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Asian Husbands: the battle Anonymous 11662


(I don't even know these guys lol you can bring more azn idols if you want to)


Anonymous 11663


Lmao ily

Still the cutest. Would suck on his tongue/10

Anonymous 11664

From the /feels/ thread. I don't know either of them either but I'm rooting for Miura anon.

I really hate the typical look for Korean stars, and I've been kinda sad that it seems that Japanese stars seem to be copying the Korean look.

I also adore beauty marks and freckles on a guy hnnnnng

Anonymous 11665

What determines victory? The amount of silicon content?

Anonymous 11667


i'm not going to argue with you clowns. i will however present this one fact:
my husbando >> this uglo.
have a lovely night.

neither of them are plastic.

Anonymous 11668


Anonymous 11670


Anonymous 11671


Anonymous 11676


A fellow Buck-Tick fan?!

Anonymous 11677

You're so not fun. Also he needs to eat, get a new hairstyle and stop wearing lipstick.

Anonymous 11678


Yaaas to Col. - daddy- Mustang

Anonymous 11680

Atsushi is seriously so hot. I have an obsession with his long hair and want to braid it and put flowers in it. This interview kills me everytim his voice is perfection

Anonymous 11681

No one posted Hyde? Seriously?

Anonymous 11682


Hes been my irl husbando for almost 20 years. Could lick every single inch of his 5'3 tall body (1.63 cms or some people even say 1.55 ). God hes so fucking hot and his voice makes my girl parts tremble.

Anonymous 11684

FINALLY. Thank you, anon. We can share him, I don't care if he's a manlet. He's the true, ultimate and only azn husband I could ever have.

Anonymous 11685


He is very much an ahjuhssi now but I'd still hit it

Anonymous 11686


Anonymous 11687


Hyde was mega pretty when he was younger, but his plastic surgery now and also his height are definitely a shame…

Acchan's still got it all, despite being over 50

Anonymous 11688

images (17).jpeg

How do you girls feel about all the faces of the gorgeous not so gorgeous Gackt Camui?

Anonymous 11694

LMAO @ a Gakuto pic here. Srsly lady? He looks like an Osaka obaasan, the older he gets the more he looks like it! I do confess that I check his IG every once in a while cause hes funny and fit as fuck (hilarious how he always wears sunglasses at the gym).

Hot but I just googled his recent pics and he doesnt look as good

We can def share him boo! Hes beautiful before now and forever. No but srsly to the anon who said he got plastic surgeries, I dont think he did? maybe botox here and there but his face looks pretty much the same as it did when he was young. He wears a lot of makeup during his shows but when hes on a tv show you can see his "normal" face and it looks pretty much unchanged.

Anonymous 11695


I had to.

Anonymous 11707


The second gif i posted is from 2017 and this is the newest pic; again there aren't many people who can look like this at his age

Anonymous 11708

omg LOL I thought that was Hyde!! I swear!

Anonymous 11710


He looks very "aunt-ish" nowadays and his mouth looks too unnatural; i'm sure he's done something

Anonymous 11711


Young Gackt was my ultimate husbando but now he's ruined himself

Anonymous 11713


TBH Hyde+ Gackt was my OTP back in the day

Anonymous 11716

I don't know him, but the boob job was probably a mistake.

Anonymous 11730

>Hot but I just googled his recent pics and he doesnt look as good
Girl, he's in his 50s. He looks pretty damn smoking for his age in comparison to your average joe or even some 40 year old rock stars.

Anonymous 11756

Never found him attractive but he looks like an auntie here…

Anonymous 11757


I know he looks like an average guy, but I like his features. Since he’s married with a kid now, he’s my ex husbando. lol

Anonymous 11766


Ken Hirai, yes please

Anonymous 11770


Atsushi is best boy

Anonymous 11771


also, here's a pic of Hyde from 1995. Too bad he looks like a grandma now.

Anonymous 11777


He's too perfect

Anonymous 11786


Pinnacle of male beauty.

Anonymous 11787


Anonymous 11788


RIP Glenn

Anonymous 11829


literally gorgeous

Anonymous 11832

Nobody can beat Hyde. He's the ultimate god in this thread. Beautiful, even in his 50s, and fucking gorgeous when he was younger. He has the best voice, he's extremely talented, fun, and seems like an incredibly nice person. All the others posted in this thread either look like badly done copies or need don't come close to him.

Anonymous 11833

hyde looks like a droopy grandma. he's looking as bad as gackt nowadays

Anonymous 11834

Wait 20 years to look at your faggot husbands to see if they look better than Hyde at his age. Also his appearance is what matters the least imo, he's the most talented singer and songwriter and Japan knows that.

Anonymous 11837


This thread is about who's the most attractive,
>the best voice, extremely talented, fun, and seems like an incredibly nice person
(in your opinion…) doesn't count.
>your faggot husband
You do realize that Hyde was the most feminine looking of them all, right? And how can Atsushi lok like a badly done copy when he's been around much longer? He even covered Buck-Tick's songs when he was younger…

Anonymous 11839

But Hyde is just in his 40s…

Anonymous 11840

>Wait 20 years to look at your faggot husbands to see if they look better than Hyde at his age
Atsushi is 50 and still looks. Relax, friend. Hyde's all washed up

Anonymous 11841

looks better*

Anonymous 11843

>atsushi > hyde

Wot? Yikes people

Anonymous 11845

Care to explain 'wot' is so 'yikes' about him?

Anonymous 11848

Hyde, while he is good looking, is a bit too femme for me. Atsushi is beautiful but still masculine.

Anonymous 11850

For the majority of all women is a man who's just above 1,50 m (for some guys even a girl who's this short) obviously a dealbreaker, no matter how handsome his face or how rich he is.
He might look good to you in pictures anon, but have you ever met a guy of that height in real life? That's freakish… so no, somebody with such a 'big', obvious flaw can't be the most perfect of them all (not taking his botched face in account)

Anonymous 11869


>caring about height so much you'd ignore all other aspects of a person
lol can't relate
give me my tiny husbando

Anonymous 11875

Well, this thread is not about who you think has the nicest personality etc (we can never know that abut a celeb anyway) but who's simply the hottest
Besides google says that Do is 1.73, that's still around 20cm more than Hyde, so not exactly tiny

Anonymous 11877

(I have no opinion on the current choices/preferences available)
Husbando/waifu/idol isn't limited to physical appearance.
Although their "real" or private personalities are not discernible, celebrities have a public persona that is made to appeal to their fan bases, which is something people can use to choose their bias. And sometimes it is just a more performed version of their real selves (though sometimes some "cool" people are genuinely monsters.. so it depends).

Anonymous 11888


Oh god i love Kyungsoo so much, i wish he was my hospend. Look at his face, look at his personality, I CAN'T RESIST HIM. ARREST ME PLEASE.

Anonymous 11889

>>11869Btw, where the gif is from?

Anonymous 11893


he's not that tall. sm lies about their heights.
at most the guy is 5'6.


saved it from here ; https://weheartit.com/entry/120003638.

Anonymous 11898

The reason i wrote that Hyde's short height makes him unattractive is because another anon keeps commenting that Atsushi is simply yikes, without even explaining why. At least i gave the reason as to why i think Hyde's not the most attractive

Anonymous 11934


I came in here all keen to post my favs but goddamn this Atsushi guy wins the thread. I've only ever casually listened to Buck-tick so I didn't know what he looked like, but now I'm gonna have to watch plenty of videos. He's my exact type personified.

But anyway, pic related is my favourite and the best looking idol I've seen IRL (having seen most of SMtown and a fair few other kpop groups in concert).

Anonymous 12087

lmao is this b8? Atsushi looks femme as fuck in almost ALL the pics posted ITT.

Hyde is 49 so almost 50.

He does has the best voice. Its been scientifically proven that his voice can make girls reach multi orgasms.

Hyde is a billion times more popular than Atsushi, that alone proves that hes much better than him in any sense of the word.(except height kek) Also Atsushi's voice sounds generic as fuck.

Stfu pls, Id still jump on Hyde's prob (lets be realistic) 1 inch dick, any day, anytime.

Anonymous 12115


Fuck off, salty Hydefag. Atsushi's beauty and sexy voice dropkicks Hyde's stubby midget goblin body and plastic surgery auntie face any day of the week.

Anonymous 12120


>sexy voice
He sounds a lot like Gackt, and literally any other japanese rockstar. Jigga pls.

pic related: when atsuhi used to sing for my chemical romance

Anonymous 12121


If this is the ugliest photo you can find of a man over 50, then we have a winner

(newest pic, just came out a few days ago; obviously filtered, but still)

Anonymous 12123

It was on the top of the google search, there a re billions of them and he looks like an auntie in all of them (not when he was young tho, he was definitely hot as fuck back then, but now he's auntie material 100%)

Your pic is photoshopped to hell and back, come on lets be realistic.

Anonymous 12124


Thanks for showing us that current atsushi still looks hotter than hyde. What were you trying to accomplish? You can't say he looks like an auntie when I literally just called Hyde that for a good reason, pic related him in 2015. Compare this to anon's 2018 atsushi lmfao

Anonymous 12125


Dude Atsushi 2018 looks like Hyde in that 2015 pic or even before. How can you be so blind? Actually in that last shopped pic of him he looks like Hyde circa early 00s (pic related). You cant ignore this .

Anonymous 12126

I don't think I want to have sex with any elderly Japanese men…

Anonymous 12127


This guy is 50. Dont tell me you wouldnt have sex with this (no jap tho )

Anonymous 12128

Not the anon u metioned, but oh damn

Anonymous 12132

nta, but this guy looks obnoxious. big ass pass

Anonymous 12136

He's very attractive, especially for his age but as >>12132
said, he looks full of it and is probably gay. I never trust a man who makes duck face lips or takes mirror selfies.

Anonymous 12144

The duck face i can understand, but the mirror selfie part? Come on, if you have a nice body a mirror selfie is in order.

Anonymous 12145


>asian thread
>all of them look like women except for >>12127

Anonymous 12155

ur basic as fuck this guy has 0 sexual appeal despite being conventionally attractive. sad

Anonymous 12157

I agree with you. Maybe they're a (gay) man. Men seem to think anyone with muscles is attractive.

Anonymous 12164

That was my initial thought. Anon clearly didn't even look at the most of the images in the thread and are implying looking feminine is a bad thing and can't be sexy just because they're men. Jealousy really hurts men's egos huh. The muscular dude anon posted looks like bland, soggy wheat bread starring in an Abercrombie ad.

Anonymous 12189


hyunjae of the boyz is a qt.

Anonymous 12198


godfrey gao is so fine

Anonymous 12199


i'm not into facial hair but he is the exception

Anonymous 12200


jonghyun from cnblue is also a heartthrob

Anonymous 12201


some ludi lin for the anon that likes muscles

Anonymous 12202


jackson wang is a good balance of pretty boy and jock type

Anonymous 12203


bobby from ikon is cute in a boy next door way

Anonymous 12204


and of course miyavi

Anonymous 12207

Oh…my…Gawd….Thank you anons!

Should have had my skirt pulled up earlier. These guys are fiiiine!

Anonymous 12233

This guy looks like friggin markiplier

Anonymous 12237

Mark wishes he looked like that.

Anonymous 12267

why are you typing like this

Anonymous 12365


YES, I'm not even into kpop but I follow him.

Btw just finished watching the FMA live action and Ryosuke Yamada is so cute. His expressions are cute as fuck. Apparently he's also 1,64 m tall, so anyone into short guys, here he is.

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