardy again on Monday. That damn tranny better lose before he steals a record.

Anonymous 116871


stolen from /tv/

Anonymous 116874

I can tolerate 41% memes but making fun of Jazz crosses the line
Poor Jazz :-(

Anonymous 116902


Anonymous 116912


I'm on my period and, while it fucking hurts, it makes me realize that trannies will never experience the exact same pain I'm going through or, even better, pregnancy
their literally shit-made neovagina fails even at being a vagina lmao

Anonymous 116919

jennings is almost like a modern day david reimer except he never got a chance to even attempt to "go back"…

Anonymous 116921

But even people like Jazz and his weird friend Noelle, the pitiful trannies, still advocate for things that hurt women like men in women’s restrooms and women’s sports.

Anonymous 116922

i can disagree with his lifestyle/politics while also finding it immoral that his parents basically castrated him as a child

Anonymous 116935

Very based. I'm glad there is at least one person out there willing to speak the truth.

Anonymous 116937


Anonymous 116941

>girls envy you
Lol the cope. Also love how this implies that TiMs aren’t girls.

Anonymous 116942

some links.png

Think fast, I'm throwing you my mental illness hot potato

Anonymous 116943


Anonymous 116944




Anonymous 116945


Anonymous 116976

>furries —- silicon valley

Anonymous 116981

This is probably optimistic but this is likely a larp since "jokes"/fetish stories like this are common on /tttt/

Anonymous 116982

Furries have incredibly amounts of fuck you money and an abnormally large percentage of them are engineers or software devs. This is an open secret about furries.

Anonymous 116984

damn i was gonna go to uni to be an engineer, thanks for changing my mind

Anonymous 116990

Same, I'm gonna major in being a furry.

Anonymous 117000

its not about what women want. Is what they actually want from a girl, but they turn themself into that girl so they can always have it and "control" a female body.

Anonymous 117004

sucks being a medfag these days. they recently made us all attend a tranny acceptance conference and the entire class and faculty (the vast majority of which are women) are into it and intensely pushing the concept that gender and sex are completely different entities

Anonymous 117005

Horrifying that a political ideology is being pushed as fact, when it is one of the most anti-scientific ideologies out there.

Anonymous 117016

it's because it's profitable. if you tell people with body image issues that was induced from trauma, porn indulgence, or escapism, or all of the above, that they can be the person they want to be if they get a million surgeries and take hormones, that creates demand for those things

there's also a big element of escapism and hiding behind idealized cartoon personas with furries, similar to trannies who have "gender envy" or "transition goals" (although there's only one furry i know of who actually got surgery to look like an animal and he did it for spiritual hippie reasons)

Anonymous 117036

Anonymous 117037

>they recently made us all attend a tranny acceptance conference and the entire class and faculty (the vast majority of which are women) are into it

Mean girls never change

Anonymous 117072


Anonymous 117075


You have to take a break from the internet. Most normal people, apolitical or otherwise outside of California and other states do not support troonism and would strongly be against it if someone were to show them the facts and how horrific they really are, just physically and in general. Twitter is not real life.

Anonymous 117076

>pathetic midget faggot
yep that's a male insult

Anonymous 117079

I've read this before/knew what was coming but it's just so satisfying every time

Anonymous 117080

This part of the trans community is so fucked up. Like at least be honest with literal CHILDREN about what they're getting into instead of feeding into this fantasy that you can be any gender you want.

Anonymous 117081

Not only that but a lot of support from liberals is virtue-signaling. I have a troon family member and despite being respectful/tolerant of it my mom slips up and uses birth names lmao

Anonymous 117082

>something interesting is that, after going off HRT, he told me that he realized how much easier it was to control his negative emotions (particularly anger) while on HRT
Really? I thought it was quite opposite. I feel definitely less unhinged when I come off the birth control. But there are other hormones in birth control so it might be something else.

Anonymous 117083

The fact that you're not a moid trying to play the "me turning into girl, girl no violent uwu" part might have something to do with it.

Anonymous 117084

ffs results.jpg

Troons obsess over height not just because they're insecure but they're under the ridiculous delusion that HRT and FFS will feminize their huge male skeletons to turn them into porn stars. It's quite funny how they seethe so hard because a woman is average height.

Anonymous 117087

He should be grateful to have been liked by a bi guy, since bi people are the most likely to accept trannies as sexual partners and not care about their genitals or how well they pass. How fucking entitled can these people be? They wanna date exclusively straight men, who will understandably be turned off by their partner having a penis and masculine features? If they don't belong to the top 0.1% of trannies who are indistinguishable from women at first glance, they can forget about it.

Anonymous 117088


Anonymous 117089

>not using her own menstrual blood to simulate surgical bleeding
lmao at the screen and keyboard

Anonymous 117090

These comics are funny, but I always feel like it only builds up half a joke. I don't know what it's missing, but it definitely could be better.

Anonymous 117091

I know this is a joke but wouldn't it make more sense for her to get a fake penis surgey and then make a neovagina out of that? Since she's F-to-TIM lol

Anonymous 117092

It's funny since these incels will claim straight and gay people won't fuck them because of societal brainwashing, but then they're literally prejudiced to bisexual people because of social stereotypes (ex. the TIM calling this man gay when he's not)…

Anonymous 117096

Saw that all the time on /tttt/. They only want pure 100% goldstar lesbians to fuck them. As a goldstar lesbian, I really peaked when I saw the way trannes treat bisexual cis women.

Anonymous 117099

You would think that they would rather make themselves believe that bisexuals are more into them because they like both women and dicks, not only because they like men.

Anonymous 117101

There's an unspoken rule for troons that if they have sex with anything that is not a self-proclaimed heterosexual male or homosexual female, they're being fetishized. They aren't satisfied with having found love in the first place, the person has to be attracted to them "for the right reasons".

Anonymous 117104


>There's an unspoken rule for troons that if they have sex with anything that is not a self-proclaimed heterosexual male or homosexual female, they're being fetishized.
lmao! As if troons didn't already do that to themselves.
(Pic related, I cropped it because I didn't feel like censoring all the pedo shit in the full pic)

Anonymous 117107

Thanks anon, out of curiosity I ended up searching up the pic related and went down a rabbit hole I wish I'd died from. Seriously, a team of people spent 100+ hours editing together rules for a "sissy life" game show challenge and it's disgusting.

Anonymous 117108


Anonymous 117114

My hate for these leeches grows daily. I have lost all empathy regarding them and at this point idgaf about anything that happens to them.

Anonymous 117127


Anyone else here who watches Exulansic on Youtube think she's gone off course? I think she is spending way too much time armchair diagnosing troons (Jazz Jennings, in particular) and I fear she is harming the terf brand with her latest escapades. I've kinda gotten tired of watching her stuff which is a shame, because I think she started out as an incredible voice discussing the complications and medical malpractice within the troon world.

I think she is going to end up turning people away and failing to peak people if she keeps sperging about Jazz Jennings' every breath. I agree that Jazz's case is well documented and a good reference to use when talking about the toll of transing kids, but I think Exulansic is just obsessed with the kid. I think she's kinda lost the plot- I wish there were more good, coherent terf youtubers out there. The pickings are slim- same thing happened with that other woman people were posting here a while back- the younger one who sews clothing? She kind of derailed- it's like terfs who go public get brainrot from the rush of hate messages/feeling like a hero. I agree that more people need to speak up but I am not happy with the current public representation.

Anonymous 117128

I enjoy her videos but I agree. The heavy handed religious metaphors and the hour long video for every Jazz episode this season is definitely a bit much and she's just preaching to the choir at this point. Also lol she jumped up 1k subs after a kiwi posted about her.

Anonymous 117140

This is true, but also, isn't she a linguist? I think she is just has a tendency to overanalyze and is probably very high IQ, also probably on the spectrum.

Anonymous 117154

jazz jennings is 21 so not really a kid anymore, i did skim this channel and the hour long episodes about the show about him are a bit odd, i know jazz is very visible as a "transkid" but there are more out there who i think should have coverage too, like that "kai" boy on netflix (i'm personally very disturbed by his parents)

Anonymous 117188

Jesus fucking Christ Chris-chan…

Anonymous 117198

Gone but not forgotten, rip

Anonymous 117202


Yeah we know lol. You're not actually a woman, you're a cyborg priest of technocracy, we get it. We already figured you out, a lot of us are just not telling you to your face we have. Women tend to be subtle and polite like that.

Anonymous 117208

>cyborg priest of technocracy
Thank you, this was the first thing I laughed at today. So true.

Anonymous 117219

at least he'll off himself eventually

Anonymous 117229

So womanhood belongs to them in the same way Palestine belongs to Israel?

Anonymous 117232

he talks big now but wait until a normie cashier calls him sir

Anonymous 117233

0.3% of the population which is viewed as irredeemable freaks by 90% of the human population believes they will overshadow half of the human population despite being considered so low as to not even live in their shadow let alone be a potential romantic partner for the vast majority of men

Anonymous 117254

Oof, ouch, calm down sir.

Anonymous 117275

4chan allows racism and misogyny, but will delete anything deemed transphobic, even outside of /tttt/. I just saw it happen in real time.

Anonymous 117281

Tranny Jannies are very real.

Anonymous 117284

It's very jarring to see in motion.
How long has it been like that? I've always remembered 4chan having a lot of "lol rape isn't real" "gas the jews" "ngger ngger n*gger" shit, but suddenly you can't mildly insult trannies without being insta-banned? They're so fucking narcissistic.

Anonymous 117285

where was this? i always manage to be transphobic on 4chan without any problems.

Anonymous 117294


/tttt/ is somehow worse than /pol/
Makes you think

Anonymous 117295

incel to troon pipeline in action

Anonymous 117296

They literally recruit themselves from the worst of /pol/ and /r9k/. They are even more spineless because they troon out to get their awful opinions and evilness protected. Imagine chemically castrating yourself so you get a free pass for shitting on women and minorities.

Anonymous 117305

This is clear projection. Calling women "manchildren" kek. That's a term I've never seen used for women before, I wonder why?
>the most logical conclusion to being a female is to either kill themselves or transition
This is literally how troons convince themselves to transition. I've seen posts so many times where a useless scrote gives himself the ultimatum to poison his body with HRT or kill himself. Also the male use of the word "logic" to explain something that isn't empirical at all and is just conjecture based on retarded opinions they summon from their own weird moid hierarchy system.
>improve themselves in any meaningful way
>such as building muscle
Funny a troon sees meaningful self-improvement as just physical prowess when all of these pathetic trannies are inceloids who cry about being physically weak. If it's so much easier for a man to be muscular and strong, which it is, why don't these trannies just get gains and not be suicidal losers? It's all projection because moids are incapable of inner thoughts and most moids are NPC's, especially trannies. The only way they can process their own life experiences is by pinning it on other people. Pathetic.

Anonymous 117309

Those two boards have always been close to one another, anon.
All I can see in that screencap is cope, cope and more cope. Holy kek.

Anonymous 117312

>the most logical conclusion to being a female is to either kill themselves or transition
mfw for them it's not even an either/or choice

Anonymous 117313


Biowomen can't compete (this is a joke post please don't ban me again)

Anonymous 117323


Only triggering part of the meme

Anonymous 117326

It boggles the mind how correct Solanas was about the male.

Anonymous 117331

Im ready to tell them to their face. Im tired of men taking womanhood from me. I would smile and be nice, but I want to tell them they are not the same as me and to stop appropriating my sex.
The trouble is, they are still men, still aggressive, still have big muscles that could knock my teeth out, and they are just waiting to fight women and completely take over from us.

Anonymous 117334

Screenshot 2021-12…

anyone else browse egg_irl almost every day because of how absolutely batshit insane it is? just me? I know it's not healthy but that subreddit converted me from a contrapoints-loving supporter of trans rights to half a TERF.
I really ought to take a break from the internet.

Anonymous 117335

>Every moid within 100 meters will zergrush to murder him.
I don't think this is true, unfortunately.

Anonymous 117337

Men only defend women when:
>they find the woman attractive
>the woman in question is attacked by another man
>he wants to prove himself in front of the girl being assaulted
It's why nobody cares when the weird horse girl who smells weird gets beaten up and pushed into mud by more popular girls, but every single football player within a 30 mile radius zergrushes that one angry guy who dared to hit gigastacy.
If you are ugly and fat and you decide to verbally attack a tranny taking over female spaces and the tranny literally beats the shit out of you and assaults you, nobody will move a finger to defend you.
They will take videos of you and then post those videos on reddit and twitter, and at the end you will only get even more harassment from them talking about how you are a disgusting and repulsive Karen/TERF and how dare you attack this poor transwoman.

Anonymous 117339

Yes chivalry is for hot women only. Even usually only for women who are both attractive and modest looking.

Anonymous 117340

Interesting how so many “eggs” started “hatching” when women started calling out leftist men who fetishize lesbians

Anonymous 117341

That's the way of other women, not just men. Try being the ugly tomboy and getting the pretty cheerleader at her weekend job to serve you with the same enthusiasm with which she'd serve a 6' fat wallet of a man.

Anonymous 117342

This. Moids only treat women like human beings, when they have something to gain from doing so.
When that is not the case, his act drops very quickly, decency be damned.

Anonymous 117344

It’s probably an extreme manifestation of ”not-like-other-scrotes” mixed with narcissism. They see themselves as above ordinary dudebros, and try to rationalize their invasive fetishism. They conveniently use the current political climate, shielding themselves from accusations, by appropriating womanhood. Because they couldn’t ever admit to being the bad guy.

Anonymous 117345

The terminology is so fucking awful too

Anonymous 117348

>seeing cartoon girls kiss and love each other makes my pp hard
>this means I'm actually a lesbian trapped in a male body
fuck this retard shit. Same applies to TIFs and their yaoi-induced transitions btw.

Anonymous 117353

Several examples of this come to mind. That woman in the Wi Spa in the US, with that bearded moid rushing to defend muh dicklady, and a video of a girl being physically assaulted by a troon in a school in Brazil while a crowd watches.

Anonymous 117371

>that browridge
>that nose
>that jaw
There are women who have these features, but very rarely do they have them all at the same time. He didn't pass for me.

Anonymous 117372

nayrt but the first time I saw this I was confused, zoomed out I think he does just look like a more angular, andro high fashion model. but when you look a bit closer and look from the bust up…yeah, it's subtle but you can see the man-ness in the width of the face.

Anonymous 117382

He's always looked like a very very pretty dude to me. Troons/men always seem to think attractive = female, it's very strange
(He should play Link or Griffith btw)

Anonymous 117384


You don't want to fuck me?


You want to fuck me?


Anonymous 117386


I truly believe that an incredible ammount of Aidens have been birthed from the "cis women aren't allowed to like yaoi" discourse. Sexual arousal is a hell of a drug.

Anonymous 117395

For anons too lazy to read (like me) the book from Abigail Shrier, here is a good comentary chapter by chapter.
The personality of the girls discussed by the author is kinda similar to the vibe I get from this site. Maybe I'd bee a TiF if I was born a zoomer.
It is very intresting altough it tells nothing about TiMs.

Anonymous 117396

>It is very intresting altough it tells nothing about TiMs
Because she’d get tons hate mail and/or stalked.
That’s the only reason she has stayed safe.
TiFs probably know better than to resort to violence for the slightest reason, due to lack of innate moid nonsense.
And besides, TiMs hating TiFs is common and sometimes even encouraged, in ”woke” circles.
Wonder if it’s jealousy or fuck-you-got-mine.

Anonymous 117397

She didn't write about TiMs because she was focused on the explosive epidemic of teen girls identifying as TiFs, there is no TiM equivalent so she didn't look into it.

t. Watched the author in interviews

Anonymous 117403


Just came here to say I have an extreme distaste for trannies. That is all ladies, carry on.

Anonymous 117417

Anonymous 117424

Anonymous 117431

Undoubtedly. I've seen this play out over and over again with themlets on twitter. Girls who don't want to be accused of ~*fetishizing mlm*~ or being nasty fujos who ship the wrong ship for the wrong reasons so they troon out rather than just accepting that they're girls who like seeing boys kiss.

Anonymous 117450

There is a smaller population of teenage boys becoming TIMs, but since the numbers have flipped in the last decade to there mostly girls wanting to transition there's more attention on why that's happen. A lot of teenage TIMs from what i heard in a podcast are usually gay boys being bullied, autistic and latching onto social trends, or early-onsent porn consumers.

Anonymous 117471

my brother randomly brought up TIMs and started defending them today, he was saying that it's ok if a TIM rapes a woman because it helps with his gender dysphoria and that it's women's responsibility to accommodate male predators in their spaces as long as said males identify as female
he was literally defending them in many examples I had given of rapist and pedo TIMs and excusing it because he said it's their gender dysphoria and it's not their fault
it's just so vile the things he was saying and the sad thing is many other TRAs probably have similar views to his which I'm thinking that's where he picked them up from in the first place

Anonymous 117472

lmao what? gender dysphoria isn't like psychosis, it doesn't make you do uncontrollable things, rape is always a choice. your brother sounds like a rape apologist in the making if he isn't one already

Anonymous 117500


>The personality of the girls discussed by the author is kinda similar to the vibe I get from this site. Maybe I'd bee a TiF if I was born a zoomer.

I think this is why we get so very angry and protective about it, because we can relate to the girls and potentially could have been sucked into this shit, if the circumstances of our lives had been slightly difference.

Anonymous 117501

What the fuck? Is your brother retarded? How would forcibly sticking their girl-cock in someone "help" with their gender dysphoria?

Anonymous 117502

ur bro is gonna transition. has your underwear gone missing

Anonymous 117505

It always begins with apologetics. You should calmly and collectedly, with great stoic restraint, tell him how crazy he sounds next time he brings it up. Then, don’t engage with any crazy bullshit. It’s perfectly alright to cease a conversation if you don’t believe the other person is making arguments in good faith, and its impossible to argue that rape is justified and even expected for trannies, and that women should accommodate him.

My personal opinion is that he’s some sort of tranny apologist mixed with a but of incel, because most tranny apologists I know don’t think tranny rape is okay and draw the line there (but still refer to tranny rapists by their preferred pronouns)

Anonymous 117512

w h a t
I've read a lot of shit but this one makes me genuinely scared to live. On top of it not making any fucking sense.

Anonymous 117521

I think he already is one unfortunately
idk but according to him the reason they rape people is because of their gender dysphoria and therefor raping women helps ease their dysphoria
incel to troon pipeline has claimed another victim
luckily I don't live with him and only see him on the holidays so all my underwear is still in my possession
he's definitely an incel and very disrespectful to woman so he will be among his kind with other TRAs
if he brings this topic up again I will just tune him out until he changes the subject
same I don't want to be in the same room as him ever anymore after he was spouting that awful nonsense

Anonymous 117524

the craziest part of me believes that the mother is also trans

Anonymous 117526

>The world around us is ugly, anon. People are also ugly.
>At least I'm not so brainwashed that I think doll faced teens are the only beautiful thing there is.
Not the banned pickme. This seems self-contradicting. Are those "other things" beautiful or ugly?

Anonymous 117527

Its Owen Wilson

Anonymous 117528


Your brother is a troon, i mean "egg" about to "hatch" (rape someone). Please distance yourself from him.

Anonymous 117533

It’s hypocritical that gay male subreddits are allowed to be openly hostile against TiFs in all kinds of ways, yet every single lesbian who politely states her genital preference gets banned.

Anonymous 117537

I’m done with “men” and “women”. I don’t believe in either anymore. The words have been rendered useless and I’m tired of all the stupid new definitions. I’m done with arguments about what a woman is. I only believe in “male” and “female” now. Only biological sex. Y chromosome or nah?

Anonymous 117539

yeah I only see him for the holidays and no contact with him otherwise
I hope any women that are ever involved with him are able to spot the red flags and avoid him before he does anything

Anonymous 117541

There are only two sexes, human and rapist

Anonymous 117542

Maybe this is on topic here. I used to always called women “females.” I guess I just grew up with that being normal, but I used to get shamed by other women online for it, with them saying it’s dehumanizing and only incels say that. So I stopped. But now, with all this trannyism coming to the forefront of culture, I’m going back to using it. There is nothing to be ashamed about being female, and it’s a small way to push back against the gender BS.

Anonymous 117575

kinda hilarious that my entire lived experience supposedly equals to some neckbeard’s autistic hobby.
used to be pissed off about it, being trivialized like that, but then, i realized that the society is fucked and always has been.
this is just one manifestation of it.
we will always be walked over as long as we’re females, that is, forever.
if males truly did internalize it, and not just idealize it or sexualize the pain, they’d run like hell from everything to do with it.
therefore, there’s no point in trying to explain it to the male overlords who strictly control the public discourse, because they won’t ever truly understand what the misfortune of being born as a female does to a person.
no use in casting pearls before swine, and stuff.
so, i just quietly watch the society crumble on its own hubris, and laugh.

Anonymous 117613


Troons and the mentally ill are often the only folks without enough of a life to slowly consume these moderation roles. They have more free time to wait our normal folks, they are more responsive, they can play the long game. Its why almost all online spaces are administered by the mentally ill. And once they are in power they control the narrative.
I have to say the CC mods seem to be some of the only sane administrators of any online space Im familiar with. Certainly not perfect but I dont think thats possible to moderate perfectly, but theyre at least not batshit insane like this batshit insane reddit powermod.

Anonymous 117614

My full page screenshot couldnt even load all the communities this person moderates. Imagine how insane you need to be to do that.

Anonymous 117615


Anonymous 117616

>Trannyness is the same as cancer

Anonymous 117617


Is there any way to get rid of them? Does spamming things like pic related even keep them away?

Anonymous 117621



Very rarely does it work. Normally it appears to make them band together and make shit even more annoying. Doesn't mean we should stop tho. Maybe if enough of us fight back?

Anonymous 117625

That’s creepy as hell. You can basically smell the basement he dwells in.

Anonymous 117629


In order to get rid of them, there has to be a rock solid mod team. No trannies (of course), no nbs, no handmaidens, no moids, no one who sides with them.

Then institute some rules that mostly troons will break and kick them out as they break them.

And the mod team has to be strong because if you do kick them all out, they will run everywhere crying transphobia. So you could end up with a decent size internet pileon on your hands and if the mods are bunch of cowards who cave, no point in doing anything in the first place.

It's probably easier to start new a place and not allow them in from jump.

Anonymous 117633


doctor on the newest season of "i am jazz" preforms gender confirmation surgeries on middleschoolers, like this one:

Anonymous 117640


Anonymous 117644


I can't believe is spent 7 years on that site

Anonymous 117647

laugh at them. laughter is kryptonite against men. don't take them seriously.

Anonymous 117648

to them, ridicule is worse than death.

Anonymous 117652

this shit is so wild to me. if a female middleschooler said she had body dysmorphia and would be much happier with her self image if she got a boob job and a BBL, everyone would be like "fuck no", how is this okay?

Anonymous 117653

also inb4 "because trannies will commit suicide", you could make the same argument for girls with body image issues and eating disorders. IIRC ~25% of people with eating disorders are at risk of a suicide attempt, and suicide is a leading cause of death amongst anorexics and bulimics. everyone I know with deep issues with body dysmorphia has struggled with depression and suicidal ideation. why are these assholes special?

Anonymous 117661

Complete and total failure on the parents.
What will be sad is in the coming years when these choices are removed from the family. The child will be groomed online/at school, and parents who refuse to have their children butchered will be deemed unfit and have all their children removed from them.

Anonymous 117666



Anonymous 117671

My guess is that the difference between girls who need surgeries to make themselves look prettier and the ones who need them to "transition" is:
-The one to feel pretty is seen as a luxury and something only the wealthy can have.
-The one to "transition" is to make the person "their true self".
Still, they both have in common that they're bad and unndeeded, sometimes entirely unethical, with the chances of the person regreting them in the future being pretty high.
Also in almost all of the cases with both of them the person needs mental and psychological help.

Anonymous 117713

what? 4chan is always tranny this, dilate that, YWNBAW etc etc. nobody deletes these posts.

Anonymous 117719

We don't even fight female circumcision in underdeveloped countries anymore. We have handed over our womanhood, we have given up on the right to be female.

Anonymous 117736

4chan users are anti-tranny, 4chan mods are pro tranny on some boards and will punish anti-troon users.

Anonymous 117740

Why are so many trannies mods/admins/jannies on the internet?

Anonymous 117742

But I dont understand, you're still developing at 13. This is so insane

Anonymous 117745

Thank you for the insight, I hope either of these will work.

Anonymous 117746

Maybe they have no real jobs and are terminally online so they are more likely to be able to devote the time to it.

Anonymous 117747

This. You only win by not playing their game.

Anonymous 117748

What >>117613 said essentially.
A blend of free time, mental illness, obsessive behaviour etc.

Anonymous 117749

Some moderators and janitors on 4chan are troons, they delete as much as they can but since users outnumber them by 1000 to 1 they can not filter out all the tranny hate.

Anonymous 117770

The mentally ill flock to communicate online because they cannot communicate in real life as successfully

Anonymous 117807

Because it’s easier to hide behind the screen. Nobody can’t see how unhygienic and creepy they actually are.

Anonymous 117825

wonder if the reason zoomer girls identify as ’queer’ despite being clearly lesbian is, because they’re afraid to say they don’t like penises?

Anonymous 117833


They'll be called bigots and TERFS because how fucking dare they have a preference for vagoo. So they have to be stealthbians. (Stealth lesbians)

Anonymous 117840

exactly, they’d get burnt at the stake if they mentioned exclusive attraction to real women and non-passing tifs, and they’re young and scared as hell, so i think they just play it safe by going by ’queer’.

Anonymous 117848

incels should be forced onto HRT maybe they'd chill the frig out

Anonymous 117849

do you think testosterone makes a woman more male-like? is roid rage not a thing?

Anonymous 117864

that does seem like a case sometimes, especially when they’ve only ever dated men.

Anonymous 117869

is there a legal definition of child porn that does not include the selfie on that reddit account?

Anonymous 117909


This shit pisses me off. Like fuck off.

Anonymous 117913

Where I live (Eastern Europe), there are no trannies. At least not within vicinity of me. Would anyone be willing to share their experience(s) with tranny coworkers/classmates/relatives/acquaintances where there's a higher number of them? What would make one loathe them?

Anonymous 117920

Canadafag here.

It's extremely popular here for anyone who's involved in "nerd culture" to get sucked into gender rhetoric. For the past decade, I mostly met them (mtf, ftm, and non-binary) at anime conventions, and it's very normalised in fandom circles. Lots of spicy straights, aka male/female couples where one or both of them identifies as nonbinary.

Lately, it's been seeping out of nerd spaces into normie spaces, like retail workers wearing pins with their pronouns, picture books for children with trans characters in elementary schools, and even a local member of parliament who is they/them.

Honestly, the trans people I meet are all totally fine, just kind of nerdy and socially awkward. If they're spicy straights, then they're usually looking for attention or to piss off a parent. It's not so much the individuals that are annoying, as the cultural changes that they're ushering in.

Anonymous 117931

What is this crap?

Anonymous 117932

another leaf here
One of my cousins is doing one of those weird half assed troon outs where she says she's a boy, but only half (or only sometimes??), so she wants to be called a boy and got a masculine haircut but dresses in revealing feminine clothing and wears crazy makeup anyway. Normally I'm not critical of girls being more tomboyish but she does this weird mishmash that's really uncanny, I don't even know how to describe it.
I've never liked her because she's always been disgustingly normie (major conformist who jumps on every trend just because everyone else does it) and just annoying and vapid. Just a loud person who can't shut up about stupid shit, trannie rights is just her latest obsession (most of her previous ones have been celebs).
My uncle agrees with me that it seems like she's just trying to fit in, since they live in a big city and lgbt is extremely popular there. She's bitter at her dad because he's conservative and thinks her they/them friends are being silly. I do think a lot of girls who go down this path are just trying to be rebellious/edgy or trying to fit into a bad environment. It's really bad for teenagers, in fact I was nearly sucked into the trannypill myself and probably would've been if I hadn't met dissenters who helped me realize I don't have to listen to the people who harassed me over wanting to wear more masculine clothes and stuff like that.
aside from that there's just lgbt stuff generally shilled everywhere, like you'll go to the bank and see "TD bank supports pride month" on a sign or in high school your teacher will force you to write an essay about that sort of thing or you get asked your pronouns on a form instead of your sex or even gender. I really don't like it, actually I like girls myself so part of it is just how frustrating it is that I'm aggressively represented as this obnoxious creature who allies with trannies. I just wanna live my life man.

Anonymous 117944

At least this kind of half assed troon out doesn't lead to hrt or chopping off tits. Worst case scenario she will have some embarrassing memories in the future.

Anonymous 117950

Trannies all seem to be into “bimbofication”. So many of them have posts where they talk about their estrogen shots being their “dumb girl juice” and how much they feel like a stupid bimbo after taking it. It doesn’t bother me when normal incels say women are stupid because it comes from a place of anger and I don’t think they really believe it deep down. I think they are just trying to lash out and hurt women. But this doesn’t come from a place of anger, it comes from their degenerate coomer mind, so I think they truly believe women are stupid, and that offends me.

Anonymous 117996


I see this one come up on my feed when I scroll through tiktok…he does these live streams where he dances and they’re hilariously bizarre, especially the giant DV figure that makes it through the green screen. However…

Anonymous 117997


The true cringe and creepiness is the rest of his profile. He uses the effects/filters on the app to superimpose his ugly man face on the bodies of real, actually attractive women. Skinwalker vibes.

Anonymous 118012

I've worked at Walgreens (its a pharmacy + convenience store) with a mtf trans for all of 2021. They're pretty normal honestly. Obviously too tall / broad to look like a female but nice skin, no facial hair, and generally look ok. They have a pretty convincing voice too, but deeper / husky. Moid sense of humor, kind of awkward but generally nice. I guess I got lucky, never met any other trans person. Southern united states for context.

Anonymous 118021

He has such a stereotypical “creep” face too. He looks like the creepy gas station cashier who hits on you.

Anonymous 118022


the state of dating apps. lol

Anonymous 118023


>Happy Birthday Mom post
>On what is clearly a fetish account
We need to bring back the concept of shame.

Anonymous 118026

In restrospect I should not have asked for clarifications, this is both infuriating and disgusting. Thanks for explaining it though.

Anonymous 118030

Bimbofication is just gender play in that it’s the gendered equivalent of race play. In the same way that neuroses about race manifest in race play, neuroses about gender play out in bimbofication

Anonymous 118031

not sure if top middle pic is supposed to be on a woman, looks like George Michael

Anonymous 118033

Ah yes, the council of destroying online lesbian community.

Anonymous 118034

Should I find this frightening or hilarious? Part of me says the former, part the latter.

Anonymous 118035



Anonymous 118037

If nothing else it's a nice little peephole into the delusions and fantasies trannys have to maintain to fuel the lie they live. It's very easy to imagine many people of both sexes have similar feelings from time to time however most people realize it's just a "grass is always greener" kind of deal and move on.

Anonymous 118039

Seeing those fucking scars on TIFs makes me want to puke and cry. It physically hurts just thinking about them, it makes me so sick.

Anonymous 118041

It makes me angry too. They think women/femininity = stupidity.

Anonymous 118042

I just don’t get it and I never will. I will never understand this desire or obsession to be the opposite sex. It’s like if my passing wish to be a bird so I could fly took over my whole life. I can see why envy is one of the seven deadly sins.

Anonymous 118049

Seeing all the "oof" replies on an artist famous for drawing "Stop, Hibari-kun!" about a crossdresser that mogs jealous teenage girls is hilarious tbh. This man didn't even want to be a woman, he wanted to be a pretty young girl and desired by others.

Anonymous 118050

my 12 y/o brother is making attack helicopter jokes. i don't want him to fall into the right-wing anti sjw rabbithole but i also don't want him to support all this gender shit. what should i do?

Anonymous 118051

They all do. They don’t just want to be normal women, they want to be hot girls. You know who else wants to be young and attractive? Pretty much every actual woman. The difference is most of us accept reality, grow up, and move on. We don’t devote our whole lives to obsessing over it, demand everyone else call us hot, and kill ourselves because we can’t cope.

Anonymous 118052

He sounds fine. Be a good role model and example to him. I hope your parents monitor his internet use though.

Anonymous 118054

Every boy goes through a right wing phase

Anonymous 118060

D/A but same here. Most of the time the scars end up so rough-looking I wonder if their primary function is as sandpaper.
Only exception I see is cancer patients, theirs got done well somehow. Well, minus the horrifying condition and having to cut off the breasts in the first place, of course.
Anyways my point is, that can’t be comfortable, especially in the long run with ghost pains and all, and it certainly makes them recognizable as TIFs a mile away.
Might as well carry a neon sign. Guess it’s unnoticeable with a shirt on, but as ”””moids””” they’re expected to take it off in certain situations. So they can’t hide it forever.

Anonymous 122428

I don't understand what the problem is. You're fighting against a ghost. Trannies don't think they things you think they do and they are not all the same.

Dated someone just as they started going through transitioning. There's been studies on this. Its nothing like you think. I mean really, what was so special about pronouns anyway? They don't get offended like you think and I don't know, but I genuinely think they have no control now. They know it doesn't make sense.

Granted, you could be right. I dunno. But there's no way I could convince this person otherwise. They wanted to be a woman and be treated like a woman, so I did that.

They go through a lot of bullshit in their heads and in society. I don't know why people don't see that. There isn't some magical cult of transitioning; its literally part of that culture to not push someone or tell them what you think they are. They just tell each other their own experiences.

One argument I've heard is that their brain kind of "maps out" the body, and they get exposed to female hobbies and interests in certain ways, preferring those things and those looks and seeing themselves that way. Some people end up gay, bi, or having transgender feelings.

But maybe I'm wrong. I don't know. Anyway, its stupid to give a fuck about it.

Anonymous 122431

Oh wait this is TERF general. Disregard this I guess LOL. Keep shouting at clouds

Anonymous 124976


Anonymous 125025

the only mtf tranny who worked with me was normal enough from my interactions. maybe they were toning down the creepy sex pervert stuff for work, i dunno. they used the men's room tho which is kinda weird because they were wearing feminine garb every day

Anonymous 125168

i want to die.png

the thing i hate most about them is their narcissism. this same shit happens with each one, just look at philosophy tube's rant about how cis white women are soooo bad the second he trooned out

Anonymous 125169

honestly the difference between irl trans and online ones is so huge. my theory is though that most of those online trans just spend minimal time and public and therefore don't know how to act like a normal person anymore. trans who actually breathe fresh air and socialize once in a while are more adjusted to society and can at least make a good effort to appear normal.

Anonymous 125170

minimal time *in public

Anonymous 125171

Tf? He ranted about that?

Anonymous 125189


Talking about this book. I remember seeing this pic being posted to /tttt/

Anonymous 125201

I think I would have been a TIF is they didn't collectively pass so badly. Look at those hips.

Anonymous 125465



Anonymous 125469

I'm writing here as a last-ditch effort to receive help. This feels like one of the safest places I can go without being driven to choose a path relying on ideology. Some days are joyful for me, while others are upsetting. I have glimmers of hope, such as when Texas made it so that putting children on hormones or having them through sex change surgery is considered child medical abuse because these treatments are not medically necessary, or when I feel helpless, such as when Canada banned conversion therapy, which means gender dysphoric people cannot get therapy without being pushed into making a medical transition even if it's not the best choice for them. I'm ashamed of who I was in the past, and looking back, I was so certain about of myself when I believed I was a transguy. When I was older, I dreamt about having a double mastectomy, metoidioplasty (or phalloplasty), and hysterectomy. I can't express how grateful I am that I didn't go through medical transition under the clearly erroneous belief that it would end my suffering.  Some people who go through medical transition report experiencing depression, and the suicide rate among those who have gone through medical transition is still high. Gender dysphoria is a mental illness that affects people. When you can't deal with reality, no amount of surgery or hormones will help you. People with gender dysphoria require care that does not push an ideology and teaches them to accept the body in which they were born. Medical transition may benefit a small handful of people, but it should not be given to the vast majority of people who face gender dysphoria. John Money, a sexual predator, promoted the idea of gender identity, and it's disturbing to think his views on gender are now mainstream. Gender is a social construct. Gender is fluid in the sense that some people do not fit into social roles.  We are either male or female.  Each of us has our own preferences, experiences, and worldview. I have a front-row seat to this insanity as a nineteen-year-old high school student. A local newspaper congratulated some of my former classmates for coming out, and my town's pride committee even paid for a teen girl's double mastectomy. It's upsetting to see familiar faces go through the medical transition.The growing number of middle and high school students who identify as trans or non-binary is troubling. I believe this is due to social contagion.  Before these ideas became mainstream, many children were not suffering in silence . The topic of gender identity did not cross the minds of teens back then, with the exception of a few with medically diagnosed gender dysphoria. We understood that a guy who dressed up as a woman was a feminine man, and that a female who liked boyish things was a tomboy. I'm feeling helpless and overwhelmed. Gender ideology is something I can't seem to get away from. I feel lonely because I am unable to freely express my views about gender and transgenderism. Because my opinions are so-called harmful and anti-science, I am live with the repercussions of speaking honestly about how I feel. Despite the biological fact that males and women are physically and mentally different, gender is a man-made idea and sex cannot be changed.

Anonymous 125471

your ideas and thoughts are based and pretty much align with what anons are thinking but please, read the faq and learn to integrate. for example, don't put your real email in the email field, leave it empty

Anonymous 125479

I honestly do not care about TiFs and their obsession with gay men. Women pose no physical threat to men, and gay men can figure out their own problems. Women need to completely disregard men, it's time to stop pouring energy into them when there are so many problem we need to fix.

Anonymous 125480

I can relate; it's interesting to me how people don't admit that it's often about metamorphosis. When someone is extremely unhappy with themselves…obviously they can latch onto anything that seemingly entails a massive transformation of themselves.
It's like, to them, finding themselves in the easiest, most basic and pre-packaged way possible, then envisioning most struggles they go through to relate to it.

Anonymous 125482


I bet I would have transed if I would have been born later. A friendless austic tomboy who lives in a household where love and approval are only given to males? I would have been a goner for sure. My friend did, and now her entire nervous system is shot and she has to use a cane at only 30 after only five years on T.

Anonymous 125484

I think there was a time where it was inappropriate to call women and girls females, so those women were calling out misogyny, but with the theft of the word women, it is now appropriate to call men and women males and females.

Anonymous 125485

Wait a minute, you said the exact same thing last thread. I remember because I told you not to be mean. Why would a bot/shill infiltrate a TERF thread in female only image board? What is your end goal?

Anonymous 125496

Would there have really been much difference though?? People.. most of society would just start treating you even worse for trooning out. I don't see how it's really your gender, probably more your personality, that makes it seem that way in your household.

Anonymous 125950

It might do you good to hang out with other detrans people. There are a lot of detrans channels on youtube, like GNC Centric , and the subreddit r/detrans and the website detransvoices.org has a lot of resources for detransitioners.

Anonymous 125952

r/detrans is not a place for people who disagree with the trans narrative to express themselves. Lots of people on that sub are trans or support trans rights. Some instances of people having their posts removed for posting about how inescapable gender ideology is and being "transphobic".

Anonymous 125969

>What will be sad is in the coming years when these choices are removed from the family. The child will be groomed online/at school, and parents who refuse to have their children butchered will be deemed unfit and have all their children removed from them.
Already happening anon. Some Canuck got jail time for not facilitating his sons transition.

Anonymous 126594


Make a place that pretends to support troons on the outside, when a troon signs in proudly displaying their fetish, make it so that their messages are invisible to everyone else without informing them. They will inevitably get bored due to the lack of attention and move on to something else

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