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calculus Anonymous 118055

god i used to love maths but my calculus final is in a week and i don't know shit. i don't even know where to start

Anonymous 118057

Its too late for you now, but in the future stop attending lectures and instead dedicate 3 hours daily to solving practice problems. Basic non conceptual math is beatable through brute strength repetition and if you are bad at math you likely aren't getting much out of hearing a research professor talk about it.

Anonymous 118071

I disagree that it's too late, I always manage to prepare myself to finals in a week, because brain storm is the most efficient way for me to perceive and remember information. No idea how it is for you op, but you could try it too.
Also >>118057 she didn't say she was bad at math, just doesn't know anything rn. It was the same for me in my first year - I just straight up ignored my math professors and ended up being retarded on exams, still managed to prepare to the finals by myself.

Anonymous 118092

I hate math so much. Nights of tears because of this horrible subject. I threatened to drop out of highschool unless they waived my last math class and luckily they did it.

Anonymous 118127

Are you me? My high school made a very rare exception to let me not have to take a math class my senior year even though I was in the Math and Science Academy kek

Anonymous 118128

What kind of engineering degree are you doing if calculus is preventing you from doing it? Kek, easy tier maths you should have mastered in secondary school

Anonymous 118137

Just Google "calculus cheat sheet". You should find a page for integral rules and a page for derivative rules. Just memorize those and do some practice problems

If you're struggling with calculus you'll never be an an engineer, or a good one at least. People's lives could be at stake by what you build. You make me nervous. Stop being lazy before you hurt someone.

Anonymous 118148

Theres no shame in having to retake calc. 80% of the class leaves after midterms and a week before finals. If your uni only has a handful of eh math profs, look into taking it online or as ecore if you can’t study up with khan or random indians on youtube. 95% of learning calc comes from self lead studying and profs and lectures do a horrid job at explaining this or the material.

Anonymous 118156

My uncle is a civil engineer and has only used 1 differential equation in 30 years. It really depends on the field.

Anonymous 118157

I failed calculus 1 twice because honestly I didn't put enough effort at all, I was spoiled by high school where I could half ass everything.
After the second one I was in such a bad place that the shame and fear of not reaching the career I want could be weaponized into the kick in the ass I needed to get my shit together.
Point is, remember that fuck up, hold onto it, and use it to motivate you for your second attempt.
The only failure that counts is the one you stop trying after, so don't go "oh I failed I'm a failure I'll quite", because you're in good company.

Anonymous 118177

i'm actually not an engineer major that was just a meme that came up when i wrote calculus kek. we have to take a math/science course and i chose math since i was good at it at hs but my major is not relavant to calculus at all, dw

Anonymous 118190

It's less about needing calculus, and more about struggling with calculus.

Anonymous 118334

1. Buy a $300 calculus textbook from the student store and never read it. If you do read it, look at the examples and write down generalized steps and simplified notation for every line eg f' instead of f(x), "solve for x", move this to the other side. youll see that every question in the chapter follows the same steps with some variation towards the end.

2. Make friends with upperclassmen and get copies of the quizzes and exams. This is the most important step.

3. Buy a chegg subscription and attempt every 3rd problem then look at the answer taking note of the general steps taken. After you get that test, find the similar questions in the book and do those before the test.

4. Take the class at a community college so it's easier and dumbed down with lower standards.

Anonymous 118336

Unless you're at a very prestigious institution that likes to flex and use the word "Calculus" when they really mean a real analysis class bundled with some differential equations and vector calculus then most calculus courses are just a bag of tricks to know how to apply.

I don't know the American curriculum very well but I've heard its just some series convergence tests (easy), calculating integrals (easy but annoying, practice makes perfect), derivatives (very easy, literally a recipe to do every possible one). And some Taylor approximations, not bad if you know the previous content. If you are pressed for time just learn as many methods as possible so you always have shit to put on the paper.

Anonymous 118497

I hated maths when I was in school, I was so bad at it and it just wasn’t my thing. I thought that I will never ever deal with maths ever again.
Ended up studying economics in university like a clown.

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