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Anonymous 114851

if you had a friend, what would be a fun day with them? ill start!

>go to a place that serves really nice waffles. we can share two flavors and make sugar packet villages as we wait for our food.

>go to some cute oddity shops in a city, walk around, look through windows and find cute things.
>go to the zoo and complete all of the little scavenger hunts (and visit all of the exhibits)
>head back home and work on music together, sew, put together really precious outfits!!!

Anonymous 114856

>get dressed up in outfits that make us feel good.
>do eachother's hair and makeup
>go window shopping or walk around downtown
>eat somewhere
>go home and work on personal projects or just browse the net/watch TV together
>make dinner and eat with a few drinks
>just have fun talking

Anonymous 114860

>see a movie
>go to either's place and maybe play vidya or watch TV until we fall asleep
>wake up and have breakfast
>peace out for a month until we hang out again

god please I want a hermit/semi-hermit friend so bad

Anonymous 114867

>Cook together
>Play overwatch
>Insult moids
>Listen to music and drink
>Watch movies
>Hike multiple times a week and forage mushrooms
>Go to nice restaurants
>Make a fanzine about a topic that we both like
>Do exercise together and see who lifts more
>Laugh at COVID sheeps
>Share low calorie recipes and encourage each other to have a good diet

I want a friend so bad.

Anonymous 114902

those really sound like dates nona..

Anonymous 114962

I don't seek other people for fun, I can say if I had a friend I would want their help animating all day. Maybe shooting the shit while doing so.

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