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Anonymous 116772

>had another dream where i was in a lesbian relationship
i'm not gay. in my waking hours i have no attraction to women. why the fuck does this keep happening

Anonymous 116773

too much porn

Anonymous 116775

I've only dreamed about it once or twice, lol.
Most of the time it's just a random imaginary guy. or my dad
I wish I dreamed about my husbando more…

Anonymous 116776

but i only watch male on male

Anonymous 116778

i've had sex dreams about cartoon characters, sometimes dreams are just dreams

Anonymous 116784

>i'm not gay
Wew lad

Anonymous 116787

I sometimes have dreams of sexual nature about the ewww-est guys I have no interest into
Bonus points if it's elderly - happened once or twice
But girls I dream of are always decent. And not existing irl
I am also straight though. Not consuming porn purposefully.
I dunno, I consider things like that as a brain fart or smth. Because I can't explain why my consciousness focusing on things and people I am not thinking about and not suppressing thoughts of them

Anonymous 116793

How the fuck do you do it?? I wanna have those dreams with fictional characters too! Not fair.

Yeah, sometimes I also dream about random ass classmates I had like 15 years ago, and after the dream I might think of them in a sexual way, but only that day.

Anonymous 116796

i mean it sounds awesome in theory but in practice it's usually characters i have no interest in, so i wake up thinking "wtf?". i stopped having "good" sex dreams due to personal events but the last one i had involved…a character from super smash bros (and not any of the cool anime ones). have you tried looking into lucid dreaming? i had a phase where i tried that so i could have ideal sex dreams but it was hard to figure out lmao

Anonymous 116799

Be honest. Was it yoshi

Anonymous 116807

no, although that would admittedly be very hilarious

Anonymous 117050

Holy shit I'm not the only one?

I managed to hold hands with a guy (in a dream obviously) recently, but it doesn't compare to my 5 dream girlfriends.

I'm actually physically attracted to them in my dreams too. Messes with my head once I wake up.

Anonymous 117073

how do i have segs with my waifubando in my dreams

Anonymous 118320

I saw a picture of Jessica Nigri nude from behind in a hot spring and felt strangely aroused. And the thing that makes it strange is I'm completely straight.

Anonymous 118331

If you wouldn’t eat pussy, you’re straight. Having gay dreams doesn’t make you gay or special in any way.

Anonymous 118395

bi pin.jpeg


Anonymous 118406


You're not gay?
Blocked and reported.

With all seriousness I've had some ridiculous fantasies and dreams. So far none of them have had any basis in reality so I don't worry about them anymore.

I'll never forget this one dream. I was like a human vending machine kind of. People would insert coins in my ears, cash in my mouth or swipe a card through my butt crack. Then they would twist parts of my body to make a selection and I would 'give birth' to the item. I don't recall if I liked it while I was dreaming but I still wonder about it.

Anonymous 121992

get over it, faggot

Anonymous 122632

Just had a dream where I had multiple different sexual encounters. One of them with an ex, another with my dad (yet again, ffs) and another pretty realistic and long one with a woman who looked kinda like this BnHA character, Momo Yaoyorozu (I don't even watch/read that shit) or Kale from Dragon Ball Super, but she was older than me and was wearing black leggings. Like it felt WAY too real, I think I was semi-lucid during that.
I think browsing CC and LC so much is giving me lesbian dreams.

Anonymous 122726

I wished I dreamed about being in a lesbian relationship. But unfortunately I'm just a sad het.

Anonymous 122728

I have them constantly. I am bisexual, it's fine. I did have a nightmare recently about marrying a man, and I woke up terrified and absolutely drenced in sweat. I had to wash my sheets, it was that bad. It would not be much of an issue otherwise but I have a boyfriend lul

Anonymous 122763

I used to have sex dreams where I was a guy. As far I know I'm straight so who knows what that means, lol.

Anonymous 122772

im not no lgbter but i feel like most if not all women are at least a little bi.

Anonymous 122779

If that were true I would've stopped dating men forever ago

Anonymous 122818

>watches homosexual porn
>surprised to have homosexual thoughts

Anonymous 122827

I think it's a myth, personally, that women are "more bisexual" than men. I think we're just more comfortable with people of the same sex (perhaps due to how we're socialized), doesn't mean it's an erotic thing.

If I called myself bisexual, I would just be called a straight woman because I've never dated women and prefer men by far. So I've decided to just call myself straight instead.

Anonymous 122835

no one here is a woman bet

Anonymous 122837

i only am aroused by women the week before my period, hormones are fucking weird.

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