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Anonymous 116372

i hate the internet and agree with kaczynski.

Anonymous 116375


Anonymous 116376

Then why are you posting here

Anonymous 116394

just go out, like touch some grass, sis

Anonymous 116417

Screenshot 2021-09…

I get his point, but humans have suffered and will continue to suffer as long as we exist. When we were hunter-gatherers, we lived in fear that we would get mauled by other carnivores or that we would run out of sustenance and starve. Then there were wars, serfdom and gruelling physical labour, disease, etc. Of course the industrial revolution brought about its own set of problems, but it's also solved plenty of other ones. It's more accurate to say that things are simply different, not worse. So what if everything is a surrogate activity? People in the past would kill to get what we have nowadays.

Although, I liked the part where he just rambled on forever about leftist psychology. It was exceedingly pointless but amusing.

P.S. Just turn the wifi off dumbass

Anonymous 116483

Agreed, I considered myself an anprim long before it was trendy and meme’d. Fuck technology and the modern world

Anonymous 116484


>Agreed, I considered myself an anprim long before it was trendy and meme’d.
Guess you were primitive before it got old.

Anonymous 116487


Anonymous 116504


Technology is kinda cool tho not gonna lie imagine all the possible futures

Anonymous 119269

Thats stupid.

Anonymous 119271

technology and internet were cool when its development wasn't slowered down because of capitalism

Anonymous 119279

Reminder that he was a murderer. And even if he wasn’t, he blamed women for everything.

Anonymous 119371

Not OP but, I have never read his manifesto so I didn't know he blamed women specifically. I thought he blamed civilization or something like that?

Anonymous 119545

He didn't blame women don't believe the retard. He was however an incel who almost toon out.

Anonymous 120208

From the "notes" section:
>Feminists are desperately anxious to
prove that women are as strong as capable as
men. Clearly they are nagged by a fear that
women may NOT be as strong and as capable
as men.

>Many leftists have an intense

identification with the problems of groups
that have an image of being weak (women),
defeated (American Indians), repellent
(homosexuals), or otherwise inferior. The
leftists themselves feel that these groups are
inferior. They would never admit it to
themselves that they have such feelings, but
it is precisely because they do see these
groups as inferior that they identify with their
problems. (We do not suggest that women,
Indians, etc., ARE inferior; we are only
making a point about leftist psychology).

Also, for reference, the word "women" appears only 10 times in the entire manifesto.

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