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Anonymous 117705

What is your RAADS-R score /b/?

RAADS-R = Ritvo Autism Asperger Diagnostic Scale-Revised

Take the test here:

Pic related: I got 173

Anonymous 117706


Scoring range: 0–240

Threshold score: 65

65+ you are likely autistic (no neurotypical scored above 64 in the research)

<65 you are likely not autistic (97% chance of not being autistic)

Anonymous 117711


I got 21

Anonymous 117714


I got 148. I'm also diagnosed with Autism level 1 so this tracks.
A professional diagnosis may be useful to know for sure if you have the resources, especially if you have friends or family that suspect that you're autistic. Sometimes autistic people are less self-aware of their own problems (in middle school and some of high school I thought I was a social expert because I read a lot about it), and sometimes neurotypicals believe that they're autistic because they are socially anxious.

Anonymous 117720

OP here, I will definitely be getting a professional diagnosis soon as I've thought about this for a long time. I was pretty surprised my result was so high though.

Anonymous 117722

Glad to hear! I'm late diagnosed (was 19, and I'm 20 now) and it's still really worth it. Honestly, you scored high enough that you're without doubt on the spectrum, but the report is nice because it is so tailored to what you struggle with and ways that you can improve your quality of life. When I read mine I was a bit taken aback at first because of how blunt and explicit they were about how I communicate and other autism-related issues (they even detail how your nonverbal communication comes off to an outsider, which was really interesting to read). However, I'm becoming more self-aware and accepting of the things that I can improve and the things that I should just accept about myself, especially after reading through some of the book recommendations. Just make sure that you get a good assessor that understands that autistic women behave differently then autistic men

Anonymous 117725


I got 159. I'm undiagnosed but suspected for a long time that I'm on the spectrum. Maybe my score is a little high because I had a hard time answering questions about how people perceive me(I legitimately don't know).

Anonymous 117727

Reminder that this quiz isn’t a replacement for professional diagnosis and self-diagnosis is never valid

Anonymous 117729

T. Autism (maybe)

Anonymous 117734


what the f ? how is my score so high. and i thought i answered normally
i got 90% in the other aspie test with the shaped chart/diagram too. i have no idea what this means for me
btw i took it twice because i took too long answering the first time and the website didnt register my answers but i guess it did at the end

Anonymous 117735

samefag &saged but im genuinely shocked its almost as if i exaggerated my answers for a joke or something i really dont believe it i thought they were really normal. sorry about this

Anonymous 117743

Isn't that the thing from fallout?

Anonymous 117744


Anonymous 117750

Autism Score.png

This makes sense. I have autistic quirks that have made me sometimes wonder if I am autistic, but I've never struggled with understanding how others are feeling or social cues. I might not know how to not be awkward, but I am painfully aware that I am being awkward. I did some typical spergy stuff as a kid like obsessively line my toys up, and I have that classic obsession with 2D characters and cartoons since childhood. I have special interests that have persisted my whole life and that I could talk about for hours. I have poor eye contact. I like to wear earplugs or headphones not playing anything as I go about my day because it makes sound less harsh and helps me speak up. But ultimately not autistic, maybe just dorky and awkward.

Anonymous 117751

Yeah, I have professionally diagnosed autism and I hate when people self-diagnose.

Anonymous 117752


Yeah literally no part of that comes across as autistic to me. Having something that has interest you from your childhood to your current life is just being a fan of something or in some cases a hobby. Not being good at eye contact just means easily intimidated by other people or really shy that's a common trait. If you have sense of ears the ear plugs also make kind of sense but that's probably the closest I could imagine to any autism in you. It's like you said you're just a little bit weird and everybody's a little bit weird so you're technically normal in a round about way.

Sorry, I was just trying to be a little silly I didn't mean to actually claim you have autism but as long as you're open about it I have my own personal diagnosed issues that are unrelated to this topic that I have contention with people self diagnose. (I would go into more detail but there's no need to derail this topic I could always make a topic about it in health and beauty and see how people really LOL)

On the positive side however is maybe this test will help people reach out to get proper diagnosis and potential needed help.

However.. I don't know why I bothered to point that out cuz I just realized you are definitely talking about people who will use it as some kind of shield to deflect bad attitudes and poor behavior. That's a huge problem so we're on the same page there.

Sorry for the miniature rant it's 8:20 pm and been up since 5 am working 2 jobs again. Brain fuzz.

Anonymous 117756

162. I was above the threshold on everything except circumscribed interests.

If I'm already an adult is there even any benefit to getting diagnosed? It would have been nice to get accommodations when I was in high school and college, but now I feel like it would just be another way for people to discriminate against me for being weird.

Anonymous 117757

Thankfully I never fell for the self-diagnosis meme. I think if I were a kid right now, I might have been successfully gaslit into thinking those things were actually autism. Like you said, some people are just a little weird or shy and it isn’t a symptom of something.

Anonymous 117847

There are some cases that I've heard where a diagnosis may hurt you professionally, such as in the US military, but most jobs do not require a disclosure due to the American Disabilities act. Maybe check with your country and field of work. You also don't have to tell anyone you don't want to, and you probably already face as much discrimination as you would if you were diagnosed (people ridicule autistic traits, not the diagnosis).
In terms of benefits, I think that disclosures actually have the biggest benefits. Some of this means admitting it to myself, such as realizing I'm not just being overly sensitive (what I was told growing up), and that I'm not as good at understanding people as I might pretend that I am. You can also tell your friends/family with more confidence (ex: my mom is more understanding of me going in my room to take a break from family gatherings), and also ask for workplace accommodations (change of lighting for migraines, less expected socializing, etc). While much of this can also be done without a professional diagnosis, one thing you need a diagnosis for is applying for disability. This doesn't apply to me, and it probably doesn't to you since you graduated college also, but there is such a thing as autistic burnout and it may also be good 'insurance' for if you find yourself unable to work in the future. Ultimately, there is definitely no clear better option to getting diagnosed vs just understanding your own nature without having a label- there are pros and cons to both.

Anonymous 117858


i got 128..
my brother is an aspie so i'm not suprised if i might also be on the spectrum. i want to get a diagnosis but my family wouldn't be as accepting with me as they are with my brother

Anonymous 117867

you can get a diagnosis and not tell them

Anonymous 117881


151, but i agree with >>117878 about the lack of a ‘sometimes’ option. my mom is has add and she suspects i am on the spectrum (but it’s just for stupid stuff like not wanting to be hugged and loud noises) i am surprised my scores for sensory/motor were the worst out of the four though.

Anonymous 118063


Anonymous 118065

autism test result…

I am just a social retard. I have no excuse.

Anonymous 118103


huh… sometimes i have a hard time answering these questions

Anonymous 118124

Total score 91.0
Language 7.0
Social relatedness 66.0
Sensory/motor 9.0
Circumscribed interests 9.0

Honestly I don't think I'm autistic, I just don't have social skills whatsoever (I'm 21) and I don't want to be around people. I'm pretty sure I'm just a socially awkward schizoid (not to be confused with schizo) not autistic.

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