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Unpopular Opinions Anonymous 117242

Any unpopular opinions you'd like to share? Mine is that I dont think girls should wear shirts that have logos or writing on them. Its so cringe when I see a girl wearing a video game or band tee and then moids try to hit on them. "Oh I love that show" they might say. Girls should just stop doing that. Its not ok.

Anonymous 117243

This feels like moidposting.

Anonymous 117246

I am saying this as a girl who just gets annoyed when I see this at work or when I'm shopping at the mall with my friends. I see it day in and day out.

Anonymous 117247

Woman shouldn't be given blindly the custody of kids on a divorce

Anonymous 117248

Femcel? Autism?
I don't wear t-shirts or logos myself (or hoodies/sweatshirts/jeans because it doesn't fit my style) but it's clear they exist so that people can bond with each other.
But can you expand on why this isn't okay? I'm interested.

Anonymous 117249

It's just so cringe when you see a moid go like oh man nice band shirt name 5 of their songs poser. Or if it's a gamer shirt the guy goes like I love that game I have over 1000 hours on it on steam but I have at least 300 more from when I first pirated it.

Anonymous 117251

>tfw I wear graphic tshirts all the time and no one ever talks to me about them

Anonymous Moderator 117253

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