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Anonymous 114990

Describe your fantasy world and yourself in that world.

Anonymous 115181

I'm already living in it.

Otherwise, I like to imagine myself as some sort of demonic entity that playfully torments normies, on the "wagie farm" dimension. The goal is to reap their spiritual energy by tormenting them. As such, I can either shapeshift and appear either as a normie to them, or an animal, or an invisible essence, or show them my true form to spook them out. I would obviously do it in moments where they are intoxicated or in bed, so that hey would think it was "just a nightmare".
I will post drawings of what I'm describing soon. They will look like an old school videogame (think sims 1). This is because normies aren't aware of the simulation that is the wagie farm plan, only demonic entities are. The sim look-a-like format is especially pertinent because it implies that you are the omniscient player and the controlled character at the same time. It's a good metaphor of what a demonic entity could be : the emanation of a greater, shapeless, indeterminate malicious spirtual force (the player), that manifest itself into an entity (the character).

My character / demonic entity would be some kind of vampiric werecat. A lot of entities would be similar to what we know as vampires. Other common entities in this world would be mischievous house gnomes, computer viruses, and possessed objects. Think about your shelf of cluttered sanrio kawaii shit suddently getting alive and fucking with you.

It can sound insane but this is my way to cope with wagie life. In this strange fantasy I am the indefinite entity, the demons and the normies at the same time. It's a fun reflection of my life in a twisted, fantasmogoric way.

Anonymous 115320

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