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Anonymous 114871

I love boomers.
What do you love about your family/ancestors?

Anonymous 114873

I don't know any besides my mom, well enough to form an opinion on them.

Anonymous 114874

As for my dad, he's a deadbeat and does not communicate properly with any of his daughters. Screw him.

Anonymous 114903

On my dad's side is a centuries long commitment to soldiering and civil works. Every single male from that side of the family has been either a soldier or some kind of civil servant, depending on if it's a time of peace or war. I recall my dad laying out that of all European military engagements of the past 300 years, his patrilineal line fought in nearly all of them. In peacetime, they've been builders, scientists, managers ect. all working various government departments. I'd say what I love about them is that they've never fallen for ultra-patriotic war-worship or parasitic corporatism.

Unfortunately the only matrilineal line I know of was kept track of because they were Nazi-level monsters who raised their daughters to serve the worst possible cause with the most populous support. I actually have a family tree drawn up from them and it starts with the wife of a colonial governor who managed their estate and starved over 300 kids and adolescents to death so the indigenous population would die out in the area. The last monster it produced was the wife of the leader of the last fascist movement in the country.

Anonymous 114905

>there's no reason to be homeless, anyone can get a job in a day if they wanted
>you haven't gotten a job a month after graduating? you're not trying hard enough
also mum
>haven't had a job since my 20s because [lame excuses]

Anonymous 114981

My parents are both very smart people. I always knew other kids didn't have it as good as I did, but all of the horror stories about QAnon parents and the like that have come out with covid make me extra thankful my parents are who they are. Getting to know them as people has been nice.

While I don't want a man exactly like my dad, from my earliest memories he has demonstrated what a good man actually is and I incidentally see a lot of these qualities in my boyfriend.

My mom one of the funniest people I've ever met and she doesn't roll over for anything. I feel like it's extremely important for young girls to observe women in their lives not being doormats. STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS absolutely do not cut it.

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