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Stimulating baboon…

Anonymous 118254

I tried to kill my sister when we were kids, but no one seems to care or mind when I talk about it.
She got a concussion and was unconscious for a long time, I hit her with one of those giant plastic castle toys.

I still don't really understand why no one seems to care, even today when I bring it up with other people.
Is it really such a common thing that trying to kill your sibling is just an "Oh, you!" thing?

Anonymous 118256

that's scary. you scare me op

Anonymous 118260

Your brain wasn’t fully developed and you didn’t have proper understanding of injuries and death. Kids also can’t be diagnosed with psychiatry. Sounds like it only happened once too.

Anonymous 118261

I can’t get over the fact that someone blacked out the “killed” in this when it wasn’t even censored in the original tiktok… zoomer brain rot

Anonymous 118265

Kids are bound to do stupid stuff op, I remember playing doctor with my brother as kids and he gave me some random medicine juice concoction as my treatment and I kept vomiting until I bled and had to go to the hospital. Even if I did die I don't think a responsible adult would blame him or something, if anything i think it left him more traumatized kek

Anonymous 118269

Children tend to be more violent at a certain age, because you haven't developed a moral compass yet. It's the same reason a lot of young children go through stealing phases. It's still not ideal, but it's also not abnormal. I wouldn't worry too much OP, unless you've made repeated attempts in your adult life too

Anonymous 118280

Didn't the girl stole the text from a tumblr post? God tiktokers are pathetic

Anonymous 118285

Yeah it's like a note getting passed thru class at this point

Anonymous 118286

Samefagging but a plastic castle to the dome is a lot more kind than my older sis did to me lol. She pushed me into an open kerosene furnace while my mom was at work and dad wasn't paying attention to us at night. Kids just be brutal yo.

Anonymous 118292

>open kerosene furnace
D-did you live?

Anonymous 118293


My 3 year old self was smart enough to grab on the edges and push away.
Guess who still has nerve damage and shaky hands 30 years later?

Anonymous 118328

I really hate zoomers. I really, really do.

Anonymous 118332

I hate her smug “im so quirky and interesting” expression

Anonymous 118434

For what? At least half of the dumb shit zoomers do boomers and millennials done too

Anonymous 118476

Based, my brother keeps reminding me that I tried to drown him but I was just having fun

Anonymous 118633

They don't talk about it because a combination cognitive dissonance and there's nothing to be done. One, they don't want to think of you as a murderer and so they just move on and if they did care, what is going to be done? Are they going to go back in time and charge you? Tell the courts today that some random woman tried to kill her sister back when she didn't truly have a concept of death. And so, people move past it in the conversation.

Anonymous 119413

According to Freud, this is actually super common. Most if not all older siblings go through a stage of wanting to make their sibling "dissappear." It doesn't mean you're a bad person, OP

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