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Terf General #14 Anonymous 114365

Other thread at post limit.

It's telling that all "female" spaces on Reddit are moderated by troons.

Anonymous 114370


I discovered a channel called Spokane Sissy. It's mostly videos of the sad man himself, but his most popular are videos of fictional incest/sissy stories, some of them involving forcing male to female transition on boys. Trully disturbing.

Anonymous 114378

A few months ago I saw a MtF being lauded as "the first female to win [some award idr]"
Anyone seen stuff like this in fields you're into? It really didn't sit right with me that this guy was being celebrated above other men for his delusion, and I just thought that when a real woman wins that award she won't be considered first anymore

Anonymous 114386

There was a meme Trump would identify as a woman before leaving just to be the first woman president, and really he should have done it so the bullshit could be called out for what it was.

Anonymous 114402

Yup. I work in video games. You can guess the punchlines from there.

Anonymous 114408

This video came up on my rec feed the other day and I am so happy that "transbian" bullshit is being called out by more and more people.

Anonymous 114436

a part of me is annoyed that this is on a conservative channel, but at the same time i'm desperate for anyone to call this shit out. i hate how things flipped to that most of the liberals are homophobic, meanwhile "new wave" moderate conservative types are more libertarian and don't care

Anonymous 114449


I really hated being a woman, but seeing trannies seethe like this has made me really content. Here's to being the fair sex, we won the lottery girls.

Anonymous 114471


Anonymous 114472


Anonymous 114473


Anonymous 114475

This disgustes me more than pictures of their botched surgeries do.

Anonymous 114480

I hate witchesvspatriarchy. Should be called "Well trained women sit up and beg for scrotes attention to show how much of cool girls they are while deleting actual women's posts that fight the patriarchy."

Anonymous 114481

i unironically can't wait until the first modern uterus transplant is done on a TIM and he ends up dying in the process, then we'll finally realize that it's a stupid and biologically impossible idea

Anonymous 114482

I am starting to really appreciate those ancient Greek tales about hubris and man challenging nature and being horribly punished for it.

Anonymous 114490


I think the best way to handle this is to go full-bore pretending the topic itself is fake.

"nobody is saying that lesbians should date male bodies, anyone saying that is a transphobic troll!"

Accuse anyone who argues the other way of trying to stir up anti-trans sentiment.

Reject the normalization at every opportunity.

Anonymous 114500

Disgusting isn't it? How trannys fetishize that kind of thing.

Anonymous 114503


They don't know how much effort they must have to keep their uterus healthy. They have to be of healthy weight (well this might be a problem since 40% of them are quite over the healthy weight), they must have a good diet (this will be a problem for 50% of them), they need to have low stress levels, they need good hygine (wich will be a problem for a lot of them, considering that if they cut off their male genitals they'll have a gaping hole that will cause them a lot of problems) and so many more things.

I love being a woman and most of the things that come with being one, but if I was a man honestly I would not bother how it feels having a period or give birth.

Anonymous 114504

The mom looks like Owen Wilson decided to troon out.

Anonymous 114505

They don't care. They just want a newborn baby to molest. They care nothing about their own wellbeing or the wellbeing of the child. Trans folk are all sexual predators and the idea of making babies to molest is akin to transmuting lead to gold

Anonymous 114513


Anonymous 114523

Ah, the classic feminine struggle of ceasing to be a woman in the absence of an observer.
The Schrödinger-woman.

Anonymous 114524

It's not like I active;y "feel" like a woman, even if I am. There's no thought cycling in my mind going "woman", "woman", "woman".
I just am. I don't "identify" as being a woman, and couldn't identify as a man even if I tried, because I've never been one. When I'm alone I'm just me.
I know I belong to the female sex, but this fact, is, like, never constantly on my mind, only when it's strictly relevant.

I think trannies' condition has nothing to do with sex or gender, it's more like body-dissociation or body-image shit, like their entire self-concept relying on an outside observer, and this concept for them is like a paperdoll they show off to other people, and live through.

Anonymous 114538

no, i'm aware that TIMs who want to get pregnant have misogynist and arguably pedophilic intent, my point is that a male body can't accomodate a female organ, so any man will likely die from it. it's not about the child they want to have to simulate their fetish, a lot of liberal allies who don't know what autogynephilia is are also supportive in the concept of transplants because they think it's nice and affirming. if the allies see it isn't possible either, they'll realize how delusional the whole gender identity thing is

Anonymous 114565

Where can I find archives of /qa/ raiding /lgbt/(4chan)? I just want to read about the time they tasted their own medicine.

Anonymous 114566


Anonymous 114567


Anonymous 114568


Anonymous 114569

I really do hate to say it, but soyspamming moids are literally the only people other than terfs who actually stand up to troons. To answer your question, umm well as you know /qa/ is basically deleted, but they migrated to another website. Hopefully I don’t get in trouble for mentioning it but you can read about it on a website called soyjak.party. The stuff about the raid on /lgbt/ should be on one of the threads on the raid section, if you can’t find it look up “operation soyclipse” in their search bar.

Anonymous 114570

Oddly enough, that does seem to be the case. And thanks!

Anonymous 114571

not quite, there's a decent amount of right-leaning critics of gender identity (a video from a conservative youtube channel dunking on "transbians" was shared here a day ago), i also noticed that the anti-SJW, r/tumblrinaction, and kiwifarms sides say most of the same thing TERFs do about trans issues (the main difference is they dislike "feminazis" too). it sucks how despite being a leftist movement, TERFs mostly have allies on the other side of the politics spectrum

Anonymous 114574

Horse dhoe theory proven true. Radical right and left extremists hate the rational centrist troons.

Anonymous 114579

Anonymous 114587

> https://boards.4channel.org/lgbt/thread/23284013#p23306932
Another day, another powertrip. Half the thread’s got nuked, and the tra mod just had to gloat about it. This is ’just a tuesday’ in almost every lesbian space online.

Anonymous 114590

>the fact that they have to specify that it’s a cis lesbian general
What a shithole. Lesbians really can’t have any space without men.

Anonymous 114591

Heard that it used to be just /lesgen/, but then, it just kept getting derailed by tra discussion lmao.
Tbh I hate 4chan (not only because of the scrotes policing us), but as Lchat is unusable p.i.t.a, it’s the only place I can discuss with like-minded lesbians.

Anonymous 114594


Anonymous 114595


holy shit did a tranny legitimately 41% irl just because of a stupid imageboard raid?

Anonymous 114596

do you have the link to this page?
or even the website its from

Anonymous 114605

No, he got baned by crazy jannies who were just deleting everything and banning everyone. they now even ban people for saying soyjaks are funny.

Anonymous 114606

are you retarded

Anonymous 114607

calm down bpd-chan

Anonymous 114609

Anonymous 114620

nightmare fuel.

Anonymous 114624

i wouldn't call TRAs "rational" or "centrist" honestly, they're extreme in their own way with how they deny reality and are anti-free speech

Anonymous 114625

I swear they actually kill themselves for attention. The mother will be happier without him.

Anonymous 114627

I would respond the troon that just posted but I don't want to violate rule 7.

Anonymous 114629

Anonymous 114630

JFL at all those salty moids in that thread.

Anonymous 114634

Anonymous 114635

Why repost?

Anonymous 114636

Anonymous 114640

jfc they are so pathetic. but i wish /lgbt/ became more known to the mainstream, it would peak an enormous amount of people. maybe we can do some shill work for newspapers.

Anonymous 114641


Anonymous 114642

A moid noticed us, I hope he gets triggered by the pinkpill thread.

Anonymous 114643


Anonymous 114644


Anonymous 114645

He'll show us his superiority by posting gore and cp, as they do.

Anonymous 114646

Screenshot (88).pn…

Anonymous 114647


i don't think he even knows the thread was posted here because nobody was complaining about being BTFO lol
it was probably just a leap of assumption

Anonymous 114649

I figured it was cope for knowing a bunch of women are laughing at him. Even now he keeps referencing the pinkpill thread.

Anonymous 114650

That's it. The part about the supposed complaining about BTFOing is just the usual male headcanon.

Anonymous 114652

is that the one that was crying about how I was saying most men should die because I said most men aren't attractive (in the way they're not immediately fuckable)?

Anonymous 114653

Every time that happens, it means scrotes are speaking in the only language that scrotes understand, which is rape and violence.

Anonymous 114655

So let me get this straight, a moid arrived in a thread that asked afabs about their experiences, just to parrot some incel memes, and started to argue with afabs over their accuracy?
Look, anon, it’s pretty telling that this moid hasn’t personally accomplished much of significance in his life. Similar to how white supremacists always brag about muh ancestors.

Anonymous 114681

i love those two autists in the front seat.

Anonymous 114684

Why is this post on every thread? literally everyone have seen this

Anonymous 114719

Can someone decipher this?

Its a man who is in a relationship with a woman, right? And the testosterones the woman is taking is making her butt bigger? So he's getting turned on by her big butt?

Anonymous 114720

Same. Glad they're having fun

Anonymous 114721

T makes the clit evolve into a psuedo penis. I'm not lying.

Anonymous 114727


Anonymous 114754


Anonymous 114755


Anonymous 114765


Anonymous 114769

>drink more blood
He’s probably talking about the used tampons he takes from the women’s restroom and sucks on

Anonymous 114770


Anonymous 114775


Anonymous 114779

What's the deal with troons and black lipstick? There's a troon I know personally who always uses it too. I nearly never see it on actual women

Anonymous 114780

the flimsy cover that will be destroyed with time fails to fully conceal the cold hard enduring truth set in stone

Anonymous 114781

Bottom left image looks like an old man who has lost his teeth

Anonymous 114787

new season starts this week. can't wait.

Anonymous 114791

He still has that male hairline lol

Anonymous 114800

"big tiddy goth gf" larp

Anonymous 114816

Sometimes I feel bad because I'm not sure if I'm laughing at a person with an actual syndrome or not.

Anonymous 114817

freaking kek

Anonymous 114824

Anonymous 114847

this post appears to be from a queer bi woman in an online (i'm assuming it's online since it only talks about texting) relationship with a TIF, and she is getting turned on by how the TIF's clit is getting bigger from taking testosterone

Anonymous 114850

How do you know?

Anonymous 114870

NTA but the overwhelming majority at least literally state so in their comments or have the transbian flare. I wouldn't doubt that if you go in the post history for anyone that seems a bit ambiguous you would find the same thing.

Anonymous 114964

Maybe because goth is less gender restrictive, men can wear makeup/tights/skirts/long hair so it might be easier to express yourself when you're transitioning.
As for black lipstick, I do wear some and I saw a few women wear them in the wild, mostly goth.

Anonymous 114966

where is it from? also how is it?

Anonymous 115008


Anonymous 115009

() waist and neck instead of )(

Anonymous 115010


Anonymous 115011


"i am jazz". its pretty horrific. they chemically castrate a child before puberty then surgically castrate him at 17 just to be sure.

Anonymous 115034

But the child looked at a Barbie once so he was totally a woman. That is the definition of womanhood. Looking at Barbies and liking pink

Anonymous 115035

In 4 years they will make it illegal to not let your child be educated by this beautiful woman.

Anonymous 115065

Oh no, they'll never make it illegal, the psychotic left are all too aware of the "when you make X illegal you make Y inevitable" gambit, they'll just continue to employ their campaign of destroying the lives of all who stand in their way by bulling and harassing peoples employers, family, customers and friends until they submit thing.

Anonymous 115078

how is that head so small compared to the rest? I'm having questions

Anonymous 115097


Anonymous 115121

anyone have good talking point debunks? specifically things that center around race, and why black women shouldn't be a trannies first argument in favor of their own womanhood

Anonymous 115122

Anything that doesn't immediately out you as a TERF? lol no

Anonymous 115123


A good one is to simply ask them what a woman is. TRAs can never give a non-circular or offensively stereotypical answer.
You can also ask the question “what do trans women and ‘cis’ women have in common that specifically makes them women?” I can’t think of any race-related ones.

Anonymous 115126

Calling them racist for immediately giving black women as an example of unconventional femininity usually works. It is stooping to their level of woke conversation-enders but they don't deserve better.

Anonymous 115130



Anonymous 115176

While I agree with the majority of terf ideologies and theories I wouldn’t exactly call myself a terf, because I’m not sure I’d call myself a radical feminist either. However the thing is, most people would be labelled terfs if you asked them if men could feel like or become a woman and they deserve to share our spaces, because the word has basically been weaponised and used for virtually anyone who has slight criticism with the tranny cult. So I’m starting to think the word doesn’t have much meaning anymore. As long as a person doesn’t agree with the transgender ideology, no matter if they’re a radfem or not, they’ll be labelled a terf. Do you guys think maybe there should be a new term used?

Anonymous 115177

There is no "terf" ideology, it is only a term trans rights activists use to shut up anyone who disagrees with anything they say. Women using it is an act of "reclaiming" of sorts. Radical feminists share some core ideas with each other, but "terf", like you said, is just any woman they find uncomfortable and want to shut up. So welcome to the terf club anon.

Anonymous 115202

Don't argue with i…

>I wouldn’t exactly call myself a terf, because I’m not sure I’d call myself a radical feminist either.
>call myself a radical
Shhhhhhhh, don't call TERFs radicals, the thread exploded last time someone pointed out they were by definition radicals.

Anonymous 115204



Anonymous 115205

Radical in context just means the root. Islam radicals just follow the qu’ran literally (and all the awful stuff they do is in the qu’ran).

Radical feminism is just going to the root, eg not wishy washy libfem but seeing men for the awful things they are.

Anonymous 115206

See? I warned you about calling them radicals sis! I warned you about the radicas siss!

Anonymous 115208

i've had sex with a tranny before (i'm sorry) and this is cap

Anonymous 115211

When women hate other women, they become pickmes, but when transwomen hate women, they act like moids who hate us. Interesting coincidence huh

Anonymous 115212

What's funny is these moids think "pussy smell" = fishy. So they are going around with their genital infections thinking they're being girlified.

Anonymous 115213


>i've had sex with a tranny before
Girl what

Anonymous 115214

Moids are famous for not washing their nether regions in the shower.
Can’t imagine they’d suddenly learn to do that after surgery.
So they just walk around with a piece of rotting tissue, and eagerly huffing this taint.
It’s also pretty misogynistic of them to assume that women would normally stink like that.

Anonymous 115217

true. based and pinkpilled.

Anonymous 115218

I mean, it spirals all the way to MGTOW talking points about replacing/devaluing us (implying it’s a bad thing lol, no one needs creepy simps) and incel violence/rape fantasies. They can’t stop thinking about us and fetishizing us, and it shows.

Anonymous 115219


it was when i was afraid of men but not into the idea of scissoring
he passed as a cute girl and didn't have a broken dick
he was a rare breed of troon where he wasn't delusional about being a real girl, used male pronouns, agrees with TERF ideology, and hated most other troons
he just liked being cute femboy and eventually detransitioned to become a normal femboy

Anonymous 115231

I honestly don't think those are so bad… I wouldn't count that as troon, since the delusion part is missing, just a feminine guy. Don't agree with HRT but my gripe with troons is really just the belief that they're on par with women so I don't care that much if a man wants to fuck with his hormones.
of course there do exist some nasty femboys, I won't deny that, but I just mean that as a concept I don't feel threatened by them the same way as I do for troons who demand to be lumped in with real women

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