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Anonymous 11779

How you guys deal with college? I can't take it anymore. I failed my portuguese test and i will probably have to remake this class.

Anonymous 11780

I don't know, but all I want now is some noodles.

Anonymous 11781

I want some noodles too, and a hug.

Anonymous 11782

Yeah, that's pretty much the story of my life.

Anonymous 11783

You treat it like a job, in the sense that you are responsible for taking care of both your work performance (grades), and your body in the long run to be able to do well.

I failed school once but have come back to it with more purpose and direction. Although I am not completely set on a career post-graduating, I'm trying my best to learn as much as I can not only in classes but overall. Just because you're in school. Sure life outside of school will be very different, but cultivating good work habits will help you in the long run.

To make sure I do well, I make detailed notes and schedules of what assignments are due when and have time blocked out for studying. But also relaxing because learning to balance in school is important too.

Another huge lesson is learning from mistakes. For the longest time when I failed multiple classes I felt like that just made me a bad person/student/failure. But the thing about school is that you have opportunities to try again and learn from those mistakes. Of course you can't just go through life failing lots of classes, but not doing well this one time is a good time to stop and reflect on what you are and are not doing well.

Is it because you procrastinate?
Do you have a hard time caring about the subject(s)? Does it feel too hard and you need to find more resources?

(Sorry this is kind of a long-winded reply, but I'm cheering for you OP!)

Anonymous 11784

You don't deal with college, because once you think you are ready to deal with college, college is done dealing with you

Anonymous 11785

I'm not OP but this was encouraging. I tried college right out of high school but had no direction and failed out. After a couple years I think I'm ready to try again. Hopefully it works out.

Anonymous 11789


I'm Op and this was encouraging for me too. The true is: i'm making it just to please my parents. My real wish was to go on art school. Yes,i'm a bity tired of all this situation. >>11785 I am doing the same thing you did.
I don't know, i'm just feeling sad and this is the only place i feel comfortable to talk. I'm not doing what i want and its killing me.

Anonymous 11790

And thank you for cheering for me!

Anonymous 11791

>You treat it like a job, in the sense that you are responsible for taking care of both your work performance (grades), and your body in the long run to be able to do well.

I'm replying just to say I completely agree with this. You're your own boss in college, and you owe no one anything but yourself.

Anonymous 11793

>My real wish was to go on art school.
Art degrees are notorious for being useless pieces of paper. I've seen too many anons unable to get a job and feeling like they threw years and effort away pursuing them, feeling tired and stuck. I won't say you should thank your parents for forcing you, but you should maybe keep this in mind, going to art school would come with a grim future.

Also, what this anon said >>11783. I'd put it less nicely though and say "you just fucking do it". Unless you're also working, it's your sole responsibility.

I would understand it if the people complaining about college really did give it their all but still failed, but what I always see is "waaaah, I'm so unmotivated, I watched Netflix all semester and somehow failed my tests, this is so hard ;_;". Motivation shouldn't be a factor. Know how they tell writers and artists that they shouldn't wait for inspiration to write and draw? There you go: you shouldn't wait for motivation to study. You should do it because you have to do it. You just need to learn discipline.

Anonymous 11798


Does your prof have office hours. I was always able to eek out a pity C if I talked to a prof in office hours for GEs

Anonymous 11803

Same fam I failed out of community college at 20. Went to work and came back at 23 being astigmatism about scheduling test dates and shit into my google calendar I made the deans list once i actually started taking shit seriously and I kept the deans list once I transferred to a uni since my GEs were done and I did not have to deal with grammar nazi cat lady english teachers

Anonymous 11813

You're so right. Oh god, i'm just complaining because i'm feeling depressed. I've downloaded an app to organize myself better. I know art college is trash but man, i prefer have a real job.My parents are right, and thank you so much to tell me the truth, sometimes we can't see things clear. Love you all.

Anonymous 11814

I've send a e-mail. Until thursday is having kind of a holiday on my country, so I don't have any classes. But i will talk to her.

Anonymous 11821

You got this OP. I understand doing school because of parental expectations. Just see that they care about your financial security and future, because a degree is required for many opportunities nowadays (regardless of whether the major or subject of study relates).
Perhaps you can still do art on the side (though it will have to be on hold for a bit if you are struggling with school itself), or use it as a way to balance fun and work. I see economic security as a first before trying to start an art career, especially if that doesn't go well then you're sort of stuck starting over and trying to get other employable skills later on. Not that art school isn't useful, but much of it can be self-taught or is better done through working directly (depending on the field within art).

>>11793 is right too, but it's hard to learn the lesson of discipline and self-motivation on your own unless your personality is already very driven.

Also because it's very organized, for anyone who has a hard time dealing with mental health and school:

Anonymous 11835

Sending this from the middle of a lecture. Hope everyone's learning well!

Anonymous 11844

Eu posso te ajudar a treinar português, OP. risos

Anonymous 11849

Eu sou brasileira, querida anon. Se você quer treinar eu posso te ajudar.
To be honest is a portuguese grammar class, with is pretty hard. I really need help in improve my english lol

Anonymous 11854


I am British and I have been living in Rio Grande do Sul for over a decade now, I could send you my kik or my Discord if you wish.

Anonymous 11855


Thats really cool, Rio Grande do Sul is a very comfy state to live in. I'm ok with satying here, i don't have kik anyway. Do you like living in Brazil? I've go without doubt to Britain to live, despite the muslims seems a relly good place.

Anonymous 11857



>despite the muslims seems a relly good place

Anonymous 11858

Pop culture has convinced people that college is something that it's not. People believe that college is parting and socializing with very little studying. It's pretty much the opposite.

Anonymous 11859

Honestly, college for me is a competition, it's aim is to endure the longest period without any social contact. The ones that can endure that for 9 months graduate, to hell with the ones who can't.

Anonymous 11861

No social contact = no support system/career network/mentorship and academic development

It's common for people to isolate themselves at this time, but doing it all on your own and suffering is not the aim of college. Nor is it honestly a place where you really learn workplace skills (depending on program), but a place to develop other skills like time management, self-discipline, and self-care. Because the degree doesn't guarantee to employers that you know anything, just that you demonstrate enough conformity to go through the motions and pass.

Anonymous 11862

Pretty much, and very much so during midterms and finals. It also depends on who you socialize with and location. Parties, socializing, and the such don't just happen, you really have to seek it out.

Anonymous 12148

this is what i should have done but i can't afford to go back. god i hate ameri they make going back to school so difficult

Anonymous 12408

school is hard for me because I'm so depressed and isolated all the time. I'm barley getting by

Anonymous 21818

College is the palce where you can learn, better fail now and finally learn than failing later at some job exam. Also, portuguese is a really complex languague, don't give up anon, just try your best!

Anonymous 21819

>just that you demonstrate enough conformity to go through the motions and pass.
Oh I see, that's why I dropped out twice

Anonymous 21835

I'm starting my last year and I have a low GPA because I skipped class a lot. I switched dorms every year so no one would start to recognize me. I don't know anyone, I have been involved in 0 clubs/activities, and I have talked to 0 professors. Now I can't decide what to do, and my options are closed because I didn't leave my room for 3 years. I'm going to try harder this year I guess because I want to start professional school when I graduate. I didn't have anything except for the prospect of a good job in the future maybe, so if I try harder at least there will be something at the end. There's nothing else worth doing I suppose.

Anonymous 21837

Oi anã, sei que tua postagem aqui é antiga mas posso te ajudar com inglês.

Anonymous 21839


I'm starting my 4th year of uni (out of 5) this october.

My grades are only mediocre and so far I've made 0 friends.
I don't live on campus (we don't even have that option), but at my parents house in a small town around 30 min away; this makes getting to know people even harder.

I was always shy, but still determined to make friends when I first started. I tried so hard, but somehow nobody was interested in talking more to me than just a couple of words. On top of that I'm very tall (and ugly) and have a resting bitch face, so nobody approaches me.

I still remember that on my 2nd week I overheard girls saying how glad they are to have found each other and that they're going to be friends throughout Uni, made me so sad…

Always being alone destroyed my confidence completely. Now I'm terribly anxious, depressed and downright paranoid. I gained so much weight, I look like I've aged a good 10 years.

I'm off Uni for 1 month already (still 1 and a half left until the next semester starts) and so far I haven't done anything. I have 2 papers to write and 2 exams to prepare for, no idea how I should manage to finsih all that on time.
I hate myself so much for being so lazy. I really don't know what to do anymore, I haven't felt so depressed in ages.

Anonymous 21860

I knew no friends in uni either. The friends people do make are quite superficial too and end as soon as they finish that particular class.

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