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Anonymous 118259

what is your favorite public or political speech? I read this about once a year and it's shockingly eloquent. https://www.ourdocuments.gov/doc.php?flash=false&doc=15&page=transcript

Anonymous 118290

If you don't think this is the tightest shit get out of my face.

Anonymous 118291

I only know a couple so this is the best one out of them. It is full of information and not that repetitive despite the length of the speech.

Anonymous 118312

Anonymous 118315

Hitler mad libs are my favorite!
Fate has allotted those in power today nearly eight years to be tested and proven.

Once it was their desire to govern America better in the future than in the past, and they are forced to observe that the only real product of their attempts at government is that America is still here today.

In the November days of 2000 and 2008, the past two administrations solemnly pledged to lead our people, and in particular the American worker, into a better economic future. Today, after they have had nearly sixteen years to keep their promise, they cannot cite a single American professional group, save for the extremely wealthy, as witness for the quality of their actions.

The lower and middle classes have become impoverished; small business is ruined; the social hopes of many millions of people are destroyed; one third of all American men and women of working age is unemployed and thus without income; our government, our communities, and nearly every single person are over indebted; finances are in a muddle across the board; and everyone’s pockets are empty!

What more could they possibly have destroyed? The worst thing, though, is the destruction of the faith in our citizens, the American dream, the elimination of all hopes and all confidence. In sixteen years they have not succeeded in mobilizing in any way the power slumbering in the average American; but quite the opposite!

Out of their fear of the awakening of the nation against them, they have played people off against one another: blacks against whites, the rich against the poor, those who work with their hands against those who work with their brains, Christians against Atheists, the Republicans against the Democrats, and so forth, and vice versa.

“One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!” Yet we are divided, there is no liberty, and justice has died. The American spirit, which we so proudly display internationally, is internally mere fantasy.

Thus America has slowly disintegrated, and only a madman can still hope that those forces which first caused this disintegration might now bring about its resurrection. If the present political parties seriously want to save America, why have they not done so already? Had they truly wanted to save America, why has it not happened? Had the men and women of these parties honestly intended to do so, then their programs must have been bad. If, however, their programs were right, then either their desire cannot have been sincere, or they must have been too ignorant or too weak.

Now, after sixteen years, after they have destroyed everything in the United States, the time has finally arrived for their own elimination. Whether or not today’s political parties exist or not is of no consequence; what is, however, necessary is that this Union be prevented from falling completely into ruin.

Therefore it is our duty to vanquish these parties, for in order to secure their own existence, they must tear the nation apart over and over again. For years they have persuaded the average American worker into believing that his party alone could save him. They fooled the peasant for years by claiming that only his organization would help him.

Then business has been snatched from the people by huge corporations; the economy devastated by their poor leadership. Meanwhile, the people were polarized by clever distractions. The Christian was forced to seek his refuge with the Republicans, those in favor of welfare with the Democrats. Gun owners to the GOP, socialized healthcare to Liberals, and so on.

However, these attempts at breaking the nation down into classes, ranks, professions, and ideals and at leading it piece by piece to the economic good fortune of the future have now failed completely.

Even on the day our country was founded, we were already governed by the conviction that the fate of the American individual is inseparably bound up with the fate of the entire nation. When America disintegrates, the worker will not flourish in social good fortune and neither will the entrepreneur; the manual laborer will not save himself then; nor will small business.

No, the ruin of the government, the disintegration of the nation, means the ruin and the disintegration of all! Not a single political party and not a single class group will be able to escape sharing the same destiny.

And there is no such thing as a nation—and thus no such thing as nationalism—if the army of millions who work with their intellects are not joined by the army of millions who work with their hands. As long as Nationalism and Socialism march as separate ideas, they will be defeated by the united forces of their opponents. On that day when both ideas are molten into one, they will become invincible!

And who will deny that, in a time when everything in America is falling apart and degenerating, when everything in the business world and political life is reaching a standstill or coming to an end, a single organization has experienced an enormous and miraculous upturn?

With seven men and I began this task of American unification thirteen years ago, and today over thirteen million are standing in our ranks. However, it is not the number that counts, but its inner value!

Thirteen million people of all professions and ranks—thirteen million workers, peasants, and intellectuals; thirteen million Catholics and Protestants; members of all American Länder and tribes—have formed an inseparable alliance. And thirteen million have recognized that the future of all lies only in the joint struggle and the joint successes of all. Millions of peasants have now realized that the important thing is not that they comprehend the necessity of their own existence; rather, it is necessary to enlighten the other professions and walks of life as to the American peasant, and to win them for his cause.
And millions of workers have similarly realized today that, in spite of all the theories, their future lies not in some “International” but in the realization on the part of their other Volksgenossen that, without American peasants and American workers, there simply is no American power. And millions of bourgeois intellectuals, too, have come to the realization of how insignificant their own illusions are if the masses of millions comprising the rest of the Volk do not finally comprehend the importance of the German intellectual class.

Thirteen years ago we National Socialists were mocked and derided—today our opponents’ laughter has turned to tears! A faithful community of people has arisen which will gradually overcome the prejudices of class madness and the arrogance of rank. A faithful community of people which is resolved to take up the fight for the preservation of our race, not because it is made up of Bavarians or Prussians or men from Württemberg or Saxony; not because they are Catholics or Protestants, workers or civil servants, bourgeois or salaried workers, etc., but because all of them are Germans.

Within diesem Gefühl of inseparable Verbundenheit, mutual respekt hat grown, und aus this respekt hat come an Verständnis, und aus this Verständnis the tremendous macht which bewegt us all. Wir Nationalsozialisten thus march into jeden Wahl with the einzigen commitment that wir werden, the following Tag, once more take up unser arbeit for the inner reorganization of our Volkskörpers. For wir kämpfen merely for the mandates or the ministerial posts, sondern for den deutschen Menschen, whom wir zusammenfügen wollen und werden once more to unzertrennlichen share a single Schicksalsgemeinschaft.

Der Allmächtige, der es bisher gestattete, daß wir in 13 Jahren von 7 Mann zu 13 Millionen wurden, wird es weiter gestatten, daß aus den 13 Millionen dereinst ein deutsches Volk wird. An dieses Volk aber glauben wir, für dieses Volk kämpfen wir und für dieses Volk sind wir wenn nötig bereit, so wie die Tausende der Kameraden vor uns, uns einzusetzen mit Leib und mit Seele.

Wenn die Nation ihre Pflicht erfüllt, muß dann einst ein Tag erstehen, der uns wiedergibt:

ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer—Arbeit und Brot!

Anonymous 118546

Who was the one who said
>not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard

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