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Anonymous 116903

why do i have to be cursed with excess testosterone. i feel so un-feminine and like a literal monster. i have hair all over my body and i have a deep voice and i just in general look like a man, despite being a bio female.

Anonymous 116920

you don't need to be feminine to be a "real woman" (you already are), but if it really bothers you, i've read from some girls with high testosterone conditions that taking spironolactone helped them a lot

Anonymous 116924


I would see it as a blessing, Study female body builders and MMA women. use the extra hormones to work for you! if u need to shave just do it and take voice acting lessons in order to talk in the pitch you want.

nothing is wrong with anyone at all literally!

Anonymous 116926

i can probably pass as a troon as long as i keep my mouth shut, i look so masculine yet my voice is soft and unambiguously female.

Anonymous 117013

I know that feel sis.
I leaned into being aesthetically androgynous because that is all I can do, but every time I see a normal woman in a cute outfit I want to die.

Anonymous 117179

i have the same problem but on the upside i had the deepest range in choir

Anonymous 117182

I've embraced my hefty dark mustache after a long time of self hatred, but have no advice to offer anon, other than perhaps don't change yourself for society

Anonymous 117427

The idea that all women have wittle baby bones and 'barely there' peach-fuzz body hair and voices that tinkle like windchimes on a cool spring day while they wear easy access pink sundresses is not only inherently false but lame. Embrace who you are. Look around you. There are more biological women out there who look like you and have share your traits than you might suppose; some of those traits might be invisible as they deal with it privately. The point is that being a woman is just about being an adult bio female. That's it. Beyond that, don't be afraid to push not only other people's expectations but your own. Explore your interests. Find a style that works for you. Frankly, nitpicking what it means to be feminine "enough" quickly turns into inceldom sperging. Happy and healthy people don't care that much about conforming to what are ultimately stereotypes.

Anonymous 117631

I've sometimes said this elsewhere, but I had a female classmate in middle school who was very pretty and I guess part of the "popular" clique, pale skin and dark hair, yet had hairy arms, thick eyebrows and a noticeable "moustache". I might've had a minor crush on her so I might just be biased but still, I never heard anyone make fun of her and she never appeared to try to hide her natural body hair. At that age, I was already shaving my legs due to insecurities.

Anonymous 117771

Embrace who you are
Not who other people expect you to be

Anonymous 117843

spironolactone makes you pee a lot and can dehydrate you, bicalutamide is an alternative to consider.
t. formerly high t

Anonymous 117845

I spent $4,000 on full body laser hair removal, best money ever spent

Anonymous 117856

I'm assuming that was in multiple treatment sessions? I've been confused for sasquatch so I've decided I wanna get waxed.

Anonymous 117857

Same fagging because I got distracted and posted too soon. I also wanted to know more details about the laser.

How does it feel?
What kinda aftercare was needed if any?
How many sessions?
Stuff like that.

I've only ever really used razors.

Anonymous 117861

it was upfront for 6 sessions on each area of the body
i used carecredit to get a 2 year 0% APR on $3000 and paid $1000 upfront. I literally don't need to worry about shaving before going out in public anymore, the only hairs that remain are invisible, it enables laziness without making me look like a freak. 10/10

Anonymous 117862

it kinda feels like getting snapped with a rubber band over once on each part of your body lol, i didn't think it hurt too bad. you can get medicated numbing crème from your dr if it hurts too much

aftercare is just, you need to stay out of the sun for the next 24-48hrs or so, rub some sunscreen on it

it was a lot of sessions, but it's spaced out so it's not that bad. if you're doing your entire body you can do everything once over and then come back in 6-8 weeks, and do that 6 times. you can split it into separate body part sessions which means more sessions, I did this and did everything over the course of a week or 2 and then you don't have to worry about it again

Anonymous 117866

That doesn't sound so bad then! I can handle piercings and tattoos just fine but lasers kinda scare me. But if it really just feels like thwapping I might just look around for some lasers. Tyvm!

Anonymous 117886

look on the bright side: you can become a beefcake and beat rapists to death with your bare hands

Anonymous 145391

this kind of remarks are so fucking dumb imo.
One thing is to accept who you are and be happy with yourself, which is good, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't improve.
Of course society is gonna have an impact, it is natural. You probably have morals and act because of what society tells you to. Or do you go around naked and shit on the street?
There is a difference between recognizing society for what it is and being subjected by it. Nothing wrong with hair removal, this negative behaviour "just be natural" is quite frankly appalling. Again, I bet you probably cut your hair and style it aswell, you are being conditioned by society so get the fuck off your high horse

Anonymous 145417

take Anavar and become a varbie

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