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Black knight fool Anonymous 115409

Who here remembers notorious MRA troll black knight fool and his shenanigans?

Anonymous 115410

Quick rundown?

Anonymous 115420


He was basically this MRA that would leave schizoposts/conspiracy theories about lesbians trying to prey on straight women and trying destroy the nuclear family and commit genocide against men

Anonymous 115421


More pics to give you an idea of what this person is like.

Anonymous 115427

why are moids only capable of projection? this is what MTFs and lesbian fetishist moids do.

Anonymous 115483

This guy's wife or gf left him for a lesbian and now he's big mad about it.

Anonymous 115501

No I don't, but that woman has such a pleasant voice.

Anonymous 115599

Yes she's a newer radfem who black knight fool thinks is a lesbian despite her having a husband.

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