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Discover Japan! Anonymous 116045

It’s written in the original unedited texts on Tokugawa and other shoguns that they were female, not male. It’s speculated that over half of the samurai in Japan were female.

Japanese have a powerful gene that makes them have many more females born per every male. Many shogunates are said to of been entirely female.

Japanese history is said to be astonishingly perfect quality beyond the phenomenon of genders being changed to male. Some say it’s to hide that the super power gene makes Japanese predisposed to be the largest population on earth.

During sengoku jidai, the birthrate was 20+ women born to every male. Females had a female soul but their soul was the same as men beyond the energy. Men were often used as sex slaves, prostitutes, breeding cattle, etc. Females would even roam around in armies in search of any male of any kind. Females often would do cosmetic surgery to men to make them androgynous toys with skills that are equal to our highest modern quality. Women had huge rivalries and wars among each other as well.

Imagine every samurai in that picture as female.
Some at the brink with reality seemingly caving in on them. In the miasma, the need to find a lover and someone to trust can be so deafening to ones other attributes. God as a woman in that time would have been something so astonishing and beautiful. To have the desires of both man and woman but a female soul.

What is written is perfect but we know there’s infinite more to learn and discover. Japanese history is constantly growing and more is always being discovered.

Infinite stories.

Anonymous 116071


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