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Is Santa real? Anonymous 116173

I was watching an episode of Everybody Hates Chris, where the little girl ends up finding presents in the closet of her parents.
She ends up confronting her parents, and asked them if santa was real. I dont remember how the episode ended, but it did get me thinking a lot about Christmas

I asked my mom, and she said that he was real, and when I googled it, it also said Santa was real.
I decided to try the same trick, to look and see if I could find any presents in the closet, but there was nothing there.
So I'm left here kind of confused, and don't really get where some things from this are coming from, any other of you had similar experiences?

Anonymous 116176

he is real ! :)

Anonymous 116178

maybe the kid in the show was naughty and the parents were over indulgent so they bought her presents and said they weee from santa.

Anonymous 116181


100% real, there are even government agencies that track the location of his sleigh on Christmas Eve.

Anonymous 116188

Come on, this site is 18+.
I recognized my moms handwriting on the presents at like 7 though, I never really believed in Santa.

Anonymous 116262

yeah he is my dad

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