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Anonymous 118129

where do i find travel buddies?
i want to travel this year and i wish i had more people to go with. i've always wanted a big group to have fun overseas together. but that's just not happening for someone who has very few irl friends.
also, the amount of moids up for this is disproportional compared to women.

Anonymous 118162


It's sadly not free anymore, but CouchSurfing is a travel social media site that might be a good way. Also, this. (Sorry it's Reddit, but there are plenty of women posting, obviously you'd want to verify!) https://www.reddit.com/r/travelpartners/

Anonymous 118163

I would suggest going through a volunteer/travel program to get started. There's usually a lot of cool people who enjoy traveling who do these programs and you might make some friendships and could always travel with them in the future.

I would suggest IVHQ, WWOOF, or Workaway.

Anonymous 118180

Honestly I'd recommend just traveling solo and making friends on the way. You can do this by going to FB meetups, staying in hostels, on activities you sign up for, etc

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