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Men are allowed ro masturbate, but women are prohibited to menstruate. Anonymous 116088

A booth called ''GuyFi'' was set to allow men to watch porn and masturbate in peace, inside of it, while the booth is constructed on the street.
But an add promoting period underwear was banned for showing a fruit and saying that a period is shed uterine lining.
So men can do perverted things that are not biological needs they can't stop inside a booth, but it's forbidden for women to advertise a product for something organic and normal? Only because some men found it gross? This is trully a clown world.

(Sorry if such posts aren't allowed, don't ban me I've read the rules)

Anonymous 116091

The Guyfi thing, while disgusting, was a publicity stunt and the period ad wasn't banned. Your post is a bit misleading anon.

Anonymous 120178

though a publicity stunt it's still moronic tbh

Anonymous 120195

Bruh how’d he get away with that

Anonymous 120206

Outrage porn makes you sound sus i already heard this somewhere else here

Anonymous 120259

You type like a 4chan moid refugee.

Anonymous 120265

that’s because he is. not like the mods seem to care tho.

Anonymous 120268

Yeah exactly

Anonymous 120270

Mods care just wait. They are quicker to delete threads b/c they’re more glaring and obvious

Anonymous 122088

There's actually a trap door that activates when the junk comes out and it functions much like a pervert roach motel.

Anonymous 122153

so calling out bullshit is a moid thing now?
That's what I would call internalized misogyny

Anonymous 122810

ear rape bass boost

Anonymous 122817

what the hell is this schizo shit? I don't even understand and i don't even want to understand. this whole post reads like actual mental illness

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