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School is shit. Working is worse. Anonymous 115081

I am a terrible student, don't have too much internship experience, and am lazy as fuck. What kinds of jobs exist for people like me?

I just want to exist remotely and get a paycheck. Any type of work seems to stress me out to the point of breakdown. I hate this entire system tbh. Everything about work sucks.

Maybe I'm just making this post because finals are approaching and I am stressed. But still - I can't see myself doing this shit for the next 30 years. This cycle of meeting deadlines on projects I don't really give a shit about just so I can be allowed to exist on this planet. It sucks.

Anonymous 115082


same. don't give up hope op, i'm sure things will work out for us.

Anonymous 115085

The thing to realise anon that qualifications and internships are just a way to get a companies to notice you. Once you have some work history, no1curr anymore.

What are your passions? What are you good at? What can you do that most others can't? I don't mean work related stuff, just anything. Even things you think have no value can be transferable skills.

Anonymous 115093


>I just want to exist remotely and get a paycheck.
Your best bets are learning a programming language or getting really good at drawing pornographic anthro art. Maybe combine those skills and get into 3D modeling. Pic related has only gotten more lucrative.

Anonymous 115094

Try to get a job as a sysadmin.
My brother is a sysadmin and he spends all day in the office basement playing video games with the other nerds, and only gets up when there's an actual problem lol.

Anonymous 115096

is it really that lucrative or is it a meme?

Anonymous 115099

fetish money.jpeg

It requires some level of commitment to building your brand on top of learning how to draw, but furries are extremely liberal with their money if they like your product and will shill on your behalf in their furry social circles. I mention 3D modeling because VR is getting pretty big and furries are there in great number too.

Anonymous 115103

i feel like this will be me in college. i dont even like school or working

Anonymous 115105

idk, sometimes I have entertained it, VR modeling if done right seems like something that can easily be lucrative and also at least a bit fun. wonder if it's still relatively early to get into.

Anonymous 115111

Back in 2017/8, I knew of people who were making above minimum wage just doing kitbashes (frankensteining parts of different models together to make a "new" model) for other people too lazy to learn to do it themselves. It reminds me a lot of early web design in this way.

There are better tutorials now so that level of easy money is hard to come by, but people who can model from scratch and be commissioned are still pretty scarce despite the high demand. Even if you don't do VR, the skill also lends itself to vtuber/live2d bullshit (which doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon).

Anonymous 115170


because I am autistic and unattractive

Anonymous 115174

>being financially dependant on a moid
>midlife crisis
>could divorce you for a younger woman at any moment

I think it's better to work part time tbh. This way you aren't fucked if yourmoid scrotes out.

Anonymous 115178

Convincing yourself that it's all in your hands doesn't change the fact that the moid has all the power in that situation. Being a housewife with no credentials, no real work experience and no alternative income for yourself is a very risky gamble.

Anonymous 115179

Take the freeloading pill, my friend. It'll do you wonders.

Anonymous 115189


Anonymous 115237

Blue collar job

Anonymous 115249

God you are pathetic lol

Anonymous 115250

art pays shit, don't lie to the poor girl lmao

Anonymous 115251

How the fuck are any of you still alive

Anonymous 115276


i know how you feel , youre not pathetic. have you considered something with ur hands. a trade? ie, welding, plumping, etc?

Anonymous 115281

nta, I considered something like this like building or restoring furniture or something. I have a ton of power tools left by my dad. Just hard to imagine the market isn't already saturated.

Anonymous 115310

>Your best bets are learning a programming language
pay for programming has a ceiling if you don't have a degree, but still good pay nonetheless
people who have done coding bootcamps can make 80k
but if OP switches to compsci (esp if OP is a woman bc tech companies are trying to hire more women), and do an internship or 2, they could easily make 6 figures within 2 years of graduating university

Anonymous 115311

i made a friend from here who made 11k this month from selling paintings of cats
art does pay if you can market yourself

you can do it, I've been browsing FB marketplace for furniture a lot lately and see karens on FB marketplace selling restored furniture for so much money, like if it's midcentury you can guarantee she's making bank
the market is not oversaturated. there's tons of demand for restored vintage furniture rn because it's high quality and people are tired of buying shitty furniture made from pressed woodchips that were sold for an insane upmark
start going to salvation armies, good will, or even estate sales and look for solid wood furniture
there's tons of tutorials on youtube on restoring furniture, i recommend this one: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDVK2t-ttSjXHnGejDvVm1g

Anonymous 115316


why use an offensive term for women in this context though?

Anonymous 115319

sorry, I didn't mean it as an insult
I just meant it as a shorthand for "upper middle class white woman in her 40s or 50s"

Anonymous 115386

i'm not the person you replied to, but i'm a housewife and i'm doing fine, my moid takes good care of me. it is a gamble, lots of shit men out there, but if you play your cards right even if he divorces you can still neet forever. i don't recommend this lifestyle to most people, just because the average moid is actual garbage. i love my hubby though, very happy with the life i choose. stay safe gals.

Anonymous 115429

yeah but you're delusional if you think thats the norm, you have to have a solid back up plan. a side job. to assume you can do art without a side-job is beyond naive, its downright idiotic

Anonymous 115462

i don't think it's the norm
most artists i know have a "real job" and do art on the side until their art can pay the bills
but that's not unique to art, that's how all passion pursuits are

Anonymous 115732

>But still - I can't see myself doing this shit for the next 30 years. This cycle of meeting deadlines on projects I don't really give a shit about just so I can be allowed to exist on this planet.

Same. I can't wait to get fired from my job, losing my depressing comfort, and getting adrenaline rushes to learn how to sort things out.

Anonymous 116838

I try to apply for disability for my mental illnesses. Otherwise welfare ig
It isn't that easy to kill yourself and it requires alot of courage

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